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About Us

Opening to Smart Home Concept

urban smart house logoHello! Welcome to https://urbansmarthouse.com. We hope your true inspiration towards a modern-type of living has brought you to our site. We here at Urban Smart House prioritize on various areas of Home Automation to go living where everything is smart. Just like every other thing in life, let’s take “Internet of Things” (IoT) to control each aspect of your most comfortable place to live on earth; Home.

With potential to expand, Home Automation is one of the prevalent and fastest escalating markets in technology today. Maintaining standards of living with the right combination to technology in the present day, Smart Home concept keeps growing making your luxury living a reality. There is no universal etiquette about how Home Automation should work as varies. It covers a number of areas from controlling home appliances, security, personal assistance, power preservation and also special requirements like support for elderly, disabled or more.

If you are looking to make your home more efficient, smarter and accessible, it is your turn to Smart Home!

Who we are at Urban Smart House:

smart house teamFor many real-life problems technology can answer. Urban Smart House is a team of experts in Home Automation delivering you all information you need to know about integrating your house with smart lighting systems, security with smart doorbells, cameras, better accessible and luxurious living with smart vacuums, thermostats, plugs and more.

We are turning our profession to helping you to pursue your passion. The team of Urban Smart House is of professional specialists in smart home technologies and electric systems who are keen on sharing their stories and knowledge to help with building comfortable living for you. With years of experience in installation of devices, repair of domestic system control, customization and security systems, we as a team has a lot of knowledge about what you are on the lookout for.

Methodological skills, deep understanding of home automation systems and monitoring, services in customer care and flexibility for innovation in the industry are our main strengths. We keep updating our site, https://urbansmarthouse.com with technical updates, new designs together with installation guidelines. And with our involvement in manufacturing smart home devices, we tend to share a lot of education on various aspects of smart home concept.

Buying Smart Home technology for you!

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Technology today is growing at an insane speed influencing your life from various corners. In 1988 Bill gates started working on his smart home and ended in 2005. But today, things are changed for better and you are just away from your smart home with only time you take to decide. You can find wide options to run home today through a central system, or with any app-based devices.

All the information you need for Home Automation is right next to you with https://urbansmarthouse.com. And we help you with finding the best products for you depending on the type of automation you are looking for. If you are eager on turning your home smarter, here we have a lot to offer in right design, in the way affordable and technology used.