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ADT Doorbell Camera Not Working

ADT Doorbell camera users can find and fix specific issues in this troubleshooting list, which is detailed and step-by-step. So, let’s look into ADT Doorbell Camera Troubleshooting and see what we can do about it.

ADT Doorbell Camera Isn’t Recording

When you notice that your ADT Doorbell camera is not recording, there are a few reasons why it is not recording or has stopped recording after a period of time.

What you can do now is scroll down and figure out which of the following is the most likely cause for the camera to stop recording or not record since you first installed it.

Main Reasons:
    • It is unable to operate due to a lack of power.
    • A Wi-Fi connection isn’t available because it’s out of range.
    • There isn’t enough room on the cloud to store video clips.
    • It’s possible that the motion detection settings are incorrect.

See how much power you have

You’ll need to access your camera to see if it has enough power to function. The majority of ADT’s cameras have a power light or indicator that will illuminate when there is power.

It’s possible that you don’t have any clips because your battery isn’t fully charged.

The application you’re using to view the footage is another sign of a power outage. If there’s no signal from the camera to the smartphone, there’s a good probability the sensor isn’t getting power.

A Wi-Fi connection’s range

Another issue with these wireless doorbell cameras, such as those offered by ADT, is that they require a strong Wi-Fi signal to function. If the Wi-Fi connection is poor or drops frequently, the video clips will not be recorded.

The best way to check your Wi-Fi signal strength is to use the ADT app to access the cameras. There will be a signal strength indicator that will tell the user if the signal is strong enough for the camera.

The camera will need to be moved closer to the Wi-Fi signal source if the signal strength quality is poor.

There isn’t enough space on the cloud

Another thing to consider is whether your captured video clip will take up enough cloud storage space. Stored clips will not load if the cloud’s maximum capacity has been reached.

Regularly deleting clips should allow more clips to be stored in the cloud.

Motion Detection Options on the Camera

This is the most common reason for an ADT Doorbell Camera not recording after it has been installed for the first time.

The problem with recording is usually caused by a schedule or motion detection.

For recoding, you must set motion detection parameters, otherwise, the camera will not record it.

Double-check the following in the ADT system web interface.

    • Is motion detection turned on?
    • Is the motion sensitivity set correctly?
    • The object size is incorrectly set.

ADT Doorbell Camera Detecting Motion, But doesn’t Record

Because the rules for recording a clip have not been set, the ADT doorbell camera detects motion but does not record. The ADT camera operates according to the rules that the user has established.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t record:

    • The schedule for recording the video you set hasn’t been correct.
    • The shortest possible time between triggered camera clips is incorrect.
    • “At home setting” is enabled.

ADT Doorbell Camera Doesn’t Connect To Wi-Fi

                    • Failed Wi-Fi Signal
                    • The Power Is Lost

Power Is Lost

Power outages are one of the most common causes of your ADT Wi-Fi camera going offline.

Check to see if your camera’s LED lights are turned on first. If not, double-check the outlet and make sure the device is plugged in.

It’s a good idea to power cycle your ADT Gateway and ADT Camera once you’ve confirmed that there’s power.

A power cycle is performed as follows:
    • For several minutes, turn off the power to both the gateway and the camera.
    • First, turn on the gateway and wait 5 minutes for it to reconnect.
    • Next, turn on your camera and wait for it to reconnect.

Wi-Fi Signal Failed

Move your ADT Doorbell camera closer to the gateway and perform a complete power cycle by unplugging the camera’s power cord, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging it back in.

What Is The Best Way To Reconnect Your ADT Doorbell To Wifi?

  1. Hold the main button down until the LED alternates between green and red, and the doorbell is in Access Point (AP) mode.
  2. Go to the Customer app and sign in.
  3. Press the Menu button.
  4. Then, Tap the Doorbell Camera.
  5. Tap Settings.
  6. Tap Begin Installation in the Add another Doorbell Camera section. ( Note:- If this does not appear, you may have reached your service package’s maximum number of video devices; remove the Doorbell Camera from the account via the website, then re-install it via the Customer app.)
  7. Follow the installation wizard’s instructions. This is the same procedure as when the Doorbell Camera was first installed.

ADT Doorbell Camera Troubleshooting


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