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HomeSmart Doorbells Are all Ring doorbells waterproof?

 Are all Ring doorbells waterproof?

The electronic devices installed outside will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. So, They can be dangerous if they fail to respond to the changes in the weather effectively. As safety comes first when choosing any device, equipment, or furniture for a home, it is necessary to evaluate the waterproof properties of your doorbell as the chances are high for them to be exposed to rain or snow. This article reviews the waterproof properties of the Ring doorbells.


  1. What are Ring doorbells?
  2. Are Ring doorbells waterproof?
  3. Do Ring doorbells withstand extreme cold, heat,  and moisture?
  4. What happens if the Ring doorbell gets wet?
  5. How to protect the Ring doorbell from water and moisture?
  6. Is it possible to install a Ring doorbell behind a glass?
  7. Can Ring doorbells withstand sunlight?
  8. What is the best place to install my Ring doorbell?

1.    What are Ring doorbells?

A Ring smart video doorbell acts as a camera, doorbell, and two-way audio device with motion sensors. The product line of Ring creates a safe environment by allowing more awareness about the surrounding of a property Ring smart video doorbells are a smart option for those who are looking to upgrade the security level of their business premises or smart home.

Once the Ring doorbell is installed, you will receive a notification when a guest arrives in your place despite you are at home or not. The users have the option to see and talk with their visitors with its video recording, live streaming, and online recording options. The doorbell connects to Wi-Fi so there is no need for other equipment to be purchased to use with it. The Ring app is free and compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

Although Ring doorbells come with many modern features. They do not require much technical support. A person can install it within 10 minutes.

2.    Are Ring doorbells waterproof?

Ring doorbells are not technically waterproof. The Ring does not recommend regular or direct exposure to water which is obvious. These device(s) are not Ingress Protection (IP) rated at the moment but they are less likely to be fully damaged unless subjected to a direct flow of water.

Ring doorbells are more water-resistant than waterproof. Therefore, Always better to install a doorbell with a protective cover to prevent potential damage from extreme weather conditions. A protective cover can eliminate the moisture deposit inside the device while maintaining the clarity of the camera.

3.    Do Ring smart doorbells withstand extreme cold, heat,  and moisture?

Ring smart doorbells are capable of functioning in extreme weather conditions. The camera and the sensor components included in battery-operated Ring doorbells will function in the temperature range from -5 degrees of Fahrenheit to 120 degrees of Fahrenheit. If your Ring doorbell is connected to an electric circuit directly, it can survive at a temperature up to -22 degrees of Fahrenheit.

Clean the snow collected on and around the Ring smart video doorbells as soon as possible to prevent freeze-thaw expansions that might damage the device. There are also additional protective devices you can use to lower the impact of weather on your Ring smart video doorbell.

4.    What happens if the Ring doorbell gets wet?

If the Ring smart video doorbell gets wet, you will notice droplets of water formed on the camera. This happens due to moisture and condensation. The motherboard of the Ring smart doorbells is a risk of short-circuiting in case of water leaks into the device. In such scenarios, you can contact Ring if the device is still in the warranty period or just put the device inside a rice bag.

Are all Ring doorbells waterproof?

5.    How to protect the Ring smart doorbell from water and moisture?

Ingress of water can damage your Ring doorbell as it is not 100% waterproof. It is necessary to take precautions to prevent water from entering the device. Below are a few steps that you can follow to make your Ring smart video doorbell safe from water.

  • Install the Ring smart doorbell on the porch or under a roof. It will prevent the water flow from directly seeping & reaching into the device.
  • Invest in a protective cover for your Ring doorbell. You can install one even if your doorbell is in poach or under a roof for extra care. There are modern covers that can cover the Ring doorbell fully and protect it from water and moisture.
  • Run beading of waterproof silicon around the Ring doorbell so the water will not flow directly into the device.

6.    Is it possible to install a Ring doorbell behind a glass?

No, you cannot.

You should not install a Ring doorbell behind glass as then the PIR sensors used in the Ring doorbell will not function properly. Ring doorbells detect motion from heat. Having a glass wall between the device and the person will disable the ability of the Ring smart doorbell to detect motion through heat.

7.    Can Ring doorbells withstand sunlight?

You should not install your Ring doorbell in a place where the direct sunlight falls. The heat from direct sunlight will trigger the motion sensors in the smart doorbell causing false rings. The Ultra Violet rays of sunlight can also form a glare which affects the quality of the image. But you have the option to change the angle of the Ring smart video doorbell to minimize the impact of the glare.

8.    What is the best place to install my Ring doorbell?

You have to consider the size of your front year, the distance from the door to the road, the view range, and the height of the door before deciding on a place to install your Ring doorbell. The camera should not be installed too high in the door as it will affect the functionality of the device.

The recommended height to install the Ring smart doorbells is 48 inches from the floor. When you install the ring camera at this recommended height, you can detect motion 30 feet away from the door.


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