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Are August Smart Locks Secure?

No one has been able to hack into the August Smart Locks. You must be connected to the same wi-fi that the smart lock is connected to in accessing it. This August app will also send you alerts that you must respond to. When it comes to their home, everyone wants a sense of safety. In this article, you’ll learn how August Smart Locks give you that security even if you lose your keys.

Are August Smart Locks Secure?

The below features show you how August puts in place security measures to make you feel safe.  Other August Smart Locks features give you more control over the level of security you want. The security features include:

Two-Factor Authentication: August requires that their products make their users verify their identity with also a second form by phone number or email.

Two-Layer Encryption: The August Locks have an AES 128 bit and TLS encryption. So, this makes sure that all of your data is properly secured.

Lost Smartphone Feature: Should you lose your phone this feature will let you disable your August app and any virtual keys at any moment.

DoorSense: In this feature lets you know your door is opened and closed. You are also able to look at the activity on your door through the August app.

Controlling August Smart Locks

The August Smart Locks, like most other smart devices, allow you to add others to your account. You can give guests access to the August app for as long as you want. So, Your guests can have access for one time or continuously.

With the Activity Feed and push notifications, the guest’s name that has a virtual key will pop up on your phone’s screen. This allows you to see who has opened and unlocked your door, giving you a better sense of security in your home.

You can control your August Smart Lock from anywhere with Remote Access. When your August app detects someone nearing your door, it will send you a notification, and you can choose to let them in.

August recommends that you also purchase the Wi-Fi bridge, which allows you to use the remote access and voice speaker features.

When you leave, the Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock feature will lock behind you either automatically or up to 30 minutes later. When you approach the door, Auto-Unlock detects your presence and unlocks it immediately.

With all of August Smart Locks’ security features, there are some potential drawbacks in terms of which devices can control them.

Can August lock be hacked?

August Smart Lock can be hacked, but this is not common. August Smart Lock can be paired with smart devices via Bluetooth and is connected to the user’s Wi-Fi. Hackers will be able to manipulate the smart lock through other connections as a result of this. So, this is rare, but it is possible.


How long does August lock last?

Battery life is direct to how often you use a lock and the technology it uses. Because the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has built-in Wi-Fi, it tends to use more power than other August locks that communicate with your smartphone or an August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge using Bluetooth.

Yale Assure locks have a longer battery life because you do not have to use a mobile device when there’s a built-in keypad.

August Smart Locks
August Smart Locks

When the batteries are about to run out, the August app sends you a notification, making it easier to keep your locks functioning without unexpected power losses. When the batteries die, you can still get into your house by using a physical key on most August locks.  The keyless Yale Assure Smart Lock SL uses a 9V battery for temporary power to unlock the lock.


Can you open August lock without a phone?

No problem. August’s smart locks get a keypad Available for pre-order. these August Smart Keypads pair with the August Smart Lock and let’s unlock your door by punching in a code.

Compatible Devices for August Smart Locks

Armed with accurate August smart lock compatibility information ahead of time, you will be able to purchase and install the smart lock system in your home without regret. The following is a list of devices with which this lock is compatible via their respective apps:

Apple Devices

The August smart lock is compatible with a variety of Apple smart devices, including iPhones, iPods, Apple Watches, HomePods, and Apple TVs.

Keep in mind that Apple’s Home Kit software enables this compatibility by allowing users to configure the lock so that they may manage it remotely with their Apple device. Here are some;

    • iPhone X
    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • iPhone 6s
    • iPhone 6s Plus
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6 Plus
    • iPhone SE
    • iPhone 5s

Android Devices

August Smart Locks will be most compatible with your Android phone if it has Bluetooth 4.0 and is running Android 8 or higher. August makes it a point to try out new smartphones from key manufacturers like

    • Samsung
    • Google
    • HTC

However, some phones require re-starting the Android Bluetooth by turning the Bluetooth feature on and off. The following phone models may have a problem with August’s products, according to August:

    • One+One
    • One+Two
    • LG V10
    • LG G4

Smart Home Devices

Your smart home assistants can now be paired with the August Smart Lock Pro, allowing you to control it from anywhere in your home even if your phone isn’t nearby. You can pair your smart lock with:

    • Amazon’s Alexa
    • Google Assistant
    • Apple HomeKit Siri

Does August Lock have a Key?

The August Smart Lock retrofits an existing deadbolt on the interior side of the door. From the outside, the lock looks exactly the same and you can use the original physical key to unlock and lock your door.


How Secure Are August Smart Locks?


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