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Best Smart Light Switches for Airbnb in 2023

If you’re an Airbnb host looking for the best smart light switches in 2023, you know the importance of enhancing your property for a superior guest experience. These devices have the potential to transform your property’s ambiance and functionality. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of smart light switches. Moreover, we’ll focus on the best options available, and explore why they matter for your Airbnb.

Smart light switches may look like regular switches, but they pack a punch in terms of convenience and control. They connect to the internet, allowing you to manage your property’s lighting with a simple tap on your smartphone or through voice commands. Throughout this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top contenders for the best smart light switches in 2023. Also, we’ll be highlighting their features and benefits. So, whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting out, these devices offer a user-friendly solution to meet the modern traveler’s expectations.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of the options available. Moreover, you’ll have the knowledge to choose the best smart light switches for your Airbnb. So, your property will shine brightly in the competitive marketplace.

Why Are Smart Light Switches Essential for Airbnb Hosts in 2023?

In 2023, you’ll quickly realize that the best smart light switches are indispensable tools for your property. The smart light switch directly enhances your guests’ experience. Additionally, they improve energy efficiency, save costs, enhance security, ensure safety, and provide convenient remote control and monitoring. Let’s delve into these points in more detail.

  • Enhancing the Guest Experience

When you install smart light switches in your Airbnb, you provide your guests with a different experience. These switches allow you to set just the right mood with lighting, whether a bright, energizing atmosphere or a warm, relaxing one. Furthermore, your guests can easily adjust the lights to their liking, making their stay more enjoyable. Lastly, with voice-controlled switches, it’s even easier for them to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Smart light switches aren’t just about convenience; they can help you save money and be more environmentally friendly. Also, you can schedule the lights to turn off when you want, which reduces your energy bills. This benefits your budget and makes your Airbnb more appealing to eco-conscious guests.

  • Enhanced Security and Safety with Best Smart Light Switches

Having the best smart light switches adds an extra layer of security and safety to your Airbnb. You can control the lighting even when you’re not there. So, you can make it look like someone is home by remotely turning lights on and off, which can deter potential intruders. Also, you can quickly turn on lights to guide guests to safety in emergencies like a fire or other safety concerns.

  •  Remote Monitoring and Control

One of the most convenient features of smart light switches is the ability to control them from anywhere using your smartphone. So, if a guest forgets to turn off lights upon checkout, you can do it remotely. This not only saves energy but also helps you manage your Airbnb efficiently. 

Hence, adding the best smart light switch to your Airbnb can make your guests’ hosting experience smoother and more enjoyable. Also, it’s a smart financial choice, as it saves you money on energy bills and enhances security. 

What are the Features of the Best Smart Light Switches for Airbnb hosts?

As an Airbnb host, you need to use smart light switches carefully. Are they compatible with your existing lights for easy installation? Can you and your guests control them wirelessly for convenience and security? 

Do they work seamlessly with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant? Moreover, are they user-friendly with clear instructions? These questions help you select smart light switches that improve the guest experience, save costs, and simplify your Airbnb hosting.

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Lighting

When you buy a smart light switch, choosing one that blends smoothly with your current lighting is vital. These switches should work well with your existing bulbs and fixtures. Furthermore, this compatibility ensures an easy installation process, so you don’t need extensive rewiring or replacing your current lights. It’s a straightforward way to make your life easier as a host.

  • Best Smart Light Switch Wireless Connectivity

It would help if you had wireless connectivity for remote control and automation—options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-Wave. Wi-Fi lets you control lights from your phone, wherever you are. Moreover, Bluetooth is handy for short distances, while Zigbee and Z-Wave work well with other smart devices in your home. These choices make it easy and convenient to manage your lighting.

  • Voice Assistants and Smart Home Compatibility

Opt for light switches compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to make your Airbnb truly smart. So, guests can control lights with voice commands. It also simplifies integrating lighting into your broader smart home setup. Hence, you can automate and synchronize with devices such as thermostats or locks.

  • Dimming Capabilities and Scene Customization

Dimming and scene customization are essential features in smart light switches. With dimming, you can easily adjust brightness for different atmospheres. Furthermore, it’s perfect for setting the right mood in various rooms. Scene customization takes it further, letting you save and activate preset lighting setups for different scenarios. 

For instance, you can create a “movie night” scene that dims the lights or a “reading” scene that sets the perfect brightness for reading. It’s all about simplicity and creating the ideal ambiance for your Airbnb.

  • Guest-Friendly Controls and Instructions

Make sure your guests can easily understand and use the smart light switches. So you can have clear labels or a guide that explains how they work. Furthermore, keeping it simple ensures your guests can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting without any hassle or confusion. 

  • Energy Monitoring for Cost Management

Some smart light switches have energy monitoring features, allowing you to track electricity usage. So, you can identify and reduce energy waste, saving costs in the long run. It’s also a plus for eco-conscious guests who value environmentally friendly accommodations.

  • Budget-Friendly Options

Keep your budget in mind when you’re in the market for best smart light switches. Remember that budget-friendly options, like remote control and voice assistant compatibility, still give you the basics. Moreover, they might have some fancy extras, but they help you enjoy smart lighting without overspending. It’s a simple way to save money while upgrading your home.

  • Three-way switches vs. Single-pole

If you have more than one switch controlling a light, such as at the top and bottom of your stairs, you’ll need a three-way smart light switch. However, if there’s just one switch for an outlet, you can go for a “single pole” switch. And even if you don’t have a three-way switch, there’s a handy solution. Many smart light switch brands offer battery-operated remote switches. Also, you can easily attach them to your wall without any wiring.

  • Motion Sensor of the Best Smart Light Switches

Consider models with built-in motion sensors if you prefer a hands-free lighting option. These sensors detect your presence and automatically turn on the lights. Moreover, place them where your Airbnb guests can detect movement throughout their stay.

Best Smart Light Switches for Airbnb

Here are our top smart light switch recommendations for your Airbnb. Additionally, we’ll provide information on their features, pros, and cons that you should consider when purchasing.

1. Leviton Wi-Fi Bridge for No-Neutral Decora Smart Switch

For your Airbnb, the Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Bridge is a simple plug-in. The smart light switch connects your devices to Alexa, Google, and Apple for easy control.
Amazon.com: For your Airbnb, the Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Bridge is a simple plug-in. The smart light switch connects your devices to Alexa, Google, and Apple for easy control.

The Leviton No-Neutral Decora Smart Switch fits the bill if you’re looking for a smart switch compatible with your Airbnb. It seamlessly integrates into your lineup of smart devices, working with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. So, you can make adjustments from anywhere with an internet connection and control your lights using simple voice commands.


Pros Cons
You have complete control over your LED lights. It requires a Wi-Fi Bridge, which will cost extra
Installation is straightforward You need Internet for Remote Control Access
It works well with Alexa and smart home systems It needs Philips Hue smart lights to function
The app is easy to use


Features of Leviton Decora Smart Switch

Let’s check out the Leviton Decora Smart No-Neutral Switch Wi-Fi Bridge’s features and how it elevates your Airbnb hosting.

  • Installation

You can easily set up the Leviton Wi-Fi Bridge. Just plug it into a standard outlet, and it’s ready. Hence, with this straightforward setup, you can give your guests smart lighting control.

  • Device Compatibility

The bridge works with up to 25 Decora Smart No-Neutral devices, like the DN6HD Dimmer and DN15S Switch, along with Anywhere Companions. As an Airbnb host, you can add smart lighting control to multiple rooms, improving the guest experience.

  • Wide Coverage Area

The bridge covers up to 2,500 square feet. So, your smart devices can stay connected in your Airbnb rental. Furthermore, it’s excellent for more significant properties, letting guests control lighting from anywhere.

  • Seamless Integration

The smart light switch easily integrates with popular smart home systems like My Leviton, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. So, Airbnb hosts can cater to guests with various smart devices or preferences. Moreover, guests can control lighting through voice commands or their smartphones.

  • Device-Specific Requirement

This bridge is designed exclusively for the DN6HD dimmer and DN15S switch. You won’t need this bridge if your Airbnb rental uses other Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices. Hence, it saves you costs for your rental property.

  • Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 1.42 x 2.04 x 1.14 inches

Weight: 3.53 ounces (about 104.39 ml)

Manufacturer: Leviton

Country of Origin: China

Switch Type: 3-way

Smart Assistant Compatibility: Alexa, Google, HomeKit

Hub Requirement: Wi-Fi Bridge

Professional Installation: Not required


The Leviton Wi-Fi Bridge costs just $19.99. It gives you an affordable way to add smart lighting control to your home or Airbnb rental. Additionally, it ensures functionality and compatibility without straining your budget.

2. Lutron Caseta Deluxe Smart Dimmer Switch

This smart light switch works with all major smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and SmartThings.
Amazon.com: This smart light switch works with all major smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and SmartThings.

You can enhance your Airbnb rentals with the Lutron Caséta Smart Home Dimmer Switch. While it’s not the cheapest, it’s widely regarded as one of the best choices. Moreover, you’ll appreciate its broad hardware compatibility and straightforward usage. You can wire it into your existing light switch without a neutral wire.

Pros Cons
You can integrate it into your existing Lutron Caséta smart home setup It requires constant internet, making it unreliable during an outage
It works well with many other smart products and systems
You don’t need a neutral wire in your wiring setup


Features of Lutron Smart Dimmer Switch

The smart light switch can improve your Airbnb with intuitive controls and voice assistant compatibility. Let’s explore further.

  • Seasonal Lighting Adjustment

The Caseta system lets you easily adjust your home’s lighting to suit any season. So, Airbnb hosts can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for their guests, whether arriving during the shorter days of winter or the longer evenings of summer.

  • Extensive Compatibility

The Lutron Caseta excels in compatibility. It connects with popular smart home devices like Alexa, Apple Home, Google Assistant, Serena Shades, and Sonos. So, as an Airbnb host, it is easy to accommodate guests with various smart devices.

  • Control Options

You can use the free Lutron app to issue voice commands via voice assistants or operate lights conventionally at the wall switch. Furthermore, Airbnb hosts can create schedules for specific lighting scenarios for the guests.

  • Independent Wi-Fi

Unlike other smart systems, this smart light switch doesn’t communicate with Wi-Fi. So, you’ll get fast and reliable smart lighting control without overloading your Wi-Fi network with extra devices. As an Airbnb host, this ensures a more dependable and hassle-free experience for you and your guests.

  • Set It and Forget It

The Lutron will keep the smart lights working, even when Wi-Fi temporarily goes down. Also, you don’t need to reset schedules or devices when Wi-Fi is back online. This makes it easier for Airbnb hosts, requiring less system maintenance.

  • Cost-Effective Smart Control

You can smarten up all your lighting, even with existing bulbs. Furthermore, it supports various dimmable LED, incandescent, and halogen bulbs. So, you can spend less on your Airbnb rental’s lighting.

  • No Neutral Wire Required

Unlike other smart dimmer switches, this one doesn’t require a neutral wire. It’s compatible with older homes or properties of any age so you can install it without any hassle.

  • Simple 3-Way Setup

You can mount the Pico remote on almost any surface using a wall mount bracket (PICO-WBX-ADAPT, sold separately). Moreover, it simplifies the installation process so Airbnb hosts can easily upgrade their lighting.

  • Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 1.13 x 2.93 x 4.69 inches

Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal battery required (included)

Manufacturer: Lutron

Country of Origin: Mexico

Comprehensive Kit:

Two white Caseta smart dimmer switches

One Lutron Caseta Smart Hub  

Two Pico wireless remotes

Two wall plates


Although it remains relatively pricey at $169.90, this kit provides excellent value for its features. It’s a practical choice to enhance your lighting control in your Airbnb rental.

3. Philips Hue V2 Dimmer Switch

The smart light switch with Remote lets you control your Hue lights easily with a required Hue Bridge
Amazon.com: The smart light switch with Remote lets you control your Hue lights easily with a required Hue Bridge


The Philips Hue V2 Dimmer Switch offers simple, smart lighting control for your Airbnb rental. Furthermore, it works with the Philips Hue Bridge, making installation hassle-free with adhesive attachment and magnetic mounting.

Pros Cons
The setup process is straightforward It relies on batteries and Wi-Fi
You can easily control multiple aspects of your Hue lights For 3-way switches, you’ll need one for each switch and possible circuit adjustments
The dimmer switch is user-friendly and intuitive
It doesn’t require any complex wiring


Features of Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

Let’s explore the Philips Hue V2 Dimmer Switch’s features and discover how they can elevate your Airbnb rental experience.

  • Convenient Control in One Package

The Philips Hue smart light switch includes the latest V2 battery-powered dimmer switch. This upgrade enables you to gain enhanced control over your Hue lights. Consequently, it becomes easy for everyone in your Airbnb to use, including guests.

  • Hue Bridge Compatibility

You’ll require a separate Philips Hue Bridge to maximize the dimmer switch’s potential. Moreover, it’s not just about connecting the dimmer switch. It also unlocks advanced features like automation and remote control when you’re away. So, this is useful for Airbnb hosts, offering flexibility in managing your rental property’s lighting from anywhere.

  • Multi-Functionality

The smart light switch offers various functions. You can easily adjust brightness and turn lights on or off. Additionally, you can switch between four favorite lighting scenes or set lighting for different times of the day. For Airbnb rentals, this adaptability is perfect. It helps create the right ambiance, whether for relaxation or productivity.

  • Flexible Mounting Options

Installation is easy, and you have multiple mounting options. You can use the adhesive included for wall attachment or the magnetic backing for metal surfaces. Moreover, you can remove the switch from the plate and use it as a remote. This adaptability is great for Airbnb hosts, letting you choose the best setup for your rental property.

  • Easy Setup with the Hue App

Setting up the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch is simple. First, open the Hue app, which will guide you through connecting to your Hue Bridge. This process is user-friendly, and it doesn’t require technical expertise. Hence, it’s ideal for Airbnb hosts.

  • Personalized Control

Within the Hue app, you have complete control. First, you can select the lights to be controlled by the dimmer switch. Additionally, you can customize settings to your liking. This customization is convenient for Airbnb rentals. It allows you to adapt the lighting to meet guests’ preferences and needs.

  • Technical Specifications

Operation Mode: Off, Toggle

Current Rating: 10 Amps

Operating Voltage: 120 Volts

Contact Type: Normally Closed

Connector Type: Clamp

Brand: Philips Hue

Terminal: Adhesive

Item Dimensions: 0.59 x 3.15 x 4.92 inches

Circuit Type: 1-way

International Protection Rating: IP20

Number of Positions: 3

Lower Temperature Rating: 10 Degrees Fahrenheit

Control Method: App

Connectivity Protocol: ZigBee

Color: White

Unit Count: 1.0 Count

Item Weight: 2.82 ounces (about 83.4 ml)

Country of Origin: China

Batteries: 1 Lithium-Ion batteries required. (included)

Style: Dimmer Switch

Included Components: 1x Philips Hue Dimmer Switch, 1x Wall mount

Batteries Included: Yes

Warranty Description: 2-year manufacturer warrant


The price for this product is $22.53. It’s a budget-friendly option for adding smart lighting control to your Airbnb.

4. GE Lighting CYNC Smart Light Switch

You can enhance your Airbnb rental with the cost-effective GE Lighting CYNC Smart Light Switch, suitable for guests of any duration
You can enhance your Airbnb rental with the cost-effective GE Lighting CYNC Smart Light Switch, suitable for guests of any duration

The GE Lighting CYNC Smart Light Switch turns any traditional bulb into a smart one without a neutral wire. Furthermore, voice assistant compatibility allows you to control lighting effortlessly, set schedules, and enhance the guest experience. 


Pros Cons
You don’t need a Hub The design is essential and utilitarian
It works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant Android app is confusing at times
It has a motion sensor


Features of GE Lighting CYCN Smart Light Switch

Let’s take a closer look at the smart light switch’s features to understand why it’s a user-friendly and versatile addition to your Airbnb rental property.

  • Easy Installation

With its user-friendly design, the CYNC Smart Light Switch is a breeze to install. Whether tech-savvy or not, you can easily set it up yourself. If necessary, you can also opt for professional assistance. Furthermore, it streamlines lighting control in your rental properties without any installation headaches.

  • Compatibility

This switch seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. So, your guests can control the lights using voice commands. This hands-free functionality adds a modern touch to your Airbnb property. Also, it impresses tech-savvy guests who value convenience.

  • Scheduling and Scenes

With the Cync App, you can set schedules for your lights. So, Airbnb hosts can program the lights to welcome guests with a warm, well-lit environment upon arrival. Additionally, you can create scenes to enhance the ambiance, such as “Movie Night” or “Romantic Dinner.”

  • Out-of-Home Control

Airbnb hosts often manage properties remotely. With the out-of-home control feature, you can quickly turn lights on or off from your smartphone, even when you’re away. Hence, guests can arrive at well-lit property, which also helps conserve energy when vacant.

  • Group Control

If your Airbnb property has multiple light switches, you can group them using this switch. So, it simplifies the control of all lights from a single switch. This enhances the guest experience by providing easy access to lighting control in various areas of the property. 

  • Energy Savings

The scheduling feature helps save energy and reduce costs. Lights can automatically turn off when guests are away, promoting eco-friendly practices and lowering electricity expenses in your Airbnb rental.

  • Compatibility with Traditional Bulbs

A standout feature is its ability to work with traditional incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs. So, you can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting without the expense of smart bulbs, making it a cost-effective solution for your Airbnb property.

  • No Hub Required

This switch directly connects to Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, So you don’t need an extra hub or bridge. This streamlined setup process saves you both time and money.

  • Minimum Wattage Requirement

Remember, this switch has a minimum wattage requirement of 15 watts on the circuit. If your bulbs are below this threshold, you can utilize the included bulb adaptor for medium-base bulbs.

  • Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 4.21 x 7.24 x 5.71 inches

Weight: 5.28 ounces (about 156.15 ml)

Operation Mode: ON-OFF-ON

Current Rating: 5 Amps

Operating Voltage: 120 Volts

Contact Type: Normally Closed

Connector Type: Clamp

Brand: GE

Terminal: SPST (Single Pole, Single Throw)

Circuit Type: 3-way

Mounting Type: Wall Mount


The smart light switch, priced at $33.43, offers practical benefits. It provides an affordable way to enhance lighting control in your rental property. Hence, you can improve guest experiences, increase comfort, and reduce energy costs without breaking the bank.

5. Brilliant Smart Home Control

This smart light switch makes control easy and adds a modern tech touch to your rental property
Amazon.com: This smart light switch makes control easy and adds a modern tech touch to your rental property


The Brilliant Smart Home Control 4-Switch Panel has intuitive touchscreen controls, built-in Alexa, and smart device compatibility. Moreover, the in-wall panel simplifies management while adding a modern and tech-forward touch to your rental property.

Pros Cons
It is incredibly flexible with the touchscreen and built-in camera Setting it up correctly can be challenging
Has Alexa and other third-party integrations It comes with a high price tag of $1058 for a 4-switch panel
It boasts impressive build quality


Features of the Brilliant Smart Home Switch

Now, let’s explore the Brilliant Smart Home Control switch’s capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Smart Home Control

The Brilliant 4-Switch Panel simplifies smart home management in your Airbnb property. You can replace it with a standard 4-gang light switch panel. So, it offers intuitive touchscreen controls for popular smart devices such as lighting, cameras, locks, thermostats, and intercom systems. Hence, your Airbnb guests can oversee and adjust various aspects of their stay.

  • Built-In Alexa

With the built-in Alexa integration, guests can control smart devices through voice commands. Furthermore, it provides a hands-free approach to managing lighting, playing music, checking the weather, and more. So, you don’t need extra voice assistant devices, ensuring clutter-free countertops. 

  • In-Wall Touchscreen

The 5″ LCD touchscreen is the central hub for managing lights, music, and other smart devices. So, guests can adjust lighting levels, choose music playlists, and even use it for intercom communication. Moreover, the in-wall touchscreen adds a modern and tech-savvy element to your Airbnb property, impressing guests who value centralized control.

  • Smart Lighting

The smart light switch integrates with various smart bulbs, including LED, CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, it accommodates dimmable and multiway lighting setups. Whether your guests prefer touch controls, voice commands, motion detection, or app-based adjustments, the options are abundant. 

  • Integration with Smart Devices

This panel connects with smart devices, including Sonos speakers and Ring Video Doorbells. Hence, your guests can browse and play music, monitor visitors at the door, and even unlock compatible smart locks without requiring a smartphone. 

  • Privacy Features

The built-in camera comes with a privacy shutter, addressing guest concerns regarding privacy and security. Furthermore, guests can have peace of mind knowing they can easily block the camera’s view when it’s not in use.

  • Technical Specifications

Operation Mode: ON-OFF

Operating Voltage: 120 Volts

Brand: Brilliant

Circuit Type: 4-way

Actuator Type: Touch Button

Number of Positions: 4

Controller Type: Ring

Control Method: Voice

Connectivity Protocol: Wi-Fi

Brand Name: Brilliant

Country of Origin: China

Item Weight: 227 grams (about 8.01 oz)


The Brilliant Smart Home Control (4-Switch Panel) costs $1,058.28. If you’re considering using it for Airbnb rentals, it can be an excellent choice to offer modern convenience to your guests. But, weighing the cost against your rental property’s budget is essential.

Comparison of the Best Smart Light Switches for Airbnb

Feature Leviton Wi-Fi Bridge for No-Neutral Decora Smart Switch Lutron Caseta Deluxe Smart Dimmer Switch Philips Hue V2 Dimmer Switch GE Lighting CYNC Smart Light Switch Brilliant Smart Home Control Switch
Compatibility My Leviton, Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home/Siri Alexa, Apple Home, Ring, Google Assistant Hue Bridge required Alexa, Google Home Alexa, Ring, Sonos, Hue, Kasa/TP-Link, Wemo, SmartThings, Apple HomeKit
Wireless Protocol Wi-Fi ClearConnect (Lutron proprietary), Wi-Fi Zigbee (Hue Bridge) Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
No-Neutral Wire Required Yes No (Requires Lutron Caseta Smart Hub) No Yes No
Dimming Capability Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voice Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scene Control Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Wireless 3-Way Switch Compatibility Yes (with Leviton Wire-Free 3-Way) Yes (with Pico remote) No No No


1. Do I need an electrician to install a smart light switch? 

No, you don’t need an electrician for the job but remember to turn off the circuit breaker before you start. If you need more time, consider getting a pro or host specializing in Airbnb rentals to help.

2. Can I replace a regular switch with a smart one? 

Absolutely! Most smart switches fit right into the spot where your old switch was. Make sure you pick the right one for your setup in your Airbnb rental.

3. Do smart switches work with any light? 

Mostly, yes. They’re good with regular bulbs like LEDs and incandescent. But be careful with dimmers – some lights may flicker at low settings. Always double-check the manufacturer’s advice for your Airbnb.

4. Are the best smart light switches worth it for Airbnb rentals? 

Yes, they are. While they can cost more upfront, they give your guests added convenience and give you more control over the lighting in your rental property.

5. What’s the biggest downside of smart switches? 

One downside could be if the manufacturer stops supporting the device. This can be tricky, especially for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches. Hence, consider using Z-Wave or Zigbee switches with a hub for a more reliable setup in your Airbnb.

6. Do smart light switches need a hub? 

It depends on the switch. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth switches don’t need a hub. But if you use Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Lutron Clear Connect switches, you’ll need a hub. For Airbnb rentals, consider what works best for your setup.

7. Can you install a smart light switch without a neutral wire? 

Yes, you can. Some smart switches don’t require neutral wires. This can be helpful in older homes without them. Just check if your Airbnb rental fits the bill.

8.What’s better for Airbnb rentals, smart bulbs or smart switches? 

Both have their perks. Smart bulbs are easy to set up but can be pricier for larger spaces. Smart switches control regular bulbs and can be more cost-effective for Airbnb hosts with multiple lights to manage.


Choosing the best smart light switches for your Airbnb property is critical. It directly affects the convenience and experience of both hosts and guests. Furthermore, these switches are pivotal in controlling lighting and creating a comfortable atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay for everyone involved.

So, looking ahead to 2023, some top options include the Leviton Wi-Fi Bridge, which offers versatile compatibility and seamless control over lighting and switches. Next, we have the user-friendly Lutron Caseta Deluxe Smart Dimmer Switch, known for integrating with popular voice assistants. Furthermore, the Philips Hue Smart Dimmer Switch is an excellent choice for setting the right ambiance, though it requires the Hue Bridge for full functionality. Additionally, the GE Lighting CYNC Smart Light Switch also provides a no-neutral wire solution, making it accessible for voice control with popular assistants. Lastly, the Brilliant Smart Home Control (4-Switch Panel) stands out with built-in Alexa and extensive compatibility, featuring an in-wall touchscreen for effortless control of lights and more.

As you think about these choices, it’s important to remember some essential tips and suggestions for Airbnb hosts. Furthermore, finding the right balance between security and guest privacy is crucial. Lastly, inform your guests about security cameras in your listing description so they know what to expect. 

Always follow the local laws and rules about using cameras. Above all, keep your guests’ safety and comfort a top priority, ensuring they have a great and secure time in your Airbnb rental. You can build trust and make your guests happy by picking the right security camera and being a responsible host.


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