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Can you have a smart lock on a sliding door?

In most smart homes, smart locks are a must-have. They are highly useful and help to make our houses more efficient. The majority of us have one in our homes, usually on the front door. But, what about the other of our house’s doors? That back patio sliding glass door, in particular.

Obviously, these sliding glass doors are unlike any other door in our home. They slide and have a latch locking mechanism that an experienced thief can easily defeat. They can also be the biggest piece of glass in our home, adding to our security concerns.

Unfortunately, there was no company offering a truly smart and secure smart lock for sliding glass doors at the time of writing. None that we could confidently recommend, at least. Some companies, like Padiolock and a few others, have tried to break into the space but never really got off the ground.


How do you put a lock on a Patio Door?

When it consists of smart locks for our patio doors, there are a few factors that important when considering any device. These are:

  • Is the lock suitable for your smart home ecosystem? If your home is controlled by Alexa, Google Nest, or another voice assistant, you’ll want this lock to be able to seamlessly integrate with your system.
  • Will the lock provide the patio door an extra layer of security? Many home burglars use patio doors as a point of entry. Because the locks on these doors are less secure and easily defeated, that’s the case. That should be a non-issue with a smart lock.
  • Will the lock allow keyless entry and extra automation? It’s a smart lock, therefore it should have some smart features, right?

We haven’t yet found the perfect smart lock for sliding doors. No one has seemed to put many resources into developing these yet. However, as soon as they are available, we will surely write about them.


Can you put a keyless entry on a Sliding Glass Door?

The answer is Yes! A keyless entry system can be installed on a sliding door.

Entering has never been easier thanks to the emergence of keyless access control systems specifically developed for sliding doors and the like, which use key codes and/or fingerprint scanning to allow access to only verified people.


How do you lock a sliding glass door from the outside?

If you want to lock a sliding glass door from the outside, you’ll need to install a lock with a key. When your sliding glass door has a lock and a key, you may lock it from the outside with full confidence and security.



Smart Locks For Sliding Glass Doors and Patios


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