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Charge Up in a Flash with SmartLife’s Smart Fast EV Charger

SmartLife’s Smart Fast EV Charger is one such product that promises to charge your electric vehicle quickly and safely.

We will explore the features and benefits of SmartLife’s EV Charger and compare it with other EV chargers in the market in New Zealand.

Features of SmartLife’s Smart Fast EV Charger

SmartLife’s EV Charger has features that make it a top choice among EV owners.

Here are some of its key features:

High charging Speed: The Charger can deliver up to 32 amps of charging power, which can charge most electric vehicles in just a few hours. This high charging speed is ideal for those who need to charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Compatibility: The Charger is compatible with most electric vehicles available in the market. It supports Level 1 and 2 charging and has a universal J1772 connector.

Smart Connectivity: The Charger can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network, allowing you to monitor and control the charging process through your smartphone or tablet.

You can track your Charging progress, schedule charging times, and receive notifications when your vehicle is fully charged.

Safety Features: The Charger has safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and overheating protection.

These features ensure that your vehicle is charged safely and without any risk of damage.

Benefits of SmartLife’s Smart Fast EV Charger

SmartLife’s Charger offers several benefits, making it an attractive option for electric vehicle owners.

These are some of the advantages of utilizing the Smart Quick Charger:

Convenient and Time-Saving: With its high charging speed, the Smart Charger can charge your electric vehicle quickly, saving you time and ensuring your vehicle is ready to use when needed.

The smart connectivity feature allows you to schedule charging times to charge your vehicle conveniently.

Cost-Effective: The Smart EV Charger is affordable compared to other EV chargers.

Its high charging speed means you can charge your vehicle quickly, which can help reduce your electricity bills.

Environmentally-Friendly: Using an electric vehicle and a charger like Smart EV Charger can help reduce your carbon footprint and create a cleaner environment.

Increases Property Value: Installing the charger like Smart EV Charger can increase the value of your property.

As more people switch to electric vehicles, having a charging station at home can be a significant selling point for potential buyers.

Comparison with Other EV Chargers in New Zealand

When it comes to EV chargers in New Zealand, there are several options available in the market.

Here is a comparison of SmartLife’s EV Charger with other popular EV chargers in New Zealand:

ChargeNet Home: ChargeNet Home is a popular EV charger in New Zealand. It has a maximum charging power of 7.2 kW, lower than the Smart Fast EV Charger’s 32 amps charging power.

ChargeNet Home also lacks smart connectivity features, so you cannot remotely monitor or control the charging process.


Electric vehicles are the transportation of the future, and as demand rises, so does the need for efficient and trustworthy EV chargers.

SmartLife’s Smart EV Charger offers several features and benefits that make it a smart choice for electric vehicle owners.

With its high charging speed, compatibility with most electric vehicles, smart connectivity features, and safety features, the Smart Fast EV Charger can charge your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently while ensuring its safety.

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