The first thing to learn with house automation – How do smart bulbs work?

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Cutting-edge technology is taking over our lives every passing day. Everything takes the prefix “smart” making our lives easier and comfortable. Smart bulbs are the latest trend of light bulbs which is an internet-capable LED light bulb. It can be controlled remotely and can be scheduled. Home automation has become a more attractive field with this improvement. Color smart bulbs will give your house a modern look. And you will never have to ponder on the question “did I left the light on?” question ever again.

So if this is this successful, why not give the smart bulb the ability to change the colors too? You would probably be wondering. That is where the color smart bulbs come in. As its self-explanatory title, these smart bulbs can change the colors to your preference. So let us dig a little deeper into the color smart bulbs.

Answers for the Frequently Asked Questions about Color Smart Bulbs

How do smart bulbs change color?

Red, Green, and Blue are the color range of the color smart bulbs. Different combinations of these three colors provide us with different colors. A tiny computer does this combination and it is called the “microcontroller”. 

There is a type of cell in human eyes called cones. These cells are color-sensitive. Humans see the colors with the help of these cells and they are attuned to the red, green, and blue colors. This is the reason why the color smart bulbs have red, green, and blue color combinations.

Turning on all three colors produce white. You can see yellow when red and green are turned on. Cyan color is a combination of green and blue. These are just a few examples of many color combinations that can be produced by red, green and blue.

To change the shades of one color the bulb changes pulse. Less number of pulses produce darker colors and more number of pulses produce lighter colors. Through these techniques, color smart bulbs produce millions of color combinations. 

How do smart bulbs work with switches?

If you are thinking of switching to smart bulbs, then you are probably worried about the existing switches in your house. Well, you don’t have to worry because you can use those switches with smart bulbs. You can replace your regular light bulbs with smart bulbs and use the old switches to turn the smart bulbs on and off. 

But if you are planning on using the app to operate the smart lights, which is the sole purpose of using smart bulbs. You have to keep it on because the app will not work unless the smart bulbs are powered and the smart bulbs are only powered when you have turned on the switch.

You do not have to replace your switches with smart switches because the smart bulbs are not designed to be operated by switches. Smart switches serve a different purpose. It is to control multiple ordinary light bulbs that are in the same room. 

However, be careful you will not constantly turn on and off the smart bulbs with the manual switches. It can damage and reduce the lifetime of the bulbs.

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Can you control smart bulbs away from home?

You can in fact control smart bulbs away from home. There are several ways for you to do this too. You can install a home automation hub like the Wink Hub. Then you have to download the Wink app to your mobile phone. You will have to follow a simple enough process to add your smart bulbs to the system. After that, you are set and you can control your smart bulbs from anywhere if you have an internet connection. 

You can control the smart lights individually and in groups. Also, the app gives you the option to schedule to turn on or turn off smart bulbs which are applicable to individual bulbs or groups. This is a pretty easy way to start your automation. Compared to other connected bulb processes, this way is inexpensive too. 

There are plug-in lamp dimmers you can use. This is a better solution if you have lamps and ceiling lights you wish to control. When you are within the house you can control the dimmers by the remote controller. You can use the Wink app to control it when you are away from the house. These are really easy to set up and control.

Because of this, you can go on days-long trips without worrying. You can just randomly switch on a few light bulbs to show that there is someone at home.

Do smart bulbs use electricity when off?

The color smart bulbs are always on standby mode, phantom mode, or “the vampire mode” just like many smart house appliances. This happens because the smart bulbs are always connected to the internet or your device. As we have mentioned earlier, if you turned off the bulb manually using the switch, this will not happen. However, it will also sever the connection of the bulbs and the device you use to control it. Therefore, you need to keep the switch turned on.

Even though the color smart bulbs require meager but constant electricity to the internet or Bluetooth connection, it is not a considerable portion. It requires only a very small amount of power. This will probably be a few cents in your monthly electricity bill. You will have to have 20-30 bulbs to make the standby electricity amount add up to a dollar.

This is designed this way for the ease of use of the customers.

Do smart bulbs use a lot of WiFi?

It is safe to say that a smart bulb will not consume enough data to make a difference or cause data traffic. smart bulbs use 20 to 30MB per one bulb monthly. The bulbs work in a way that is efficient to distribute signals among themselves. Each bulb carries the signal to its nearest bulb. It creates a network you can control through your remote controller or smartphone using the app.

If you have connected many color smart bulbs to the same network, the WiFi maybe slows down. Technically you can connect up to 200 devices to WiFi routers. The bottom line is color smart bulbs will not affect your WiFi connection in a way that matters or affect and interfere with your other devices and connections.

There are types of color smart bulbs that also work with your virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. This will make your work so much easier too.

What are the things I should know about when buying smart light bulbs?

color smart bulbs

As the technology is advancing every year, smart light bulbs are having cool new designs and feature too. When you are deciding to automate your house this will be the first this you will consider doing. Also, it is better to know about the durability of the smart bulb. However, when you are buying color smart bulbs for your house, there are several things you should especially pay attention to.

First of all, you need to choose a platform. This platform is where you are going to control your color smart bulbs. Many options have their own smartphone apps. But you should consider a wider smart home platform if you are not going to stop just after color smart bulbs. Many people pair the color smart bulbs with their voice assistants. In this way, you will be open to control the color smart bulbs in many different ways, alongside cameras, thermostats, etc.

One of the most important things you need to consider when automating your house is the hub. Some people use Bluetooth but it only extends to around 50ft. Another way is to build a WiFi radio. It will let you remotely control the color smart bulbs when you have an internet connection. 

If you are keen on dimming, remember that different bulbs dim differently. Therefore, pay attention to that when you are choosing color smart bulbs for your house.

What are the best smart light bulbs in 2021?

We all like to buy the best things for ourselves, and it is true for home automation appliances as well. There are many different suppliers for color smart bulbs in the market today, because of their growing popularity. However, not all of them show the same level of advancement. Here, we are going to discuss a few of the best smart light bulbs in the current market, according to the customer reviews. 

Many customers are quite satisfied with the Philips Hue and Color Ambience smart light bulbs. Their app is also unique and provides several services other color smart bulbs controlling apps do not provide. Wyze Bulb is a choice of people because of its affordable price range and its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. However, there are no color options for these bulbs and they do not support the HomeKit.

Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs are super easy to set up and it does not require a hub. It is the reason why it has a popularity among the customers. You can track the energy consumption of the bulb with its app. Sengled Smart LED with Motion Sensor, Ring Solar Pathlight, Lifx Mini, TP-LINK Kasa Filament WiFi Light Bulb are few other popular choices among the customers when it comes to best smart bulbs competition.

Why should I choose Feit smart bulbs for my home automation process?

If you are looking for an affordable way to apply color smart bulbs in your house, then Feit Smart bulbs are your savior. 

The color smart bulbs by Feit offer you a brilliant color quality and they are affordable too. Also, you will not have to waste your time walking from store to store, because they are easy to find at many stores and available in online shops too. Feit bulls have a range of dimmers and they will be dimmed without buzzing and flickering which will come in handy as night lights. Also, the light will only emit light and not heat. You can download the Feit app to control the bulbs.

So if you are thinking about home automation, the color smart bulbs are a good way to start.

Good luck with a smart life.!


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