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Common Problems of Feit Smart LED Bulb

Feit Smart LED Bulb

The Feit Smart LED Bulb is a major energy-saving light bulb and lighting fixture maker. These Feit Smart LED Bulb offers a large variety of LED bulbs in various forms and sizes. Feit Smart LED bulbs, like any other electric device, have their own set of issues. When compared to other bulbs, LED bulbs have a long lifespan, but their effectiveness and lifespan are reduced when they are frequently exposed to high-temperature conditions. The LED bulb’s simple structure also makes it straightforward for anyone without advanced technological skills to troubleshoot any problems that may occur.


In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common problems that Feit Smart LED Bulb users have.

Common Problems of Feit Smart LED Bulb

1. A buzzing or humming noise when the LED bulb is on

A mild humming noise comes from the bulb while it is active, which is one of the most common and less serious problems with Feit LED smart bulbs and, this can happen for a variety of reasons.

It’s possible that the bulb’s circuit is overloaded. When the voltage is raised over what is required, the electrical elements of the bulb vibrate, producing a hum or buzzing sound.

It can also happen if the bulb is incompatible with the dimmer.


Check to verify whether the voltage your LED bulb allows is lower than the voltage that passes through your socket. Make the necessary adjustments.

If you’re using a dimmer, double-check that it’ll work with the Feit light you’re using. If not, you may have a faulty bulb that the business may repair for you.


2. Excessive flickering of the LED bulb

While infrequent flickering of an LED bulb is not a reason for concern, if it occurs frequently and consistently, it might indicate a problem with your power source.

The most typical cause is faulty capacitors, as well as a power source with insufficient wattage.

When Feit LEDs are linked to high-wattage equipment like washing machines and dryers, they may use the maximum wattage while still providing low wattage to the LED bulb.

The bulb will flicker because the wattage it receives is insufficient to provide continuous light via the diode.

Feit Smart LED Bulb


Connecting high-wattage attractive devices to your LEDs is not a good idea. Examine the bulb’s socket to see if it is receiving enough wattage. If it does, the bulb may be faulty, and you will need to replace it.



3. LED bulb generating excess heat

Any electrical device generates a small amount of heat when it is in use, but excessive heat and regular overheating are signs of a problem that can lead to damage.

Installing your new Feit LED bulb into an old fixture designed for regular recessed lights is one of the most common causes of overheating.

The majority of old-fashioned fixtures are clogged. LED bulbs necessitate adequate airflow, which is obstructed by these clogged fixtures. It could also mean that the bulb is unable to handle high voltage sockets.


Upgrade your fixtures as well if you’re using LED recessed lights. The best option for Feit LED bulbs is an IC-rated or insulated contact fixture, which has improved air circulation and prevents overheating.

Also, check the socket to see if the bulb is receiving more voltage than is required. If nothing works, it’s possible that the bulb is broken and needs to be replaced.


4. LED bulb not working

If your LED bulb was working well before it suddenly stopped, don’t replace it right away And, It could also be due to external factors.

It’s more likely that the problem is with the socket than with the bulb, especially if you’re using a decorative light with multiple bulbs and only one or two have stopped working.

It can also happen if there is a short circuit or if the bulb has reached the end of its useful life.


Carefully remove the Feit LED bulb from its socket and test it in a different working socket. If it does, you’ll need to get a new socket.

You can also check for a short circuit yourself or hire an electrician to do it for you. Replace the bulb if it has reached the end of its useful life.

If you have a defective bulb that needs to replace, contact the retail store where you purchased it and request a replacement.

When it comes to defective bulbs, most retailers have good return policies and should be able to provide you with an immediate solution or replacement. Before making any purchase, always check the return policy of the retailer.

Feit Smart LED Bulb


4 Common Feit Electric Bulb LED Problems (Solved)



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