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Does Wyze Lock Work With Google Assistant?

The Wyze Lock works as an advanced deadbolt and is a great feature to add to your smart home to enhance your safety when you’re home and when you’re away.  The Smart Wyze Lock has a lot of interesting features, one of which is the ability to connect it to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Does Wyze Lock Work With Google Assistant? Yes, the Smart Wyze Lock works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, but those are not the only great features included with the device.

The Smart Wyze Lock has been created for the safety and security of your home.  The voice assistant feature, which can be paired with Google Assistant and Alexa so you can control your Wyze Lock with your voice, is one of the interesting ways this has been made possible.

Alexa and Google Assistant with Wyze Lock

The Smart Wyze Lock supports Alexa and Google Assistant for voice command.  You can lock or unlock your Smart Wyze Lock without having to use your phone or manually handle the lock using this feature. With Google Assistant or Alexa, the sound of your voice will do all the work for you.

This feature is useful if you’re busy at home but need to let someone in or if you’ve forgotten to lock your Smart Wyze Lock while in bed.

How to Connect Your Wyze Device with Google Assistant:

So, You will need to follow an 8-step process to connect your Wyze Device to Google Assistant.

    1. Firstly, Start by setting your plug up with the Wyze app and giving your Plug a name.
    2. You will then update your Plug firmware with the latest version. Then, You can do this by going to Account > Firmware Update.
    3. Download the Home app by Google.
    4. Launch the Google Home app.
    5. Tap Add
    6. Next, Tap Set up Device
    7. After, Tap Works with Google
    8. Finally, Locate the Wyze Home listing and begin with logging in using your Wyze account.

Furthermore, Using your Wyze account, Google Assistant should automatically sync and create a list of your Wyze devices.

Wyze App

For your Wyze devices to work, you will need to download the Wyze app to your smartphone. The Wyze app requires Android 5.0+ and iOS 9.0+ and is not compatible with Windows phones/tablets or Kindle Fire tablets.

But, If you are having a hard time downloading or using the Wyze app, make sure your software is up to date.

Once you have downloaded the Wyze app, you will need to create an account so you can access your devices.  Then, You can add new devices at any time.

Two-Factor Authentication

This Two-factor authentication uses a 6-digit code as a secondary authentication method to secure your account. After you have entered your password and email, this option will appear. So, You will receive an email requesting this information in order to log in.

And, Each code is valid for a maximum of 30 minutes if it is not used and will immediately be refreshed after it is successfully entered.

You can use the Wyze app to turn on or off Two-Factor Authentication if you’ve enabled it but no longer want to use it. You will have to establish a new account if you lose access to the phone number associated with Two-Factor Authentication.

What Are the Other Features Include?

Lock and Unlock Automatically

Smart Wyze Locks can tell when you’re at home and when you’ve left. As you approach the designated door, your Smart Wyze Lock will automatically unlock once it knows that you have come home. The Wyze Lock automatically locks once you’ve entered your home.

Remotely Control Your Wyze Lock 

You can control your Smart Wyze Lock from anywhere with the Wyze App. This enables you to give anyone inside your smart home access without having to be present. This makes it simple to share your smart home.

View Your Wyze Lock History

You can see when your door was locked or unlocked, who used the lock, and how it was used with the Wyze app. And, This keeps you completely informed about any activity involving your Wyze Lock, ensuring that you are never left in the dark.

Wyze Lock Keypad

The Smart Wyze Lock Keypad is a new device that will be available in May 2020. The Wyze Lock Keypad is a wireless, waterproof keypad that is compatible with the Wyze Lock.

This device features a one-touch lock and requires a security code for entrance. It has a time-based guest code and an LED backlight.



Wyze Lock Google Home Integration


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