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Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

Introducing the standout contender for the title of the best non-4K streaming device, the runner-up to the Lite model, Fire TV Stick. With a dynamic resolution of 2160p at 60fps, this device brings your entertainment to life with crystal-clear visuals and smooth playback. This is the future of streaming technology, the Fire TV Stick boasts Wi-Fi 6 support across both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, ensuring a seamless and high-speed connection for your content consumption. Because this device can elevate your viewing experience, this device is equipped with HDR capabilities, supporting both HDR10 and HGL formats, delivering vibrant colors and enhanced contrast. In the realm of non-4K streaming, the Fire TV Stick emerges as a formidable choice, marrying cutting-edge features with exceptional performance.

What is a Fire TV Stick?

Experience a 50% boost in performance compared to the previous generation for seamless Full HD streaming on the latest Fire TV. Navigate effortlessly with the Alexa Voice Remote, now equipped with power and volume controls for added convenience.

Unlock a vast world of entertainment with access to over 1.5 million movies and TV episodes from popular platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and more. Dive into a sea of music with Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and others, though subscription fees may apply.

As a bonus, enjoy a complimentary 6-month subscription to MGM+, granting you exclusive access to a plethora of Hollywood movies and original series. Terms and conditions apply.

Never miss out on live TV, news, and sports with subscriptions to services like SLING TV, YouTube TV, and more. Use the intuitive Guide button to discover what’s available and when.

Explore a treasure trove of over 300,000 free movies and TV episodes from ad-supported streaming apps such as Amazon Freevee, Tubi, Pluto TV, and others.

The Alexa Voice Remote simplifies your experience, allowing you to effortlessly search and launch shows across various apps using just your voice. And discover an enhanced level of control with preset buttons for quick access to your favorite apps, and manage power and volume on your TV and soundbar – all from a single remote.

Immerse yourself in cinematic experiences with Dolby Atmos audio on select titles, offering a lifelike audio atmosphere when paired with compatible home audio systems.

How to set up your Fire TV Stick?

Now you have this amazing device of course the first thing you need to know is how you are setting it up, so you can easily use it. It is easy to use and install, here is how,

Plug the Fire TV Stick into the TV’s HDMI port:

  1. Locate the HDMI port on your TV and insert the Fire TV Stick.

Ensure a secure connection for optimal performance.

Connect the power adapter and plug it into a wall outlet:

2. Use the provided power adapter and connect it to the Fire TV Stick.

Plug the adapter into a nearby wall outlet to power the device.

Insert batteries into the Fire TV Stick remote:

3. Open the battery compartment on the remote.

Insert the provided batteries, ensuring correct polarity.

Follow the on-screen instructions for setup:

4. Turn on your TV and select the HDMI input where the Fire TV Stick is connected.

Follow the prompts on the screen for initial setup.

Connect to Wi-Fi and sign in or create an Amazon account:

5. Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password.

Sign in to your existing Amazon account or create a new one.

Set your preferred language:

6. Choose the language you prefer to navigate the Fire TV Stick interface.

After setup, start streaming movies and shows from services like Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Apple TV+:

Now we know how to set it up and then let’s look at the ways we can use the new Fire TV Stick

How To Use Your Fire TV ?

Using it is simpler than setting it up. There are directional buttons on the remote for users to easily navigate the interface, and there is a central button in the middle for selecting items. A back button, a home button, and a menu button are also included in your Fire TV Stick.

And it will get more easier if you are using it through Alexa. You just have to press and hold the Alexa button which comes in the remote and say Alexa turn on the volume or “Alexa, lunch Prime Video” or whatever your command is. And it will automatically open the app for you to easily navigate through it. Or ask your Fire TV Stick to open up the popular comedies you always watch as “Alexa, show me popular comedies”. And Fire TV will automatically open up anything you want.

It is also possible for you to use the Fire TV app on your smartphone to easily control your Fire TV Stick to launch apps, search content, and enter text using the keyboard. But if you are someone who prefers the touch screen over the keyboard this is a great alternative for you.

Fire TV Tips and tricks

Since you know how to set up and run this device and all the other basics it is only left to know some useful tricks and tips to make maximum use of it.

Here are some tips that will make you take the maximum advantage of it,

Once you have the Fire TV Stick operational and you’ve familiarized yourself with the fundamentals, there are multiple features for you to choose from and explore. Here are some highlights to optimize your Fire TV Stick experience.

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Personalize Your Device Name

You can give your Fire TV Stick a distinct name so that you can enhance the management of your smart home. This facilitates seamless device control through the Alexa app and easy identification within your network. And to rename your device, follow these steps>> navigate to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon.com, select the Devices tab, choose the desired device, tap Edit, and assign a new name.

Disable Autoplay 

Autoplay is a convenient way to preview content effortlessly, but somehow you might prefer to exercise more control over your viewing experience. To disable autoplay in your Fire TV Stick >> access Settings > Preferences > Featured Content and toggle off the Autoplay option.

Explore X-Ray Features

This device lets you elevate your Prime Video watching experience with X-Ray, it is an exclusive set of features providing additional insights into your favorite movies, series, and live sports. To activate X-Ray,  press the up button on your Fire TV remote while watching content to access IMDb ratings, plot synopses, actor information, and more.

Unlock Free Content

Here is the chance for you to uncover a wealth of free content through Amazon Freevee, which is an ad-supported streaming service. Download the Freevee app or access its content through the Prime Video app so that you can enjoy a diverse selection of movies and TV shows without any subscription fees.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones

For undisturbed viewing, connect Bluetooth headphones to your Fire TV. Navigate to Fire TV Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices > Other Devices > Add Bluetooth Device to pair your headphones effortlessly.

Implement Parental Controls

This is your chance to set up a built-in parental control on the Fire TV Stick. Restrict content based on age and establish PIN code protection for specific content categories. Access these controls through Settings > Preferences > Parental Controls.

Revitalize Old Smart TVs

If you are dwelling on purchasing a new TV, why not consider upgrading your existing one with a Fire TV Stick? Offload processing tasks to the Fire TV Stick to enhance the overall speed and performance of your old TV. 

Unified Device Control

Leverage your Fire TV as a universal remote for other devices in your home theater. Utilize HDMI CEC technology to enable communication between devices connected via HDMI cables. Configure this feature in Fire TV Settings > Display and Sounds > HDMI CEC Device Control, allowing your Fire TV remote to manage devices such as cable boxes and soundbars seamlessly.

Finally, by incorporating these advanced features, you can tailor your Fire TV Stick experience to suit your preferences and make the most out of its capabilities.

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