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Google Nest Smart Doorbell Review

Google Nest Smart Doorbell Review


Google Nest Smart Doorbell and Google Nest Smart Camera are the company’s first battery-powered doorbell and outdoor/indoor camera. They integrate with the Google Home app and, Google Nest Hub and let you keep tabs on things via your smartphone (whether it’s Android or iPhone).

In this article, we will talk about Google Nest Smart Doorbell.

Are Nest Smart Doorbells worth it?

The Google Nest Smart Doorbells are about as good as a doorbell camera gets. It is impressive features, excellent video quality, and smart alerts. Additionally, Nest Smart Doorbells integrate with all of your other Google devices. The price could be a bit high. But for the quality, I think Nest Smart Doorbells are worth it.

Is there a monthly fee for Nest Smart Doorbells?

The Nest Aware plan starts at 6$ per month and it goes up to 12$ per month, which is the price for the Nest Aware Plus. Furthermore, While this is more expensive than its competitor Ring Protect Basic which starts at just 3$ per month the extra cost does have its own advantages.

Does Nest Smart Doorbells have night vision?

When your camera is set to Auto, it will turn on night vision when it becomes dark and turn it off when there is enough ambient light. Even if there is plenty of ambient light, night vision will stay on when set to Always On until you manually set it to Auto or off.

How long do Nest Smart Doorbells last?

Nest Smart Doorbell’s battery should last about 2.5 months between charges.

Do you need an electrician to install Nest Smart Doorbells?

Nest good Doorbells need a voltage of between 16V and 24V AC and power of between 10 and 40 VA. However, you’ll have to either hire an electrician to update your wiring or use a power adapter to plug the nest doorbell into an indoor outlet.

How long does Nest record for free?

3 hours

If you wish to go back and review past activity your doorbell or camera has to detect, you’ll be able to do this within the app. Some cameras offer 3hr of event video history without charge, whereas others offer 3hr of still image snapshots instead.

How far can a nest doorbell see?

The Nest Doorbell has a 145-degree field of view and has excellent night vision. It means the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor can see up to 50 feet away in the darkest of nights, says Nest.

How does the Nest doorbell get power?

Built-in cable provides continuous power. If you are installing Nest smart doorbell outside, you have got the choice to hardwire it with the weatherproof cable, no charging is needed. And once you wire your Nest smart doorbell, you also get access to further Nest Aware options.

Does Google Nest record audio?

The Nest Cam will capture audio whenever it’s recording video. Therefore you’ll be able to hear what is going on. However, if you do not want audio, you’ll be able to disable it to save lots of simply a bit little bit of bandwidth and data.

Does the Nest doorbell detect motion?

10 feet

Nest smart doorbells can sense motion from people walking up to 10 feet (3 m) away. Google Nest smart doorbells, cameras, and Nest Hub Max look for objects that move in the view of your camera (motion) and listen for relevant sounds. Once you add a Nest Aware subscription, your camera uses advanced algorithms to select out completely different varieties of activity.

Is the Nest Doorbell rechargeable?

The Google Nest Smart Doorbells (battery) have built-in, rechargeable batteries that are made for long-lasting performance. But the Nest doorbell battery life you get depends on several things, like how much activity is recorded and your settings in the application.


Google Nest Cam and Doorbell review


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