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Have You Tried to Group Smart Bulbs? – Grouping Smart Bulbs Will Make Your Work Easy!

You may have a dream to turn your home into an automated home with the development of technology. Now it gets to come true. Definitely, smart bulbs support maintaining a good and safe home. Day by day, you may feel it. This is the best time to group smart bulbs in your kingdom. Grouping helps you to control several lights at once. Present, many smart home lovers tend to group smart bulbs. 

Exactly, all automated home lovers have several smart bulbs in their homes. So they can group them into different groups. Grouping means placing all the smart bulbs which belong to one room or one area into one group. Then all the lights in that specific group can be switched on or off, dimmed, or change their color as you wish.

Different homeowners have different choices. According to their preferences, they can group smart bulbs. For example, they can group all the smart lights in the living room, library, office room, kitchen, or bedrooms into specific groups. Likewise, They can select the different lights on different floors, rooms in and out of the home. When creating the various groups, you can turn the lights on or off, change the color, or set the dim level of the whole group of lights. For this grouping process, there are specific apps or can use the smart hub. 

Keep on your mind; grouping is one of the special features of smart bulbs. Don’t give up still you are not late.

Sounds great, right?

How is it worth it? Try to group smart bulbs.

It is more efficient. Other than efficiency, you can maintain your electricity bill. If you forget to switch off any bulb you turned on, you still have a chance to turn it off via your smartphone. Any time any place, you have that ability. Just you have to check made-up groups. You shouldn’t wait until you come home or return back home.

Also, some of your smart bulbs will get too hot when it is frequently on, and it will course damage to your electric circuit, or sometimes, when it gets too much, it will course for fire. If you haven’t grouped them, you will miss some light bulbs. So don’t be late; group smart bulbs which are under your control.

Can you link two smart bulbs together? Have you ever tried?

Of course, yes. You can link two smart bulbs together. But technically, you can group smart bulbs other than pairing. 

Think about when you come home after your works, and you can switch on your two bulbs on two sides of the gate. And when you go to the garage to park your vehicle, you can pair your garage light and two front gate lights together. So you can have a safe arrival. 

When you enter the balcony, you can turn on two bulbs in two corners if they are linked together. That is because most likely, every house has an open balcony. When corner bulbs switch on together, it will be safer. 

Also, you can pair your room’s smart bulb and staircase’s smart bulb together. Suppose when you go downstairs at night time, you can switch on your room’s bulb and staircase bulb together. Then it will be safer.

Other than that, you can pair outdoor and indoor bulbs together. You always have the chance to control every smart bulb individually. But most time, you will have to manage these lights together. If you don’t group all the light bulbs in your home, you will have to switch on and off each light separately.

Who will help with your smart bulb’s grouping process?

group smart bulbs

  • Apple home kit
  • Ring app
  • Hive app
  • Alexa
  • Google Home

These are mainly used to group smart bulbs. You can download a specific app and go through the commands.

Now focus on connecting multiple smart bulbs.

Other than pairing, you can group many smart bulbs together. It is the best. You can have many groups like,

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Livingroom
  • Outside
  • Bathrooms
  • Dining room

These are commonly used groups in a typical house. But remember to have separate groups for bedrooms and bathrooms if you have more than one. If not, it will turn off all the lights in each bedroom and bathroom. As an example, you can name bedroom1, bedroom2, and more.

Let’s see how to connect multiple smart bulbs?

First, select one of the lights you already have set up. Then you can select the three dots of the top right in the options menu. Select create a group. Add the desired bulbs to that group and click “Save” in the top right visible in your app. This is the typical way. But it can change from app to app. Same as the pairing. Any way you can add fifty smart bulbs for one group.

Before your group smart bulbs:

Take your smartphone or any other device you use and download an app that use to control the hub. The hub then sends the signal to the lights. If you are already using the hub, you probably already have the app. It is better to connect all your smart light bulbs to your hub before you group them. If you are already using a google device as your hub, you will need to download the google home app to group your smart lights.

Don’t forget to take apps that are compatible with your device and smart bulbs.

We can have many advantages from group smart bulbs.

  • Convenience in usage
  • Efficiency 
  • Security
  • Save your money
  • Save energy

The above mentioned are highlighted advantages. Other than that individually, there are many advantages. You can have a good home budget.

Do you mind the disadvantages? But not to give up.

group control smart bulbs

Wifi connection issues are the main disadvantage and problem that arise in this case. In bad weather conditions, you may face too many challenges.

Furthermore, there may be some smart bulbs that require smart hubs to function. If you do not have a smart hub, you can choose smart bulbs that work without hubs. Remember to name each group with different names. Otherwise, you are going crazy, and you may be angry with technology.

What technology is this! All designed for your convenience and protection.

When you are grouping the smart lights, you must use reputed smart bulbs compatible with the app that you use. Otherwise, you can not get advanced usage. You can purchase branded LED light bulbs, which are cheaper than other bulbs. You can connect a group of LED bulbs into one smart switch. That is the easiest way to testing this concept for newcomers to this field. 

One smart switch and a Group of LED bulbs will help with this grouping process. But remember to wire the smart switch to the correct circuits.

Cool right!

You do not need to worry about leaving the lights on if you schedule to turn them off at a specific time. This saves power. If you discard this fantastic facility, you may feel unlucky. At last, you may feel guilty. So think positively, and make your life easy and more comfortable. Group smart bulb is another straightforward step in automated home progress. Still, you have time. Try this and be smart.

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