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How Do I Fix Ring Doorbell Lag?

The most prevalent problem that Ring Doorbell customers have is lag. In this article, we’ll discuss why lag occurs and how to reduce or eliminate it so that everything runs smoothly for you. Ring Video Doorbell is a wonderful tool for protecting oneself from travelers, strangers, or evangelicals, without a doubt.

However, many customers are reporting that their ring doorbell is lagging at times, causing issues such as a delay in hearing the doorbell chime, video streaming lag, and notification delays. It will be some time until we figure out what is causing this problem.

After you’ve established what’s causing your Ring Video Doorbell to lag, the following step is to resolve the issue. There are a few troubleshooting solutions available to get your ring doorbell working as fast as possible. 

Why is my Ring Doorbell lagging?

Lagging might be a serious problem for someone since they may miss noticing the evangelist who came to their door. Lagging or delaying is usually caused by a faulty internet connection or a weak Wi-Fi signal.

If you have a lot of devices connected to your Wi-Fi and they’re all consuming a lot of bandwidth at the same time, latency can arise no matter how steady your internet connection is (i.e., online gaming on the computer, video calls on tablets, movie is downloading on phones and so on). There is a slew of other elements that contribute to lag or delay. Some of the remedies for your Ring Video Doorbell’s lagging issue are listed below.

How do I fix my Ring Doorbell lag?

Check for Issues with the Ring Video Doorbell App

Open the Ring Video Doorbell app on your smartphone or tablet and navigate to the Device Health page to find out why your Ring Doorbell is lagging.

    • Now navigate to the “Network” page, where you can view the Wi-Fi signal strength.
    • You can also test your Wi-Fi download or upload speed by going to the Tools area and clicking on the link.
    • You can also check your internet speed with Fast.com or speedtest.net.

The Ring Doorbell needs a minimum upload and download speed of 2 Mbps to function properly. Make sure you have a 2 Mbps+ internet connection for it to operate properly. Make sure to do a speed test in front of your Wi-Fi router and then in front of your Ring Video Doorbell to get a clear picture of internet speed. It will tell you whether or not the internet is the cause of your lagging.

Ring Doorbell

Your Smart Ring Doorbell is Facing an issue due to Insufficient Power

When the Ring doorbell does not have enough electricity to work, it might experience latency. These are some of the problems that might arise from a lack of power.

    • On the same screen, it was freezing.
    • The internal doorbell isn’t working properly.
    • It was shutting down on its own.
    • You’re losing connection to your Wi-Fi network, and there’s a loose cable as a result of the problems.

Ensure that your Doorbell receives enough voltage from your power supply.

Check Poor Wi-Fi Signals

If you get the necessary 2 Mbps inside your home but only 1 Mbps in front of your doorbell, it’s pointless. This may create delays since the Doorbell will not have access to a fast enough internet connection. Occasionally, ancient router amplifiers develop issues. You should use a router with antennae and built-in power amplifiers since it can reach greater distances and provide faster speeds.

Check how many devices you use that need to be connected to the internet. Reduce the number of gadgets by only utilizing those that are absolutely essential. When you are not using a gadget, you can disconnect it or turn it off. You may also switch additional devices to 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz signals to your Ring Video Doorbell if you want to be more sophisticated. This will improve your home’s Wi-Fi speed.

Move your Wi-Fi router close to the Doorbell to get the best signal strength

Use Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender

The same business also sells the Ring Chime Pro, which is a Wi-Fi extension. It was created specifically to boost Wi-Fi signals for Ring devices. In addition, it may be used as a doorbell chime in your home. Nobody even realizes it’s a Wi-Fi extension. You will hear a sound on your phone when someone touches the ring bell symbol, however, there is a delay between the phone and the doorbell click.

Furthermore, You may not always have your smartphone with you. Maybe it’s because you’re charging or lying in bed. Someone may become irritated by pushing the Doorbell, but you have no idea who is ringing your doorbell.

In this case, Ring, Chime Pro is the ideal option since it will begin ringing as soon as someone clicks the Ring button, and you won’t have to check the phone every time. The Ring Chime Pro is a wireless bell that connects to your Ring Doorbell with ease. Even if your phone is in another room, you will be notified that someone has pressed your doorbell. From there, you may go to your door.

Troubleshooting Slow Wi-Fi Speed

Lagging in your Ring doorbell might be caused by a sluggish Wi-Fi network. When your internet speed is less than 2 Mbps, this occurs. The Doorbell is lagging not just because of the sluggish Wi-Fi network, but also because of the poor signal quality.

If you’re experiencing poor signal quality or slow network speeds, you’ll need to improve your Wi-Fi signal. Now you could be considering how to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi connection.

The greatest thing you can do to improve your signal quality is to contact your ISP (internet service provider) and request an upgrade to a faster internet plan. If your problem has not been resolved, you should switch internet service providers.

Ring Video Doorbell Delays

It’s not the best choice for the Ring vids. The doorbell may be a backpacker, burglar, or evangelical running up to your house, and by the time your Doorbell detects his movement and begins recording, he’ll have gone too far before you realize it. You’ll be perplexed all day as to who rings the bell at that hour.

The ring video doorbell isn’t quite as good as you may imagine. The majority of video doorbells operate when motion is detected. The doorbell begins recording automatically when motion is detected. Because Ring Doorbell requires some time to start recording, there will be a delay between detecting motion and beginning recording.

This short delay is inexcusable if the Doorbell is triggered by a person, animal, or car that has moved far away before the motion is detected and the video recording begins. There’s no point in having a home security system if you don’t get the results you want.

Ring Doorbell, on the other hand, is working hard to address these minor difficulties, and you should notice improvements in future versions.

Why Does Ring Doorbell take so long to notify me?

Make sure the Ring app’s notifications are turned on. Make that the Ring Alerts and Motion Alerts buttons on the gadget you’re checking are both set to the blue “On” position. Note that various devices require different notification settings.

What Mbps do I need for Ring Doorbell?

The minimal internet speed necessary for video doorbells and wireless security cameras, in general, is often underestimated. The most crucial part of any wireless home security system is your internet connection. To address the question, how fast do you need your internet to use the Ring Doorbell?

The answer is that it varies per model. The following are the model’s minimal requirements:

    • Ring Video Doorbell 1 – 500 kbps
    • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – 1 Mbps
    • Ring Video Doorbell Pro – 1 Mbps
    • Ring Video Elite – NA/ Ethernet connection
    • Ring Door View Cam – Specs not available

These are the bare minimums; nevertheless, Ring recommends a certain internet speed. The following are the suggestions:

    • Ring Video Doorbell – 1 Mbps
    • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – 2 Mbps
    • Ring Video Doorbell Pro – 2 Mbps
    • Ring Video Doorbell Elite – NA/Ethernet connection
    • Ring Door View Cam – Specs not available

As you can see, Ring recommends twice the minimum internet speed stated.




Why Is My Ring Doorbell Lagging?


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