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How do smart bulbs work with lamps?

Nowadays, many people in the world like to make their home a smart home. Smart bulbs are trendy among buyers to decorate their houses. Some people are confused about whether they should buy smart lights or not. They have the question: do smart bulbs work in any lamp? The shortest answer is yes. Smart lights can work with any lamp. If you are somewhat new to using smart lights, you should know certain things before buying smart lights. You will find this article helpful to get an idea about how these smart lights work with lamps.

How do these smart light bulbs work?

Many users are excited to know how these lights work.

We will call your attention to a few key points regarding the operation of smart lights.

When receiving or sending signals, smart bulbs always employ wireless transmissions. Indeed these bulbs function in the same way as ordinary bulbs. The only need is that users should have a mobile device like a smartphone to use it. Other than that, users will also require an automation hub to control these bulbs wirelessly. 

Users can link the smart lights to the system in a variety of ways. You can do this easily via WI-FI, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave networks, for example. If one form of connection fails, you can control your smart lights by using another. So this is another advantage for the users. Then, using an application on your phone, computer, or tablet, you may connect to an automation hub.

Aside from that, you can use voice-activated systems to control smart lighting

You may use these lights if you already have a voice-activated system like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Likewise, you can easily maintain your smart lights using these devices. 

How to fix smart lights to a lamp?

Perhaps you might not have any previous experiences with using smart lights.

If that is the problem, then no need to worry at all.

You can know how to fix your smart lights. Smart lights are straightforward to set and operate. Several smart light brands have become very popular among users today. For example, Philips Hue smart bulbs and LIFX smart lights are the best smart lights to lighten your house.

To understand better, we will present how to fix Lifx smart bulbs to a lamp and operate.

Lifx Homekit Bulbs

The smart light bulbs in LIFX are very popular with smart homeowners. 

As the first step, you will need to fix these smart lights on the lamps. These smart lights come in both big and mini sizes. Therefore, you should have to be careful while choosing the correct bulb which suits your lamp. LIFX full-size larger bulbs are A19 smart bulbs. But when looking for mini LIFX smart bulbs, they are egg-sized light bulbs. These smart mini light bulbs are not much suitable to use with larger fixtures. LIFX mini smart light bulbs are more suited to use with table lamps and desk lamps. Likewise, you will first have to choose the correct fixtures for your smart bulbs according to their sizes.

After fixing smart lights with the lamps, you will need a WiFi connection to use the LIFX mini bulb. Most smart bulbs require a smart home hub to connect. However, LIFX smart bulbs are different from other smart bulbs. For the LIFX HomeKit smart bulbs, you do not need a hub to connect. Users can connect LIFX smart bulbs to their smart device using a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. 

The first step to do this is setting up your smart LIFX bulb. At this point, the user should go to the WiFi settings of the smart device to complete the installation process. The LIFX mini-app simplifies the installation process. Users can easily access smart light bulbs by installing this app on their smartphones and tablets. After completing the app’s installation process, you will be able to operate your smart lights as you wish. 

Can smart lights work with any lamp?

This question is a common question for many smart bulb users. Yes, smart lights can work with any lamp fixture. But there are various things you should pay attention to before purchasing smart lights for your home. There are a variety of smart bulbs with different sizes and shapes available in the market today. You need to look carefully and know whether the smart lights you buy are supportive of your lamps. 

Smart lights are convenient and beneficial for the users. You can use smart lights in multi-fixture lamps or single fixture lamps. Your smart light bulbs can make your lamps smarter by sending signals to the router. Many smart lights use Zigbee, which is an energy-conserving standard to send signals. Accordingly, smart lights can make your life easy by working with any lamp that you already have. 

How to choose the most suitable smart bulbs for lamps?

After knowing all these facts, you can choose the best smart bulbs for your home by yourself. Well, are you still confused about how to select the most suitable smart lights? We will help you by bringing some more information about various smart lights that function with lamps.

Philips Hue smart lights

Philips Hue smart lights are the newest and most popular smart bulbs today. These lights can easily connect to your mobile phone using a Bluetooth device. Moreover, these lights allow the users to control different functions of the lamps using their mobile devices. Not only that but also these lights are available in the market for a reasonable price. If you are new to using smart lights with your lamps, this model is a good choice.

Philips Wiz

Philips Wiz smart lights are also available for users for an affordable price. Like other smart lights, Philips Wiz smart lights usually fit with any lamps in your home. There is WiFi in each of these bulbs. Therefore, once the bulbs are connected, it does not need any hub to connect to the router. There is one more important advantage of using these smart lights. These Phillips Wiz smart lights can work with Google Assistant and Alexa. Because of that, whenever you need to give lamp control commands, it will make your life easy.

If you have organized your room to have a set of lights, you will not need to change this setup either. These smart lights are always able to control both single lamps and multiple lamps in a room. Therefore, these smart lights will be more comfortable for the users. Altogether, Philips Wiz smart bulbs can be considered the best smart led bulbs anyone can buy for a lower price. 

Philips Wiz smart bulbs

Sengled smart lights 

Sengled smart bulbs are another type of smart bulb that goes well with all lamps. These are less expensive than the Philips Hue smart lights we mentioned before. Like many other smart lights, Sengled smart lights are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

However, these bulbs do not work with the Apple Home kit. Therefore, you need to be careful when purchasing these Sengled smart bulbs. Other than that, these bulbs require an Amazon Echo Plus or a Zigbee hub.

Wyze smart light bulbs

Wyze smart lights are the best choice for you if you look for less expensive smart light products. These lights are less costly than Philips and Sengled smart lights. Even though these are available for a low price, it does not mean that these are less-quality products. These lights also have special features similar to other smart lights. Moreover, these smart lights can emit enough brightness to lighten your room. Rather than that, Wyze smart light bulbs are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT. IFTTT can help users connect and control their smart lights to spend a better time with their families. 

However, there is also a drawback in using these lights. These lights do not have the feature to dim the lights like many other smart lights. But, you can easily control the brightness of single or multiple lamps in your house using these lights.

Another most important feature of these Wyze smart lights is the ability to control the lamps’ color temperature. Once you set smart lights with the lamps, you can control the color temperature within the range of 2700K- 6500K.

Wrapping up…

To summarize, all smart light bulbs can perform many functions. Using smart lights, you can always control the color and temperature of your house whenever you need. Other than that, various smart lights come with a variety of features. Additionally, smart bulbs can also provide high security for your house. So do not wait for more to get this fantastic experience by making your home an enjoyable space for your family.


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