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How do you use Alexa with Wyze Lock?

Can Alexa unlock Wyze Lock?

Yes, Why Not???  Smart Wyze Lock users can use their voice or the Alexa app to lock and unlock their doors. Users will need their 4-digit unlock PIN to unlock a Wyze lock using voice commands.

You’ll need to know how to connect your Wyze Lock to your Alexa and what voice commands you may use to command your Wyze Lock to use this new voice-control option.

Does Wyze Lock Work with Alexa?

March 2020 Smart Wyze Lock works with Amazon Alexa devices. As I mentioned before, Wyze lock owners can lock and unlock their doors using their voice or the Alexa app.

Amazon Echo devices are compatible with Wyze Lock. You can use your voice to lock and unlock your door at any time once you’ve connected.

In many scenarios, integrating products is beneficial. If you’re working from home and a service person arrives, such as a dog walker, you can use your voice to unlock the door for them instead of taking a rest from your work. When they leave, you may even lock the door with your voice.

If you’re on the phone when someone arrives at your door and can’t use a voice command, you can use the Alexa app to lock and unlock your door. So, Go to Devices and select your Wyze Lock.

How do you use Alexa with Wyze Lock?

The Wyze Lock integration with Alexa lets you lock your door without getting out of bed. “[Wake word], lock the [name of Wyze lock],” is all you have to say.

You can also say “[Wake word], unlock the [name of Wyze lock]” to unlock your door. Your 4-digit unlock PIN will be asked by your Echo. The door will unlock if you respond with your voice.

If you change the name of your Wyze Lock, you’ll need to reconnect it in the Alexa app otherwise voice commands won’t work.

Are Wyze devices compatible with Alexa?

  • Only Android (7.0+) and iOS (12.0+) devices are supported by the Wyze app.

o Compatibility issues may cause if you use the Wyze app on an older device that doesn’t meet the requirements.

  • The Wyze app does not operate with Wyze Surge Protector or Wyze Handheld Vacuum, which are not connected / smart devices, and is not compatible with Windows phones/tablets or Kindle Fire tablets.
  • If you’re having problems downloading or using the Wyze app, make sure the software on your device is up to date.


These devices work with Alexa:
      • Wyze Cam v3
      • Wyze Cam v2
      • Wyze Cam Pan
      • Wyze Plug
      • Wyze Bulb
      • Wyze Sense
      • Wyze Band
      • Wyze Cam Outdoor
      • Wyze Lock
      • Wyze Headphones
      • Wyze Thermostat

Note: Want to view a live stream from your Amazon Echo via the Wyze Cam v2 / v3, Wyze Cam Pan, or Wyze Cam Outdoor? An Amazon Echo with a screen is needed (Amazon Echo Spot or Amazon Echo Show).

Connecting Wyze Lock and Alexa

To connect your Wyze Lock to your Echo device(s), follow these steps:
  1. Go to Skills in the Alexa app on your phone or tablet to enable the Wyze skill.
  2. To link your Wyze account to Alexa, follow the instructions on the screen. Have your Wyze username and password handy because you’ll need to enter them.
  3. Select “Add Device” to add your Wyze Lock to your Alexa app.

If you already have another Wyze device connected to your Alexa accounts, such as the Wyze Cam V2 or Wyze Bulb, you may connect your Wyze Lock with the voice command “[Wake word, discover my devices].”


Features of Wyze Lock

Wyze’s wireless smart lock is powered by four AA batteries that should be replaced every four months, according to Wyze. The lock has some impressive features.

  • With the Wyze app, you can lock and unlock your door remotely from anywhere.
  • The lock connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network as well as the Bluetooth on your phone. This means that even if your Wi-Fi goes down for any reason, you can still use your phone to lock and unlock your door.
  • It has a door position sensor built-in. In the Wyze app, you can see if your door is open or closed at any time.
  • You can still use your keys to unlock and lock your door the old-school way.

At this time, your Smart Wyze Lock does not have a keypad, but they have plans to release one in 2020. And, It will be available for purchase as an addition to the smart lock.

The Smart Wyze Lock does not currently work with Google Home devices, but this feature is also expected to be added in 2020.

Other Wyze Products

Wyze offers different wireless security cameras and other smart home devices. Here’s a full list of their products:

      • Wyze Cam
      • Wyze Cam V2
      • Wyze Cam Pan
      • Wyze Lock
      • Wyze Bulb
      • Wyze Plug
      • Wyze Sensor
      • Smart Home Starter Pack

Compatibility with Wyze

Wyze Cam is only completely compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Voice control is not supported on the original Wyze Cam. On the following home assistants with screens, voice control is available with the Wyze Cam V2 and Cam Pan:

      • Echo Show
      • Echo Spot
      • Fire TV
      • Google Nest Home Hub
      • Chromecast-enabled devices

You can view the camera’s live stream for up to ten minutes using voice control. “[Wake word, show me [device name],” you can say. These voice-assisted devices do not allow you to hear the camera’s audio or talk through it.

Voice commands can also be used to turn on and off Wyze smart plugs and bulbs.



Does Wyze Lock Work with Alexa?



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