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How to Install Nest Hello Doorbell without Existing Doorbell

Install Nest Hello Doorbell

The Nest Hello Doorbell has been created as a replacement for your old doorbells. With this amazing doorbell, you will not only inform guests but also will have a clear picture of who is at your door. Here, this article shows you how you can Install Nest Hello Doorbell when you don’t have an existing doorbell.

How to Install Nest Hello without Existing Doorbell

Is it possible?

You will need to buy a plug-in transformer if you wish to install a Nest Hello Doorbell without a doorbell. Nest Hello Doorbell is also referred to as an indoor power adapter. This is important as it will help you in regulating the voltage. There is no need to buy a chime connector separately from the power adapter.

However, you should still consider buying a chime connection because the Nest Hello Doorbell uses this device to create its own circuit, ensuring that power is not interrupted when the doorbell is connected. Another benefit of the device is that it allows you to continuously record your surroundings using the Nest Hello camera.


The Installation Process

Important: If you’re installing your Google Nest Hello without an existing doorbell, you’ll need to drill a hole through your home’s exterior wall to run the power cable to an inside outlet for added security and because the adapter plugged into the outlet is nott weatherproof.

Needed tools:
    • A power drill
    • A 9mm drill bit that can penetrate your home’s exterior wall.
    • Hammer
    • Pencil
    • A Phillips screwdriver
Installation requirements for the Nest app:
    • A smartphone or a tablet.
    • A stable internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbps is required.


Installing the Nest App:
    • On your mobile device, download the Nest app. If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create a free Google account.
    • On the Nest app, sign in to your account.
    • On the home screen, tap “Add New.”
    • Scan the QR code included in the Smart Nest Hello box’s envelope. Your device’s QR code can also be found on the back.
    • If you are unable to scan the QR code, then you can complete your installation by typing the characters at the top of the QR code.
    • The app will guide you through the installation process, including how to set up and secure your Nest Hello.


Installing Nest Hello Doorbell
    • Before you begin the doorbell installation process, make sure your home’s main breaker or fuse box is already turning off. Always double-check that the power is turned off with a porch light or something similar.
    • Make sure you have noticed any in-wall plumbing or electrical wiring in the area where you’ll be drilling and installing your Smart Nest Hello Doorbell.
    • Next to your door, about 4 feet high, is a good place to put your Nest Hello. This will allow someone to easily use the doorbell, as well as provide you with the best view of your doorstep through the camera.
    • After, Mark holes with the wall plate and checks for straightness with a level.
    • Now, drill a hole for the power cable. It should be able to pass through the entire wall.
    • Then, using the 2mm drill bit, drill pilot holes. In your set, you’ll find wall anchors and a masonry bit for working with hard materials.
    • Use the screws to secure the wall plate and, make sure it’s the right way up.
    • From the inside of your house to the outside, run the power cable through the wall.
    • Connect the wires to Nest Hello, then slide the device’s top into the wall plate to mount it. If you properly mount the Nest Hello doorbell, it will click into place.
    • If the top of the Nest Hello Doorbell does not fit well against the wall plate, tuck any excess wire back into the wall.
    • Connect the adapter and turn on the power.



How To Install Nest Hello Doorbell Without Chime Or Existing Doorbell 


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