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How to mount my Ring doorbell?

Ring smart video doorbell can advance the security of your home in many smart ways. But you cannot derive the full functional benefits of the Ring doorbells if you do not install them properly. There are many factors to consider before mounting your Ring smart doorbell. This article covers how to angle, position, and mount a Ring doorbell. If you are new to the use of Ring doorbells or going to install a Ring doorbell at your new place, below you will find all the tips you are looking for.


  1. How to position my Ring doorbell?
  2. What is the power source for your Ring doorbell?
  3. What is the height that I should mount my Ring doorbell?
  4. How do you angle a Ring Doorbell?
  5. How to mount my Ring doorbell?

1.    How to position my Ring doorbell?

According to Ring, their doorbell should be placed 48 inches (4 feet) from the ground. The mounted doorbell should lay flat against a straight surface like a wall, door, or doorframe. There are additional packages available in the market if you want to alter the horizontal or vertical angle of the Ring doorbell.

There are three main factors to consider in deciding on a position to mount your new Ring doorbell. They are the height, the angle, and the power source. We will discuss each of these factors in detail.

2.    What is the power source for your Ring doorbell?

The power source of the Ring doorbells changes from a model to another. It affects the flexibility of positioning your Ring smart doorbell as you desire.

Ring Doorbell or Doorbell 2 is ideal for someone who is looking for higher flexibility when it comes to the position of the doorbell. These smart doorbell models by Ring operate by using batteries. You can also mount them on a doorframe, door, side, or outer wall of your smart home.

Ring’s Peephole Cam is also another battery operated model by Ring. But this smart video doorbell has to be installed in the peeping hole of your door limiting its potential to be flexible in positioning.

Ring Doorbell Elite offers a certain level of flexibility in positioning as it is powered by the Ethernet cord from the internet/Wi-Fi router. It can be mounted anywhere that your Ethernet cord can reach.

Ring Doorbell Pro has to be hard-wired to the doorbell wires of your home. Therefore, it limits the ability to place your Ring doorbell in a place you wish to.

How to mount my Ring doorbell?

3.    What is the height that should mount the Ring doorbell?

The optimum height to mount your Ring smart doorbell is 48 inches or 4 feet. You can mount your Ring smart doorbell on a wall, door, or doorframe at this height from the floor level. The below the eye level height prevents your Ring smart doorbell from detecting unnecessary movement such as the people walking on the road. The motion sensors of the Ring smart doorbells cover a range of 160 degrees horizontally and detect motions 30 feet away from the device.

You should note that the vertical coverage of your Ring doorbell’s camera is larger than that of the motion sensor. Hence, you will be able to see the full image of a person approaching your home even if the camera is below eye level.

The following table is a summary of the horizontal and vertical vision of each doorbell model by Ring.

Field of Vision Ring Doorbell Elite Peephole Cam  Video Doorbell  Doorbell 2  Doorbell Pro
Horizontal 160° 155° 180° 160° 160°
Vertical 90° 90° 110° 90° 90°

4.    How do you angle a Ring Doorbell?

If you hope to change the angle of your Ring smart video doorbell than fit it flat, there are two packages available for you.

 Corner Kits allow you to change of horizontal angle of your doorbell from 15° to 55°

 Wedge Kit can change the angle of your doorbell from 5° to 15° upward or downward.

Some models of Ring doorbells come with wedge and corner kits. If your Ring smart video doorbell did not come with one, please make sure that you buy a kit that is compatible with your smart device. These kits are extremely useful when you need to hardwire your Ring doorbell and require placing the device above the recommended height of 4ft.

5.    How to mount my Ring doorbell?

 RING DOORBELL AND DOORBELL 2 (Battery-operated)

You can install the Ring Smart Video Doorbell or  Ring Smart Video Doorbell 2 at any place. It can be on brick or concrete.

  1. You have to charge the doorbell battery of the Ring smart doorbell with the given USB charger. The doorbell is fully charged when the green light is on.
  2. Now place the mounting bracket at the place you planned to install your doorbell. There is a level tool provided to confirm that your doorbell is at the right level.
  3. Use the drill with the given screws and drill tip. Mount the bracket at all four corners.
  4. In case you are mounting your Ring smart video doorbell on concrete, brick, or stucco wall, place the provided anchors in the holes you drill, and place the screws inside the anchors. If you are mounting your ring smart video doorbell on a wooden door frame, door, or outer or sidewall, place the screws directly in the holes.
  5. Lastly, hold the doorbell on the mounting bracket and tighten the security screws on the bottom.


This Ring model should be installed where your existing doorbell is located.

  1. Turn off the power to the smart doorbell from the breaker box of the home.
  2. Remove and disconnect the existing doorbell.
  3. Then, Place the mounting bracket over the wires and check the level. You can use the provided level tool.
  4. Now, Drill with the given drill tip and screws to mount the bracket.
  5. Use the provided anchors in the holes you drill while installing your doorbell on a wall of brick, concrete, or stucco.
  6. Now wrap one of the wires around each of the 2 screws in the middle of the mounting bracket. The two wires should not be touching each other.
  7. Hold the smart doorbell on the mounting bracket and tighten the two security screws on the bottom.


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