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How to Share a Wyze Lock

One of the major advantages of using a Wyze Lock system in your smart home is that you may give people permission to access your smart lock network and enter your home. This system’s sharing mode is a useful feature, but only if you use it correctly.

A step-by-step guide to sharing your Wyze Lock access with multiple users may be provided below. Users can give guests permanent or temporary access to the Wyze lock system through the Wyze Share feature.

How to Share a Wyze Lock

Wyze is designed to be shared with multiple users, allowing multiple members of the family to use the smart home security system at the same time. There is no limit to the number of people you may share access to your Wyze smart lock.

As a result, the procedure for sharing your smart Wyze Lock is seamless and simple. Follow these methods for the sharing your Wyze Lock with another user (Source: Wyze Support):

    • Open the Wyze app. Use a smart device such as a phone or tablet to boot up the Wyze app and navigate to your Home tab.
    • Select a lock. Use the Wyze app to select which app you want to share with another user and after tap it. And, each lock on your Wyze system is visible on the Wyze app dashboard.
    • Adjust the lock settings. Once you’ve selected the lock you want to share with another user, tap on the gear-shaped icon at the top righthand corner of the lock tab.
    • Share the lock with another user. Tap Share on the settings tab for the Wyze lock, then select the user you want to share lock access with. If you already shared lock access with someone recently their Wyze account should pop up automatically.
Note: If you have never shared your Wyze lock with someone, they’ll need to set up a Wyze account so you can input their associated email. And, this allows you to send them an invite. However, if they do not already have a Wyze account, they will still get an email invite to join the Wyze network if you send them a share option.
    • Confirm the share. Once you’ve selected the person you want to share access with, confirm the Share by tapping the Share button in the top righthand corner of the app user interface.

And there you have it! So, At this point, all the new user has to do is accept their Wyze share and log in to their Wyze account, and they should be able to access the smart lock that you have shared with them.

Sharing Smart Locks through the Account Tab

An alternative method for sharing smart locks can access through your main account tab in the Wyze interface. Furthermore, To share smart locks this way, access your Account Tab, then select Sharing. This is the best choice if you want to share multiple devices with a user at the same time, or if you want to see an overview of the Wyze locks you’ve shared with others.

How Do You Stop Sharing Your Wyze Lock?

When you’re ready to stop sharing your smart lock access with a guest user, the Wyze network makes it simple to do so. And, To stop sharing your Wyze Lock, perform the following:

    • Access the Share menu. Go to the Sharing icon under the Account tab.
    • Then, Pick the user you want to bar access to. On your Wyze account under Sharing, there should be a list of every Wyze user you have ever shared smart lock access with. After, Select the user you want to stop sharing with and click on them.
    • Cancel the share. When you click on a user in your Sharing menu, it should give you the option to edit the settings of the cancel or share it entirely. And, Select Cancel to stop sharing with the user.

One of the biggest advantages of including a smart lock system like Wyze into your smart home setup is the ease with which you may adjust who is and isn’t allowed in your home at any time.

How to Accept Wyze Shares

To accept Wyze shares on their smart lock system, the user accepting the share is required to have 2 things:

    • A working email address
    • A Wyze account

Users who accept shares on the Wyze network should be able to accept shares from other Wyze network users once they have their own Wyze account set up. To be a part of the Wyze network, a user does not need their own smart lock system. All users can create a Wyze account for free to make sharing lock access easier.

Can You Have Two Wyze Accounts?

If you have two valid email addresses and want your locks to be on completely different systems, you can create two Wyze accounts. This is a good option for people who wish to share smart lock access for a working location such as a shop while keeping their home smart lock system private. (Source: Wyze Forums)

Wyze Sharing Is A Convenient Feature

Smart locks may not be more secure than traditional deadbolts, but they do have the advantage of allowing you to share access to your home with the push of a button. Smart locks are a serious improvement over the hassle of making keys and the worry that someone unknown will end up with access to your home.







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