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How do I Install Arlo Smart Doorbell?

Nowadays with the smart home concept, various smart home devices have been introduced by different companies. Arlo Smart Video Doorbells are one of the most popular of these various devices. But, even if you buy an Arlo Smart Video Doorbell, You will have various problems installing this device. So by reading this article you will get the knowledge related to how to install Arlo Smart Doorbell correctly.

How do I install my Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free?

To install your Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free, you need to have the following items/things:

    • The things that came within the box
    • The Arlo app
    • A mobile device (smartphone or tablet)
    • A screwdriver
    • Power drill (Optional)

To install your Arlo Doorbell

The Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free installation method takes place in 2 phases: connecting the Doorbell to your Arlo account, and mounting the Doorbell to your wall. You need to use the Arlo app to put in your Doorbell. These directions give a short summary of the installation method.

To install you’re Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free:

    1. Charge the battery that came along with your Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free.
    2. Connect your mobile device to your 2.4 GHz per second WiFi network.
    3. Use the QR code within the Arlo application to attach your Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free to your 2.4 GHz per second Wi-Fi network.
    4. Notice a better place and position to install your Doorbell.
    5. Mount your Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free.

You are able to operate your Arlo Smart Video Doorbell Wire-Free.

How do I install Arlo smart doorbell?

1. Have the Arlo App

  • You need to download the Arlo App on your tablet or smartphone. Then, create an account if you’re a new user, or log into your previous Arlo account if you have already had one.
  • Once you’ve got signed into the app, select “Add new device”. Next, select the Arlo smart doorbell and then select the Arlo smart doorbell.

2. Installation of Power Kit

  • Replace the chime cover once complete.
  • First, you want to install the ability kit. After that, you need to find your existing chime box. And, These chime boxes are normally mounted/placed on the wall near the front door or in a hallway. And if you can’t realize the chime box, try to ring the doorbell and follow the sound to locate it.
  • Turn off the MCB or fuse box to confirm no power to your chime and push the Doorbell. Try to ring the Doorbell once more to confirm that the power is off.
  • As the power supply is off, you’ll place out the cover of the chime box. Furthermore, The chime box configurations could vary, thus follow your configuration steps to loosen the power terminals to connect to the power kit.
  • Firstly, connect the power kit wires to power terminals in your chime box prompted by the Arlo application and tighten the screws. So make sure that the existing chimes wires are still connected to the terminals. The colors of the present wires could vary. So, you will see instructions in your Arlo application to confirm that the power kit is wired properly.
  • Next, you need to remove the film’s cast on the backside of the power kit and place the power kit inside and on the other side of the box. For the most effective insertion, try to place it in a location wherever the power kit and its wires wouldn’t interfere throughout the operation of the chime.
  • Finally, replace the chime cover once complete.

3. Doorbell Installation

  • Now let’s look at a way to place your Arlo smart doorbell together with your existing bell.
  • Firstly, unscrew your recent smart doorbell and disconnect the wires. In this step, you need to be careful that the wires don’t fall into the wall. So, you’ll tape them to the wall to make sure that they keep in place.
  • Next, use the releasing bend to detach the mounting plate from the smart doorbell by pressing through the bottom release hole. And also, you will get to install a flat mounting plate. However, it depends upon wherever your smart video doorbell is located. And, you will need to use the angle mounting plate for the optimal view.
  • The position of the mounting plate on the wall keeps the wires, and therefore the hole positioned towards the mounting plate’s bottom. Mark the drill holes with a pencil. You will drill new holes for the mounting plate if your existing wire smart video doorbell holes are at a distinct location.
  • Then, fix the faceplate to the wall with screws.
  • Next, connect the wires from the wall to your Arlo smart video doorbell Or either wire will connect to either terminal. Wrap the wires behind the screws and then screw them tight.
  • Once the wires connect and are screwed in, snap the smart video doorbell onto the mounting plate with an up and in motion.
  • Now, will turn the power button on. The light on the front of the smart video doorbell can turn solid white.
  • Tap on ‘continue’ on the Arlo Application to continue setup. Your smartphone ought to be joined to the identical WiFi network as your smart doorbell.
  • Press the doorbell button to start out the sync. Then, place the QR code on your Arlo app ahead of Arlo smart doorbell and then, the QR code should be about 8 inches in front of the Doorbell.
  • You can create any name for your smart video Doorbell to easily identify it in the future
  • Once your smart video doorbell has been found, you will notice any new updates.
  • Finally, take a look at your chime by following the instructions in the Arlo app.

4. Arlo Smart Setup

  • After installing your smart doorbell, choose ‘continue’. The app can instruct you to set up the Arlo smart. Arlo smart doorbell offers you a 3 months trial of Arlo smart, and its subscription-based offers you great choices for your Arlo smart doorbell.

Does Arlo wireless doorbell work with the existing chime?

Yes..! you will be able to use the Arlo smart video Doorbell along with your existing mechanical/digital chime along with Arlo Chime at the same time. And, make sure that once you are connecting your Arlo smart video doorbell to an existing digital or mechanical chime, it’s between 8-24 volts.

Can I connect Arlo smart doorbell to the base station?

Yes, the Arlo smart doorbell wired will connect with the base station or Arlo SmartHub. If you’ve got a camera system, it connects to the cloud and additionally to local storage.

Does Arlo’s smart doorbell have to be hardwired?

No, a base station or Arlo SmartHub is optional to use the Arlo smart doorbell Wired. You’ll use the existing WiFi router to connect the Arlo Essential smart doorbell Wired to 2.4GHz WiFi.

How to install the Arlo Doorbell angle mount?

With the angled mounting wedge, you can aim your Arlo Video Doorbell to the left or right of the wall where it is mounted.

To use the angled mounting wedge, follow these steps:

    1. Firstly, remove your old doorbell from the wall.
    2. Adjust the angled mounting wedge to face the doorbell in the direction you want it to.
    3. Then, Remove the angled mounting plate’s 2 adhesive covers.
    4. Make sure the angled mounting plate and the flat mounting plates lock together by pressing them together.
    5. Stack the mounting plate onto the angled mounting wedge to mount your Arlo Video Doorbell.

How do you mount Arlo’s doorbell on brick?

Wall anchors recommend when mounting the smart video doorbell on brick, drywall, or tile. To use the wall anchors that came with your Arlo Doorbell: Use a 6mm drill bit to drill 2 holes into the wall where you plan to mount your Arlo Doorbell.

Can the Arlo doorbell mount sideways?

There is no setting for the Arlo smart video Doorbell to rotate the image. Mounting the doorbell horizontally will result in the live stream/recordings and also turn into 90 degrees.



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