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Install Nest Hello Without The Existing Doorbell

The Google Nest Hello is fast becoming a smart home standard, offering homeowners a smart doorbell that also serves as a security camera. However, if you don’t already have a doorbell, be aware that there will be some additional procedures to do.

Using an indoor power converter and the methods below, you can install a Nest Hello without an existing doorbell:

    1. Drill a hole in the desired location for the wall plate.
    2. Connect the device bypassing the wire through.
    3. Push it into the wall plate until it clicks into place.

The Google Nest Hello may appear simple, but once installed, it adds security and convenience to your smart home. When you combine a Google Nest Hello with a Google Nest Mini, there are a couple of ways to get even more out of it thanks to the Google ecosystem. This will be especially useful for folks who want to hear the traditional doorbell chime but don’t have a chime connection, or who want to customize the sounds the Nest Hello emits when family and friends come over.

Is It Easy to Install the Smart Nest Hello Doorbell Without an Existing Doorbell?

Even for beginners, installing Google Nest Hello is relatively simple. The task itself is quite simple as long as you have the proper equipment.

All you have to do with an existing doorbell is unhook the power and connect it to the Nest Hello. If you don’t have an existing doorbell, all you have to do is drill a few more holes and buy an indoor power adaptor for the Nest Hello.

You may always hire a professional to install the Nest Hello if you’re not up to the task (or if you’re concerned about the safety of doing so).

How to Install the Nest Hello Without an Existing Doorbell

Before you begin installing your Google Nest Hello Doorbell, you’ll need a few tools for the task. These include:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Pen or pencil
  • Power drill
  • Phillips bit
  • Long wood or masonry drill bit

You’ll be ready to start after you have these tools.

Installing a Nest Hello is just takes 10 easy steps:

1. Get the necessary tools

The following tools are required to effectively install a Nest Hello video doorbell without wires. A Phillips screwdriver, a pen or pencil, a power drill, a Phillips bit, and a long wood or stone drill bit are all necessary tools.

2. Buy an indoor power Adapter

Get an indoor power adaptor; we prefer the LANMU Power Adapter for the Nest Hello because it works nicely with it.

3. Turn off the power supply

Make sure your power supplies are turned off by going to your fuse box or control box to disconnect the power to your building.

4. Download and install the Nest Hello app.

To get the Nest Hello app, go to the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iOS users. If you haven’t already done so, signup or sign in if you already have.

5. Install Nest Hello wall plate

The Nest Hello wall plate must then be installed. Ideally, your Nest Hello doorbell should be placed at a height of roughly 4 feet or 1.5 meters.

How to install the Nest Hello doorbell wall plate

    • Mark the drill holes for the cable and screws with the wall plate. Then check the straightness of the wall plate with a level. Keep in mind that the doorbell wires must pass through the Hello wall plate’s bottom hole.
    • Drill a hole for the power wire all the way through the wall. Use a drill bit that is 11/32 in. (9 mm) long enough to go all the way through the wall. Before drilling, make sure you know where the plumbing and electrical wires are in the wall.
    • Using a 3/32-inch (2 mm) drill bit, drill pilot holes for the screws. If you want to drill into stone, concrete, or other hard materials, use the masonry drill bit and masonry anchor that is included with the kit.
    • Use the screws to secure the wall plate. Make sure the wall plate is facing the proper way up with the horizontal screw hole at the bottom.
    • Screw the wall plate into position.
6. Pass the Power Cable through into the wall.

Following the installation of the Nest Hello doorbell plate, the power cable for the adaptor must be connected through the wall. Enter the building, position the wall grommet over the adapter cable, and pull the cable out through the hole.

Do not yet power on the power adapter.

7. Connect the Adapter Wires

It doesn’t matter which cable goes where in this case. Simply attach the adapter wire to the rear of your Nest Hello device and tuck the extra wire into the hole.

8. Mount you Nest Hello

Slide your Nest Hello camera into the hello wall plate and gently press down until it snaps (you should ensure it clicks).

9. Turn your Power back on

Check if your Nest Hello is on with blue light by going to your fuse box or control panel and turning on the power.

If the light does not turn on, double-check that your power adapter is hooked into a working power outlet.

10. Power on your Nest App

Finally, open the Nest Hello app on your smartphone, connect your Wi-Fi, and test your video feed to check if it works to finish this process to install Nest Hello without a doorbell.


Also, ensure sure your alarms and chimes are working properly.

To pick the position of your doorbell and connect to the Wi-Fi, follow the instructions in the app. Finally, test if you get quick notifications by ringing the doorbell.

Make sure the internal ringtone is turned off in the Nest app’s Hello settings.

We’re coming to a close…

If you can’t install your Nest Hello doorbell video camera yourself, make sure you use a professional.

If you’re not careful, a single incorrect electrical connection might cause major problems.

Picking up a Google Nest Hello doorbell, on the other hand, should be avoided unless you already have a doorbell and can’t deal with the hassle of attaching a power adapter to your Nest Hello doorbell.

The Ring peephole camera is a great alternative to the Google Nest Hello doorbell since it doesn’t require an existing doorbell framework or the hassle of building one.


Can You Install a Nest Hello Doorbell Without an Existing Doorbell?



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