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Install Ring Smart Doorbell on Uneven Surface

Smart doorbells from Ring are a great addition to any smart home. And, they come with the best security features that allow you to see and hear anyone nearing your home front door. You might be wondering what the best mounting options are for your new Ring Smart Doorbell if you have an uneven surface, an angled surface, or a brick home.

We will go over how to connect your Ring to your outdoor surface using Ring’s compatible bracket kits in detail below. We wll also go over the best mounting locations for your Ring Smart Doorbell to get the best video quality.

How to Mount Smart Ring Doorbell on an Uneven Surface?


Users can mount the device to any surface with the Ring angle bracket and mounting kit. Place them together on the wall, feed the wires through the holes, and secure the Ring Doorbell to the wall with screws.

So, Your Ring smart doorbell comes with all of the necessary installation tools as well as an installation kit.

To install your smart doorbell on an uneven surface, follow these steps:

    1. Firstly, Get rid of your old doorbell. So, If you already have a doorbell, make sure it’s turned off. In most electrical panels, there is have a breaker. Remove the wires and the bell.
    2. In the mounting bracket, but the level tool and, make sure it’s completely locked in place.
    3. Then, Attach the angle bracket to the wall with screws. now, Place the angle bracket against the wall where the old doorbell once stood.
    4. Next, Put the angle bracket on top of the mounting bracket. Over the angle bracket and place the mounting bracket with the level inside.
    5. Put screws in the holes. Depending on the surface, you may need to use a drill.
    6. Remove the leveling tool from the equation. Remove the level tool from the mounting bracket once your holes have been drilled or marked.
    7. Connect the wires to the screws with the screws. The wires can be arranged in any order; just make sure they don’t touch.
    8. The ring doorbell should be lined up with the mounting bracket. And, the mounting surface should have tabs that line up with slots on the back of the Ring doorbell. Push the Ring smart video doorbell into the wall after you’ve lined them up. You may have to exert a lot of effort.
    9. Finally, Tighten the screws if necessary. Tighten the security screws in the doorbell with the included screwdriver.

What is the Best Way to Mount a Ring Smart Doorbell at an Angle?

Angled frames can also be difficult to install a Smart Ring on. You may need to purchase a wedge or corner kit to assist with the installation of angled or narrow frames. On an uneven surface, the installation is the same; So, simply place the corner or wedge kit below the mounting bracket.

To install the Doorbell on an angle, follow these instructions:

    • If you need to capture a wider view, corner kits with a tilt of 30-50 degrees are ideal.
    • And, Wedge kits provide a vertical tilt that can be stacked to achieve the desired tilt. If you require a higher video view, this is the best option.
    • Instead of using the door frame, mount/place it on the wall. So, it may be preferable to mount it on the home’s actual wall for certain surfaces.
    • Make use of the door. It’s also much easier to mount on a door than it is to mount on an angled or narrow surface.
    • Purchase a Ring Pro. The Ring Pro is much narrower than the other Smart Ring doorbells, which may be advantageous if you have a small space.

Furthermore, most people want to replace their old doorbell with a Ring smart doorbell, but if your wall is too narrow, this may not be possible.

Where My Ring Smart Doorbell should be mounted?

You should mount your Smart Ring Doorbell where you can see the door, walkway, and surrounding area the best. To get the best view with your Smart Ring Doorbell, follow these guidelines:

    • Firstly, Install at a height of 48 inches off the ground. The motion sensors in the ring doorbell can work to their full potential at this height.
    • If you need a wider horizontal angle then use the corner kit.
    • And, If you need a wider vertical angle, use the wedge kit.
    • Lastly, Take a look at the video. Use the Ring app to see what view your video captures and what motions it can detect after it’s been installed.


How to Physically Install Your Ring Video Doorbell with an Existing Doorbell



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