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5 Step Quick Guide That Explains How to install Smart Lock -DIY

Everything seems to be becoming more innovative and better. Smart technology facilitates our lives, from our vehicles to our houses. A smart lock can cut you off from the fact that you have to carry keys. Recent cars do not need a key to access anymore. Smart lock lets in you with a single tap of a finger or voice command to lock and open a door. One of the most manageable devices that can be added to your home is a smart lock when creating a new smart house is no harder than replacing the traditional lock of your home. Here we are going to unveil how to install smart lock without spending much time.

Here’s the deal:

How do you install a smart lock on a door?

You might think, “can I install a smart lock myself?” or “Is it easy to install a smart lock?” It is not difficult to change the traditional door lock for a smart one. In only five steps, you can do it. It’s easy, but it’s also a fun DIY project, which doesn’t take you much time to complete. The 5 steps to install a smart lock at the door are below.

Step 1: Eliminate the existing deadbolt.

This step requires only a screwdriver. You could use a drill if you are familiar with utilizing power tools. Remove the two screws situated on the back of the deadbolt with your preferred tool. On the inside of the door, these two screws are located. After removing these two screws, remove the deadbolt. Then, remove the door’s actual deadbolt. To accomplish this, you may need to remove two screws from the plate on the inside edge of the door.

Step 2: Replace the Lock with the New Latch.

Take your new smart lock’s components out of the packing. Then, adjust the latch so that it is in the “up” position at the top. Adjust the latch’s length to match the size of the hole in the door. Insert the replacement latch into the door. You must notice a hole in the latch’s center. Insert a screwdriver into the hole and turn it to ensure that the latch expands and retracts entirely. Once it is in the appropriate position, fasten it with the two tiny screws that come with the deadbolt.

Step 3: Install the Smart Lock

Place the smart lock in the door hole and via the latch’s inside. Ensure that the wires are pushed beneath the clasp. Install the bracket on the inside of the door. Insert the cables through the bracket’s respective holes.

Step 4: Install the inside panel.

Remove the battery pack before installing the interior panel. Connect the electrical components following the instructions included with your new smart lock. Wires should be tucked inside the lock and then secured using the provided screws. Now it’s time to install the batteries in the device. Then, slip the cover plate into place. Before starting the programming process, double-check that the deadbolt operates appropriately.

Step 5: Configure the smart gadget.

Install the correct app on your phone or computer to configure your new smart lock. If your lock is key code-operated, you must enter the default code. The deadbolt should initiate an automated configuration sequence. Close the door and test the lock once the setup is complete. If the bolt does not freely move when locking and unlocking the door, it may need to be adjusted slightly.

install smart lock

How much does it cost to install a keypad door lock?

A keyless lock costs between less than $100 and more than $300, not including the installation cost if you do not do it yourself. The cost of the lock is critical for this home security project since there are numerous models, features, and pricing, as well as installation charges if you pay to have the job completed. The condition of the door is also critical. Because working with an entrance door that already has a lock installed is significantly easier, installing a keyless door lock will be less expensive in terms of labor. Contractors charge between $50 and $100 for each keyless deadbolt or other smart lock installed.


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