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Kwikset Smart Lock Not Working: How to Fix All Possible Problems

If you’re experiencing issues with your Kwikset smart lock and finding it unresponsive or malfunctioning, don’t fret! Smart locks, like any other electronic device, can encounter problems that hinder their proper functioning. Fortunately, there are various troubleshooting steps you can take to address and resolve these issues.

In this guide, we will explore the most common problems with Kwikset smart locks and provide practical solutions to get your lock back up and running smoothly. Whether it’s connectivity issues, battery problems, or other potential culprits, we’ve covered you with comprehensive steps to fix your Kwikset smart lock.

How to Fix Kwikset Smart Lock Not Working

If your lock isn’t working, there could be a few possible reasons for that, such as,

  • When entering the incorrect User Code.
  • When the batteries of your Kwikset Smart Lock are low.
  • If there is a bug in your Kwikset Smart Lock.
  • You didn’t perform the door handling identification process.
  • Incorrect installation.

If you’re facing difficulties with unlocking your Kwikset Smart Lock through the keypad, don’t panic. Here is a compiled list of troubleshooting steps to assess the issue and regain access.

Here are some practical solutions to consider:

Check and Replace the Batteries

A common reason a Kwikset Smart Lock has trouble unlocking is low battery power. To determine if your batteries are running low, examine the keypad for a blinking red light, which indicates low battery status.

However, remember that not all Kwikset Smart Lock models provide a low battery notification. To address this, replace the batteries by removing the interior cover of the lock and the battery pack. Wait for 30 seconds, then insert the new batteries, paying attention to the polarity markings (+/-). Avoid mixing old and new batteries to prevent potential damage to the lock.

Verify the Correct User Code

Entering an incorrect User Code can prevent your Kwikset Smart Lock from unlocking. Double-check that you are entering the correct User Code. If you have lost or need help remembering your User Code, a lock reset will be necessary. Continue reading for further instructions on how to perform a reset.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to have a physical key as a backup option in case of keypad malfunctions or other unexpected issues.

If your Kwikset Smart Lock remains stubbornly locked even after inputting the correct User Code, a software glitch may be causing the issue. In such cases, performing a factory reset can often resolve the problem.

This procedure is also recommended if you need clarification on the accuracy of the User Code or if you want to revert to the default settings. Here’s how to factory reset your Kwikset Smart Lock:

Open the interior cover of the lock and remove the battery pack.

  1. Locate the Program button, a small button on the inside of the interior assembly.
  2. While holding down the Program button, insert the battery pack back into its compartment.
  3. Continue holding the Program button until a red light flashes from the lock, and you hear a beep sound.
  4. Release the Program button and press it again to complete the factory reset process.

If the factory reset is successful, Kwikset Smart Lock will give a green light and emit two beeps.

Remember that a factory reset erases all custom settings on the lock. After performing the reset, you’ll need to reprogram your Smart Lock, including conducting the door handing identification process, changing the default User Code (usually 1234), and adding new User Codes.

Sometimes, your Kwikset Smart Lock may fail to unlock if you haven’t performed the door handling identification process. This process is typically required after the initial installation and subsequent factory resets. It helps the lock determine its orientation (right or left-handed) for proper operation.

If you still need to complete the door handing process, it’s advisable. Here’s a guide to help you through it:

Remove the batteries from the lock by opening the interior cover.

  • Press and hold the Program button.
  • While holding the Program button, insert the battery pack into its compartment.
  • Release the Program button.
  • Press and hold the Program button again until the latch bolt retracts and extends automatically.
  • A green flash from the lock indicates a successful door handing process.
  • If the lock flashes red, the door handling process has failed, and you should restart it.
  • Performing both a factory reset and the door handing identification process will help ensure that your Kwikset Smart Lock functions properly and unlocks as expected.

Reinstall your Kwikset Smart Lock

If none of the previous troubleshooting steps have resolved the unlocking issue with your Kwikset Smart Lock, it may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the lock.

Improper installation can sometimes cause malfunctions, including difficulties with unlocking. To ensure a correct installation, follow the instructions in the user manual for your specific Kwikset Lock model. If you don’t have the manual, you can search online for the installation guide corresponding to your lock model.

Alternatively, seeking assistance from a professional locksmith can also be beneficial in reinstalling the lock properly and addressing any underlying issues. By reinstalling the lock correctly, you increase the chances of resolving the unlocking problem and restoring the functionality of your Kwikset Smart Lock.


In conclusion, troubleshooting a Kwikset Smart Lock that needs to be fixed requires a systematic approach to identify and address various potential issues.

Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively tackle the most common problems that can arise with your smart lock. From replacing the batteries to ensuring the correct user code, performing a factory reset, conducting the door handing process, and even reinstalling the lock if necessary, these troubleshooting methods cover a wide range of possible solutions.

However, suppose you’ve exhausted all these options and need help to resolve the problem. In that case, it may be time to contact Kwikset’s customer support or consult a professional locksmith for further assistance.

Remember to provide them with detailed information about the issues you’ve encountered and the steps you’ve already taken. Doing so can ensure that the support you receive is tailored to your specific situation.

Despite the potential frustrations that can arise when dealing with smart lock issues, it’s important to remain patient and persistent in your troubleshooting efforts. With the right approach and the help of the appropriate resources, you’ll be well on your way to restoring the functionality of your Kwikset Smart Lock and enjoying the convenience and security it provides.


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