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LEVOIT Air Purifier Core 200S for Home Bedroom Review

The Levoit Air Purifier Core 200S is an ideal choice for improving your bedroom’s air quality. It is designed by a well-known American brand specializing in smart air purifiers. Moreover, this compact device is just the right fit for most bedrooms. It comes with features like a sleep mode and a gentle nightlight for a cozy bedroom environment. While it doesn’t have fancy pollutant sensors, it’s super easy to control through your smartphone or voice commands, and you can even set it to run whenever you want.

From everyday dust and pollen to pet dander, smoke, and even unwanted gases, air purifiers are designed to eliminate these pesky particles. The Core 200S uses a system of filters, including a pre-filter, a True HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Furthermore, by working together, these filters capture and remove tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns; even though you can’t see them, they can affect your health.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier. Moreover, we’ll explain how it works, why it’s great for your bedroom, and how it genuinely makes the air in your room cleaner. Whether after a better sleep, an easy way to manage your air purifier, or just fresher air in your bedroom, this review will give you the simple details to decide if the Core 200S is right. 

The device draws air in from all sides with its 360-degree openings at the bottom.
Amazon.com: The Levoit Air Purifier draws air in from all sides with its 360-degree openings at the bottom.
Pros Cons
It has a three-stage filtration The filter lacks an air quality sensor.
You can control it using the VeSync Smart App It doesn’t have an auto mode.
The air purifier has a night light and sleep mode
It uses very little power

Design and Placement

This device is the smallest member of the Levoit Core series, so it has a minimalist and modest design. With dimensions of 8.1 inches in length, 8.1 inches in width, and 12.6 inches in height, it occupies minimal floor space. Moreover, its weight, at 6.6 pounds, makes it portable and easy to move around the house. One of its standout design elements is the 360° air intake system. So, this will allow the device to draw in air from all directions. 

Features of LEVOIT Air Purifier Core 200S

Let’s take a closer look at the wealth of advanced features of this air purifier and see how it fits into your home.

  • Ozone-Free Technology

The Levoit air purifier has an ozone-free design and avoids the use of UV-C light, which is known for generating harmful ozone. Furthermore, the air purification is safe for people with asthma and pet owners. Also, the design prioritizes clean air without introducing additional pollutants into your indoor environment, so it is ideal for individuals with respiratory conditions. 

  • Filter System

This device has a 3-in-1 filter system for effective air purification. Firstly, it has the Ultra-Fine Nylon Pre-Filter, which captures large particles such as dust and hair. Moreover, the pre-filter is essential in stopping the bigger impurities from hindering the primary filters. 

Secondly, the air purifier has a High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter, which can absorb various odors and fumes, such as cooking and pet odors. Additionally, it can absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The third filter of the device is the True HEPA Filter, which can remove a minimum of 99.97% of tiny airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Furthermore, this high-performance filter can capture allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander, and even microscopic particles like bacteria and viruses.

  • Coverage and Performance

The device can purify the air in rooms as large as 183 square feet (17 square meters). It has a powerful motor and a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 118 CFM (cubic feet per minute) or 200.6 m³/h (cubic meters per hour). So, with this strong motor, you can cycle and clean the air in your room up to 5 times every hour. Hence, your indoor environment will be clean and fresh all the time. 

  • Noise Level

The Core 200S is known for its peaceful operation. It operates at noise levels as low as 24 decibels, quieter than a whisper. So, it’s an excellent choice for bedrooms, offices, or any place you want less noise. Also, you can turn off the indicator lights with the Display Off button without disrupting your sleep or daily routines.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity and VeSync App Control

The Core 200S comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. With this feature, you can remotely control and monitor the air purifier using the VeSync app.

The app includes a remote control, so you can manage the air purifier from anywhere using your smartphone. Moreover, it’ll also keep you informed about the filter’s condition in real time so you can make sure the purifier stays efficient. Also, you can set up schedules for the device to operate at specific times or days. Furthermore, the app provides control over fan speed, letting you choose from various settings to suit your needs, whether it’s a quiet evening or rapid purification after you’re done with cooking.

  • Voice Control

The device is compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Hence, you can use voice commands to control the air purifier without physically interacting with the app. Say the command and the device will adjust its settings accordingly. For example, you can say, “Alexa, set the air purifier to high speed,” and the air purifier will respond.

  •  Easy Setup

The device is easy to set up. After plugging it in, open the VeSync app., which provides clear, step-by-step instructions for connecting the air purifier to your home Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, the user-friendly app interface makes the setup process quick and hassle-free. Soon enough, you’ll have complete control of the air purifier, either through your smartphone or the built-in display panel. 

  • Technical Specifications

Color: Cream White

Product Dimensions: 8.07″D x 8.07″W x 12.6″H

Floor Area Coverage: 915 sq ft

Certifications: ETL Certified, FCC Certified, CARB Certified

Noise Level: 24 dB

Particle Retention Size: 0.3 Micron

Controller Type: Compatible with Vera, Amazon Alexa

Wattage: 26 watts

Item Weight: 6.58 pounds

Care Instructions: Clean the pre-filter every 2-4 weeks

Assembly Required: No

Number of Pieces: 1

Included Components: 1* Smart WiFi Air Purifier, 1* Pre-installed Filter, 1* QSG, 1* User Manual


For homeowners, the LEVOIT Core 200S Air Purifier comes at a reasonable price of $89.99. This air purifier operates quietly so it won’t disturb your daily life. Also, you can control it using your smartphone through the VeSync app, or voice commands if you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. So, it’s a straightforward and cost-effective solution to address indoor air quality concerns.

How to Maintain the LEVOIT Air Purifier 200S?

Maintaining your LEVOIT Air Purifier 200S is simple, and you can do it quickly to keep it running efficiently. Here’s how:

1. Cleaning the Pre-Filter

You must focus on cleaning the pre-filter if you want the air purifier to work correctly. However, how often you do this depends on how much you use it and where you live. Levoit suggests doing it every 2-4 weeks. Moreover, it is pretty easy to clean – grab a soft brush or even a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and particles that gather on the pre-filter.

2. Replacing the HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is another essential component, and Levoit suggests you need to replace it every 6-8 months. However, this timing can vary depending on how much you use the purifier and the air quality in your environment. Don’t worry about keeping track because the device will tell you when to change the filter. Furthermore, you’ll see a check filter light on top of the device as a reminder. If you want to check how much time remains before the HEPA filter needs replacing, you can use the VeSync app.

If you do need to replace the filter, it’s an uncomplicated process. First, unplug the device and locate the cover on the bottom. Next, remove the old filter and give the inside of your 200S a good clean using a vacuum or a microfiber cloth. Lastly, place the new filter into the housing, screw the lid back on, and you’re all set. This straightforward maintenance will keep your air purifier in great shape.

Frequently Asked Questions about LEVOIT Air Purifier

1. Is the Levoit Core 200S ozone-free?

Yes, the Levoit Core 200S is 100% ozone-free, making it safe. It does not produce ozone, which is a plus for those concerned about air quality.

2. What is the warranty on this air purifier?

Levoit provides a 2-year warranty for the Core 200S air purifier. 

3. Does the Levoit Core 200S have an air quality sensor?

Unfortunately no, the Core 200S does not have an air quality sensor. While it has the option to connect to a smart app, it lacks built-in sensors to measure air quality.

4. Can this air purifier measure pollutants?

No, the Core 200S doesn’t have sensors to measure specific pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or particulates. It operates based on predefined settings and user controls.

5. Can I control this air purifier with my voice?

Yes, you can control the Levoit Core 200S with your voice. By setting up the VeSync app to work with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Home, you can issue voice commands to operate the air purifier.

6. Can I control this air purifier remotely?

Yes, you can control the Core 200S remotely. If the air purifier is plugged in and connected to the internet, you can use the VeSync app to prevent it from anywhere with a data connection. 

The Bottom Line

The Levoit Core 200S air purifier is a valuable addition to any home, providing impressive air-cleaning abilities in a compact and stylish design. Furthermore, with its three-stage filtration system, it effectively removes dust, allergens, and odors from the air, providing a breath of fresh air for homeowners. Also, its ability to connect to the VeSync app and compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is convenient for tech-savvy users. Moreover, its low noise levels and energy efficiency make it a suitable choice for bedrooms and small living spaces.

Overall, the Levoit Core 200S is a practical, high-performing, and budget-friendly air purifier that’s perfect for improving the air quality in your home.



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