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HomeSmart BulbsGrab Lifx Homekit Bulbs For Your Smart Home & Feel The Difference!

Grab Lifx Homekit Bulbs For Your Smart Home & Feel The Difference!

Nowadays, LIFX HomeKit smart bulbs are trendy among users. LIFX HomeKit smart bulbs are color-changing bulbs. These bulbs can easily be controlled with the support of a home kit. Using Apple’s Home app on the iPhone or iPad, then you can easily control the LIFX Home Kit bulbs. As these LIFX HomeKit bulbs can easily connect with the phone app, it will make your life easy. We will look more into the advantages of Lifx HomeKit bulbs.

Advantages of LIFX HomeKit bulbs

When selecting smart lights for your home, it is necessary to choose lights from a good brand. LIFX Home Kit bulbs can give you a fantastic experience by changing vivid colors. LIFX smart bulbs can work with simple voice commands. That provides the opportunity to switch on and off the lights whenever needed conveniently.

LIFX smart bulbs consist of many highlighting features. For example, LIFX smart bulbs are compatible with Homekit, Alexa, and Google. As it is easy to control, many people prefer to choose LIFX HomeKit bulbs to lighten their houses. However, LIFX smart bulbs are not as famous as the brand Philips Hue smart bulbs.

But, as LIFX HomeKit bulbs have amazing features, it is always an excellent choice to buy these smart bulbs.

If you choose to buy LIFX smart bulbs, you can easily select the bulbs with a range of colors. LIFX bulbs offer the light which you expect to decorate your place. With the increasing prices of LIFX bulbs, users can select the bulbs according to their wishes. These LIFX bulbs come with many choices of bulbs.

lifx homekit bulbs advantages

Following are some of these good choices for buyers.

  • Colour bulbs
  • LIFX candle
  • Fixed white bulbs
  • LIFX color A60
  • Customized white color bulbs
  • LIFX color 2021
  • LIFX Night Vision

There are advantages and disadvantages which are associated with each of these LIFX bulbs. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you have some basic knowledge about LIFX bulbs before buying them.

At present, the LIFX clean bulb is very famous among people. After several scientific studies and lab experiments, LIFX Company presented these LIFX clean, smart lights. According to the researchers, LIFX clean bulbs have this fantastic feature to clean and reduce the number of bacteria. With the prevailing global pandemic situation, these bulbs can be advantageous to the people.

Other than that, LIFX home kit bulbs are well known for producing bright and vibrant colors. Usually, these colors are adjustable for about 16 million colors. These bulbs also have a longer lifespan when compared with other smart bulbs. Therefore, if you choose to do LIFX smart lighting, the bulbs will last about 25,000 hours. Because of these unique features, many people prefer to decorate their premises using LIFX HomeKit bulbs. However, it is also essential to focus on the disadvantages of LIFX HomeKit bulbs before purchasing them.

Let us look more into the drawbacks of these smart bulbs in the next section.

Disadvantages of Lifx homekit bulbs

Indeed these LIFX Home Kit bulbs are easy to manage. But, there are also some disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that these bulbs do not support if there is a power cut. If you have no internet connection, you cannot further use your LIFX bulbs.

In case of a power failure, smart bulbs cannot switch on and off using smartphone applications. At that time, users have to control their smart bulbs manually.

More than that, these bulbs are much more expensive when compared to other bulbs. Users have also said they have experienced some difficulties with the Apple home kit. Generation 3 LIFX smart bulbs are more suitable for these users.

When focusing on the various types of LIFX smart bulbs, LIFX White smart bulbs are affordable for users. But, as it offers only one shade of light, this could be a disadvantage of LIFX White smart bulbs. Lifx color A60 is another smart bulb offered by LIFX. It is a large bulb that can provide the brightest light to lighten your place. However, these LIFX color A60 bulbs are very expensive and cannot be afforded by some users. It cost about $59.99.

If you live in the United States at present, you might be able to find another smart bulb in a different model as A19. Technically, both smart bulbs look similar to each other. But LIFX Colour A60 bulbs can offer 1200 lumens, equivalent to 80 Watt traditional bulbs. When considering A19 model smart bulbs, it can offer 1100 lumens for $49.99.

Similarly, LIFX Night vision bulbs come with unique features as they can support your security cameras for night vision. Yet, these LIFX Night vision bulbs are also expensive to buy.

As we mentioned earlier, LIFX Candle bulbs are also popular among users. If you are looking to buy smaller smart bulbs, LIFX Candle bulbs are the best choice for you. However, you will get a limited selection of fittings in these LIFX Candle smart lights.

How do these Lifx homekit smart lighting bulbs work?

Lifx homekit smart bulbs

LIFX home kit smart bulbs are very much popular among smart-home owners. To use the LIFX mini bulbs, first of all, you will need a Wi-Fi connection. Most of the smart bulbs require a smart-home hub to get connected. But LIFX smart lights differ from other smart bulbs.

When it comes to LIFX home kit smart bulbs, they do not need a hub to connect. LIFX smart bulbs, including LIFX White 800 LEDs, use Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection to get associated with your smart device.

As the first step, you will need to set your LIFX smart bulbs as your wish. At this point, users have to go to the Wi-Fi settings of their smart devices to complete the process of installation. The installation process is straightforward using the LIFX mini-app. Users can easily access the smart bulbs by installing this app on their smartphones or tablets. Many users report that this app is supportive for Android users but not much for iPhone users. But if you follow the proper instructions while setting the app, you can minimize these issues.

Once you have finished with the process of installation, you will notice many features of this app. It includes a Color cycle, where you can change the colors of your smart bulbs.

Other than that, the LIFX app users will have the option to change the temperature, set the brightness of bulbs, etc. Likewise, LIFX mobile app users can experience many features which can make their life easy. When paying attention to smart home integrations, Google Assistant and Alexa also support LIFX smart bulbs.

LIFX mini-app gives a fantastic experience for the users. It can control all the commands, and users can easily navigate the commands using this app. More than that, the LIFX mini-app supports many cool lighting features. Besides switching on and off your smart bulbs, you can rotate the pastel colors and do many more things. Smart home with LIFX Home Kit smart bulb lighting is an excellent option to boost your mood when you are relaxing in your home. And also, you will be able to share a fantastic experience with your loved ones. Accordingly, setting LIFX Home Kit smart bulbs in your home would be an excellent decision to make.


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