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Urban Smart House was started by Lee Leonard and Joseph Benedict. Both our founders had the passion towards uplifting the life with technology. This is where they started exploring the world of smart home technologies. Along with that, the two founders decided to go ahead and launch “Urban Smart Home”.

The main objective of “Urban Smart Home” is to help homeowners explore the benefits that come along with smart home technologies. We are one of the newest players in the smart home industry. However, we could make a strong impact within the industry in such a short period of time. Our commitment to ensure quality is one of the biggest reasons behind our success.

Our team continuously focuses on searching on latest advancements in smart home technology. We try our best to enable those advancements to our customers. Our customers love to stick with us and explore what we offer. Our offerings help our customers to improve their living standards and get the best experience of living a smarter life.

Stick to our website and we will introduce the newest advancements of smart home technology to you. You will fall in love with what we deliver. Please give us your love and support as well.

Our Amazing Team

Lee Leonard


Lee Leonard is the owner of Urban Smart Home. it is a great privilege to lead a team of technology enthusiasts and help them transform the lives of people who are in need. The overall experience of leading the team is satisfying. On top of that, it provides the opportunity to stay up to date with technology at all times.

Throughout his career he has always acknowledged that success depends on result-based partnerships. Using his knowledge and experience on the concept of smart home automation, he has been able to innovate. His main hope is to share his wealth of knowledge with people all over the world through this website.

Virgie Jurgensen


Virgie Jurgensen is a smart home enthusiast. She showed interest in smart home technologies for many years. That’s one of the main reasons on why she was motivated to go ahead and launch this blog. Virgie Jurgensen gained experience in numerous electronic systems including various types of smart home technologies. On top of that, she continued to do her own research on the home automation industry.

Virgie has a clear understanding on how smart home technologies evolved along with time. Based on that, she is even in a position to predict the future of smart homes. If you want to learn about the latest opportunities and advancements of smart home technologies, make sure that you go through all blog posts written by Virgie. She will also help you to learn more about the future of smart homes as well.

Joseph Benedict


Joseph Benedict is a veteran in the smart home industry. He has corporate experience in working for numerous smart home companies out there. In fact, he has firsthand experience on how someone should transform the home into a smart home. While keeping that in mind, he provides guidance to the people with transforming their homes.

Wealth of knowledge and experience Joseph has brought value to Urban Smart Home. In fact, he is one of the pillars behind the success of our company. He will continue to serve the customers and visitors of Urban Smart Home in the future as well. Hence, you can keep the peace of mind and go through our website. We will continue to be the place that you can always trust to get advisory on transforming your home into a smart home.