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Home Smart Cameras UltimateGuard 3MP IP Camera: Unmatched Home Security and Surveillance

UltimateGuard 3MP IP Camera: Unmatched Home Security and Surveillance

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Fuers 3MP IP Camera Tuya Smart Home Indoor WiFi Wireless Surveillance Audio Cam CCTV Automatic Tracking Security Baby Monitor.

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  • HD 2MP/3MP Resoluton for option
  • Support true humanoid intelligent alert
  • Support black light full color, color night vision is clear
  • Support CMS computer client save and play in real time
  • Humanoid detection
  • PTZ: rotates 350 degrees left and right and rotates 120 degrees vertically
  • H.264 new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable and more durable

Package include:

  • 1 X 2MP/3MP WIFI Camera (Resoluton for option);
  • 1 X DC5V Power Supply (EU/US)
  • 1 X English User`s Manual
  • Mounting Screws


Introducing the 3MP IP Camera: Your Ultimate Home Security Solution

Ensure the safety and security of your home with the advanced 3MP IP Camera. Designed with cutting-edge features and intelligent technology, this camera provides unparalleled surveillance capabilities. Whether you're monitoring your baby, keeping an eye on your property, or simply enhancing your overall home security, our camera is the perfect choice.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Tracking: The camera automatically tracks moving objects, ensuring no suspicious traces go unnoticed.

  • High Definition Resolution: Choose between 2MP and 3MP resolution for sharper and more detailed images.

  • Tuya Smart and Smart Life APP Support: Seamlessly integrate the camera with Tuya Smart or Smart Life APP and control it along with other compatible smart devices in your home.

  • Multi-Platform Surveillance: Watch surveillance videos in real-time on Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Two-Way Voice Communication: Engage in real-time conversations with your family using the camera's two-way voice feature.

  • Pan/Tilt Functionality: Enjoy a 360-degree coverage with a 350-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical rotation range.

  • Intelligent Motion Detection: Accurately detects any slight movements and promptly alerts you to ensure your safety.

  • Cloud Storage: Access saved surveillance videos from different devices through cloud storage.
  • TF Card Storage: Insert up to 128GB TF card (FAT32 format) for local storage and recording.
  • Easy Setup: Package includes all necessary components and a user's manual for hassle-free installation.

Crystal Clear High-Definition Resolution

With a choice of HD 2MP or 3MP resolution, our camera captures every detail with exceptional clarity. Enjoy sharper images and a more immersive viewing experience, thanks to the increased pixel count. Say goodbye to blurry footage and hello to a more precise surveillance system.

Automatic Tracking for Enhanced Security

Never miss a suspicious moment with our camera's automatic tracking feature. When any movement is detected, the camera seamlessly follows the subject, ensuring that you have a clear view of any potential threats. Rest easy knowing that your camera is always vigilant, tracking every movement and capturing valuable evidence.

Support for Tuya Smart and Smart Life APPs

Our camera is compatible with both Tuya Smart and Smart Life APPs, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing smart home devices. Monitor and control your camera effortlessly from the convenience of your smartphone, along with other smart devices that support Tuya Smart APP.

Multi-Platform Surveillance for Your Convenience

Experience ultimate flexibility with our camera's support for multiple platforms. Whether you're using Windows, Android, or iOS, you can monitor your home in real-time from anywhere. View surveillance videos simultaneously from all 16 cameras, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your property.

Two-Way Voice Communication

Stay connected with your loved ones at all times using our camera's two-way voice communication feature. Engage in real-time conversations and provide reassurance to your family members or pets, even when you're away from home. Our camera keeps you connected, bringing you peace of mind wherever you are.

360-Degree Coverage with Pan/Tilt Functionality

Enjoy complete control over your camera's viewing angle with the 350-degree horizontal and 120-degree vertical rotation range. The pan/tilt functionality allows you to cover every corner of your space, providing you with a complete 360-degree coverage. The 60-degree professional-grade lens and bidirectional rotation range ensure that no area is left unmonitored.

Intelligent Motion Detection for Maximum Security

Our camera's sensitive motion detection algorithm keeps you safe by accurately identifying even the slightest movements. You'll receive immediate alerts on your smartphone or other devices, ensuring that you're always aware of potential threats. Count on our camera to be your reliable front line of defense.

Flexible Storage Options

Choose the storage option that suits your needs. Our camera supports cloud storage, enabling you to access saved surveillance videos from various devices. Additionally, you can insert a TF card of up to 128GB (please ensure it is in FAT32 format) for local storage. Capture and store crucial moments, ensuring you never miss a thing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution: HD 2MP/3MP (options available)
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Image Sensor: CMOS
  • Lens: 60° professional-grade lens
  • PTZ Function: Rotates 350 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically
  • Night Vision: Supports black light full color for clear color night vision
  • Audio: Two-way voice communication
  • Motion Detection: Sensitive motion detection algorithm
  • Storage Options:
  • Cloud Storage
  • TF Card Slot (supports up to 128GB, FAT32 format)
  • APP Compatibility: Tuya Smart APP and Smart Life APP
  • Supported Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS
  • Power Supply: DC5V
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 50°C
  • Connectivity: Wireless WiFi
  • Dimensions: [Provide the dimensions of the camera]
  • Weight: [Provide the weight of the camera]

Please note that these technical specifications may vary slightly based on the specific model and version of the product.

Easy Setup and Package Inclusions

Setting up your camera is a breeze. The package includes a 2MP or 3MP WIFI camera (resolution of your choice), a DC5V power supply (EU/US), an English user's manual, and mounting screws. Our user-friendly instructions guide you through the installation process, allowing you to start monitoring your home quickly.

Invest in the ultimate home security solution and protect what matters most. Choose the 3MP IP Camera for unrivaled surveillance capabilities and peace of mind. Upgrade your security today.



5 reviews for UltimateGuard 3MP IP Camera: Unmatched Home Security and Surveillance

  1. Avatar

    sanjula lehan

    This IP camera is exactly what I was looking for! The image quality is outstanding, and the night vision feature provides clear footage even in complete darkness. The setup was a breeze, and the mobile app allows me to monitor my home from anywhere. Highly recommended!

  2. Avatar


    The easy-to-use mobile app and cloud storage options make accessing and reviewing footage from this IP camera a breeze

  3. Avatar

    sanjula lehan

    This IP camera has been a game-changer for monitoring my baby’s room. The real-time video streaming gives me peace of mind,

  4. Avatar

    Eshan Olindu

    I purchased this IP camera for my small business, and it has exceeded my expectations. The wide-angle lens covers a large area, and the pan-tilt-zoom function allows me to adjust the view remotely. The camera integrates seamlessly with my existing security system, providing comprehensive coverage.

  5. Avatar

    Ajan Chathumal

    I’m extremely impressed with the motion detection capabilities of this IP camera. It sends instant notifications to my phone whenever any movement is detected, providing an added layer of security. The two-way audio feature is also a great bonus for communication. Definitely worth the investment.

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