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Reset TECKIN Smart Bulb

The TECKIN smart bulbs are 16 million RGBCW color-changing LED smart bulb. Its white light can be tuned to any temperature between 2700K and 6500K on the lighting temperature scale. This allows you to choose between warm and cool lighting, depending on your preferences.

The TECKIN smart light can also be used as an RGB bulb. It can change the color of the light to one of 16 million distinct options!

Whether you want to install a single feature lamp or replace all of the bulbs in a single room, the TECKIN smart bulb should meet your needs at a very affordable price.

TECKIN Smart Bulb
TECKIN Smart Bulb


The TECKIN smart bulb comes with all of the functionality you’d expect from a bulb. The bulb may be operated remotely using the app from anywhere on the planet. According to TECKIN, you can instantaneously change the look and ambience of your space by selecting from 16 million various hues and shades of white.

Cheap Cost and Quality Build

When compared to its competitors (Philips Hue or Yeelight), the TECKIN smart bulb offers excellent value for money. Despite the fact that it is made in China, there is no evidence of cost-cutting in the materials department. The bulb has a sturdy, well-built, and secure feel to it. We’ve been using ours on a daily basis for a few years with no mechanical concerns, and we’re still adding to our collection.


The TECKIN app for smart bulbs is very intuitive and easy to use. You can easily categorize your bulbs into different room categories within the app. Comes with a range of pre-programmed functions such as strobe effects and cycling colors. Tap-to-run is a feature of the smart life app. Setting two lights to turn on at the same time is an example of one of these tasks. This is a terrific way to connect your bulbs and makes setting up many bulb automations in IFTTT much easier.

Integration with Other Services

Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice assistants are compatible with TECKIN smart lights, allowing you to manage them with your voice. SmartThings has now added the TECKIN bulb app smart life to its growing list of compatible devices. This will give you some peace of mind knowing that it will continue to work with your other devices for the time being.


There have been instances of users having difficulty setting up the TECKIN smart light properly. The main cause of these configuration difficulties has been the user’s router.

The Wi-Fi frequency used by the TECKIN smart bulb is 2.4GHz. Some modern routers combine the use of 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz using the same SIDD. The routers prioritize the 5Ghz frequency until a connection is lost, at which point it switches to the 2.4Ghz frequency. This is fine for everyday use of the TECKIN smart bulb, but to create the first connection, the router must prioritize the 2.4GHz frequency. Most routers may be configured to use the 2.4GHz band temporarily for this purpose. This can be done by login into your router or, if your router has one, by using the router’s app. Because every router is different, please consult the user manual for your device to learn how to do this.

Unclear Instructions

The TECKIN app now guides you through the TECKIN smart bulb setup. The app’s instructions are significantly simpler and more intuitive. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to set up your bulbs appropriately. The instructions are written in English and are a verbatim translation from the native language of the manufacturer.

No Integration with HomeKit

There is no direct integration with Apple’s HomeKit at the current. It is super easy to create a middleman that will allow you to operate your TECKIN smart bulbs with HomeKit using third-party software Home bridge and a low-cost Raspberry Pi.

This is obviously a little more advanced than the average user would wish to get into, but with a little time and effort, you can do it very easily.

Dim Color Brightness

The color vividness of these bulbs is exceptional. They are, however, a little on the dim side. When you move from white to colored light, you’ll notice this. Even if they’re a little dimmer than you’d like, they’re on par with the more expensive Philips Hue bulbs.

How To Reset TECKIN Smart Bulb?


SB50 and SB53 are the two primary smart bulb devices from TECKIN. The instructions that follow are primarily for the SB53, but the same technological concepts can be applied to other TECKIN lighting devices as well.

Resetting your smart bulb will return it to its factory default settings. This can be used to change any and all schedules or control systems that you have put up and want to remove. It can also be utilized if you’ve tried other troubleshooting approaches and are still having problems.

The devise can be reset in 4 simple steps:

    1. Turn on the bulb for a few seconds (3-5) before turning it off. Wait another 3-5 seconds before repeating. It’s possible that you’ll have to repeat this step up to  6 times before your bulb is entirely reset. The TECKIN smart bulb has been successfully reset when it blinks without producing a consistent light.
    2. When you notice the smart bulb flickering, switch it off. Allow a few moments to pass.
    3. From there, go to the discovery and restart the smart bulb. Before you continue the discovery, ensure sure the TECKIN smart bulb is completely switched off.
    4. Turn on the light bulb to see if it has reverted to its original settings. If you require schedules or other settings, you may need to re-enter them because they are erased at the reset.



How To Reset TECKIN Smart Bulb?


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