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Ring Doorbell Event History

Your Ring Doorbell Event History shows you all the motion events that have gone on while you’ve been away. This is an importabt tool for staying on top of everything from deliveries to home security. However, what do you do when events start to go missing from your history?

The Event History is something of a mystery for many Ring users. We’re going to break down everything that can cause blank spots in your Ring history. By the end of this article, you’ll have mastered the settings and possible bugs that can happen to your Ring event history.

These Ring devices do not record 24/7 which means that there will always be some blank spots in your event history. And also Your event history can also be missing important information if you have improperly set your Privacy Zones and Motion Zones. Furthermore, Missing event history can also be caused by Wi-Fi problems, bugs in the Ring application, and issues involving shared users.

Why Ring Doorbell Event History Not Working?

It’s simple to fix a Ring Doorbell Event history that isn’t working with the following tips. Take a look at them below!

You Cannot View Any Event

The Event History feature of your Ring Doorbell is not working. You don’t get any messages or even errors. You just can’t view any event. If you are not the primary account user, check who is and ask them if they bought a subscription plan.

You Can View the History on your Laptop but Not through Application

Another common issue with the Ring app is the inability to playback past events. You can view the history on the web using your PC or laptop, but it will not work on your device. This can be resolved by resetting your Ring app.

How do I see past events on ring doorbells?

You will not be able to turn off the Timeline if you follow the steps below and do not see the Event History Timeline toggle on/off button. Open the Ring App on your smartphone.

    1. To bring up the side menu, tap the three-lined icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
    2. Then, tap Account.
    3. Toggle the Event History Timeline toggle in the Account Setting screen under Advanced Settings.
      • The feature is turned on when the color blue appears.
      • The color white is off.

Why can’t I see Ring history?

The following are the most common reasons for being unable to perform a Live View or view a recorded video: Your mobile device and the internet have a bad connection. Slow download and upload speeds on the internet. Your Ring device and your router have a bad connection.

How do I clear my Ring Doorbell history?

The process of deleting all events from the Ring app is simple. Ring, thankfully, lets you remove them one by one or all at once. This is how you do it:

To delete individual Ring video events, follow these steps:

    1. Firstly, Open the Ring application.
    2. Go to the Dashboard page.
    3. Find the event you want to delete under your Location and swipe left on it.
    4. Tap the trashcan icon to delete the event and the video associated with it.

For each Ring video, you want to remove, repeat the steps above. When you’re done, you’ll have plenty of room to record and store more videos.

To delete all Ring video events:

    1. Open the Ring app and go to the event list to delete all Ring video events.
    2. To access the selection buttons, swipe the entire list to the right.
    3. Using the selection buttons, select the events you want to delete or all of them.
    4. Select ‘Delete.’
    5. Confirm the deletion when the pop-up menu appears.

Keep in mind that everything you delete is totally gone, so be careful what you delete. The videos will also be removed from Ring’s database, making them inaccessible to anyone else, and there will be no way to recover those events. As a result, before wiping your Ring Doorbell’s memory clean, you should carefully review all of the videos currently stored on your device.

Why is my ring doorbell missing events?

A poor Wi-Fi connection is the most common cause of your Ring device missing video. You should also make sure you have a Ring Protect subscription and that your Ring’s motion detection settings are correct.

How far back can you look on Ring Doorbell?

The motion sensors in your Ring Smart Video doorbells are designed to notice motion up to 155 degrees horizontally and from 5 to 25 feet outward from the fixture.

How far back can you look on Ring Doorbell
How far back can you look on Ring Doorbell

2 Ways to Fix Ring Doorbell Event History Not Working


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