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Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime Not Working: How to Fix

Ring Doorbells are one of the best smart home devices available today. There are a few options for fixing a damaged Ring Doorbell mechanical chime. Making sure the video doorbell is connected is one way to fix it. If this isn’t the case, the battery is dead or the notifications are turned off.

Here are some suggestions for whatever the cause of the chime’s malfunction may be.

Is the mechanical chime on your Ring doorbell not working?

Here’s Where to Begin Fixing It

Is it possible to connect a Ring doorbell to an existing chime?

Yes, that is correct. The AC chime on your old wired doorbell can be connected to your Ring Video Doorbell. AC-powered mechanical chimes that operate between 8 and 24V are compatible with Ring doorbells. It is incompatible, however, with wireless chimes or intercom systems that use a DC transformer.

The sound of your doorbell chime can help you figure out what kind it is. A mechanical chime uses both a physical bell and a mechanical hammer to produce sound. The bell rings a “ding-dong” tone when the hammer strikes it. An electronic chime, on the other hand, makes use of digital sounds. The Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro products are an example of this.

All-new Ring Chime Pro Wi-Fi and Ring Chime Pro is the company’s own chime or bell. They are not included with the Ring Video Doorbell and are not required when purchasing one. These are, however, excellent devices for alerting you to the presence of a visitor outside your door. You can hear the bell from anywhere in the house, so you don’t have to rely on your phone’s alerts as much.


The Reason Your Ring Doorbell Doesn’t Work

Your Ring Doorbell can be set to ring in two different ways. It must first be connected to your existing traditional bell. If your video doorbell isn’t connected to a mechanical bell, the only way you’ll know who’s at the door is through your smartphone. When someone presses the button on your Ring Doorbell, the app receives an alert.

The second alternative is to use Ring Chime. This is a separate Ring device from Ring Video Doorbells, as previously stated. This device connects to the Ring Doorbell app and rings inside your home. You won’t have to rely on your smartphone to tell you if you have a visitor this way.

How to Repair a Broken Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime

You have a few options for making your Ring Doorbell chime. These are the following:

Making Sure the Doorbell Is Wi-Fi Connected

The mechanical chime on your Ring Doorbell may not be working because it was not properly connected to your home Wi-Fi. If that’s the case, the first thing to look for is a Wi-Fi dropout. Check the Device Health section of your app to see how strong your connection is.

Thick walls, particularly those made of concrete or bricks, can interfere with your device’s Internet connection. Remote devices will receive a weaker signal or may be unable to connect to your network altogether. Fortunately, you have three options for resolving this quickly.

Option 1: Move the Router

You can move the router instead of the problem is the signal, which is caused by distance or thick walls. You can put it on a table near the Ring devices, somewhere open where it won’t be blocked. The problem is that this solution does not apply to everyone because everyone’s home is different.

Option 2 – Use a Wi-Fi Extender

The range of your Wi-Fi signal can be extended by using a Wi-Fi extender. It’s a convenient way to keep your Ring device connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. The extender is usually easy to use because all you have to do is plug it into a power source. You’ll need to use another app to control it, though.

Option 3 – Use a Ring Chime

Getting a Ring Chime unit is the best option. You can use your Ring Doorbell to hear the doorbell without having to use your smartphone thanks to Ring Chime. Because it’s a wireless device, it can connect to video doorbells from afar. All you have to do now is download the Chime app and connect the device to the Ring app.

If the battery Flats out, charge it.

If you want your Ring Doorbell 2, Ring Doorbell 3, or Ring Doorbell 3 Plus to work properly, make sure the battery is in good condition. These devices typically have a battery life of months, especially if motion detection is turned off. Unless the battery is hardwired, it will usually run low.

Your Ring device will not work if the battery is dead, which means it will not ring. You can prevent this from happening by setting the app’s smartphone notifications to notify you when the battery is low. However, there are still instances where the battery dies unexpectedly.

If this happens to your battery, it’s possible that the issue is caused by a bug. Furthermore, because the app was malfunctioning, you were probably unaware that the battery was draining. If you hard reset your Ring Doorbell, the setup process will start over and the app will be disconnected.

Here’s how to re-activate your Ring Doorbell:
    1. Hold down the setup button for 15 seconds before releasing it. And, Hold it down for a short period of time.
    2. The device’s front light flashes several times, signaling that it is resetting.
    3. Allow a few minutes for the reset procedure to finish.
    4. To return to Setup Mode, press the setup button once more.

One thing that perplexes people is locating or identifying the setup button. Depending on the model, the button for this is either orange or black. The following is a list of the setup buttons for the various Ring devices:

    • Ring Video Doorbell 2 – front of the device; black button
    • Ring Video Doorbell Pro – front of the device; black button
    • Ring Video Doorbell Elite – black button on the device’s right side
    • Ring Video Doorbell 3 – back of the device; orange button
    • The orange button on the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus is located on the device’s back.

If you’re still having trouble, watch this video on how to reset the Ring Doorbell 2.

You should not let your Ring doorbell’s battery die completely. If it goes flat, your video doorbell goes out as well, which means no one is keeping an eye on your door. You’ll have no idea who rang the doorbell or lingered near it. That’s not all, though. It will be inconvenient to have to re-configure the device.

Turned Off Alerts

Your Engagement Ring The mechanical chime on the doorbell may not be working or may not be ringing because the alerts have been turned off. That means that if someone approaches your door, your phone will not be notified. And, it frequently occurs as a result of most smartphones’ battery-saving features, which clean power-hungry background apps.

It has the ability to clear your Ring app, which is supposed to be running in the background. If this occurs, the Ring alerts may be disabled as well. You can prevent this from happening by adjusting your phone’s settings. Select Settings > Device Maintenance or Battery Options from the drop-down menu. Add the Ring app to the list of apps that can run in the background.


Is the mechanical chime on your Ring Doorbell not working? Just make sure you have enough battery and a strong Wi-Fi signal. You should also double-check that the alerts are turned on. You can reset the app if it isn’t working properly, though it will be inconvenient to have to set it up again.

Why isn’t the ring chime working?

The doorbell not being wired correctly, corroded or damaged wires, or the correct settings not being enabled could be the cause of a Ring Doorbell mechanical chime not ringing. You can try restarting your Ring smart video Doorbell to fix the problem if everything is properly wired, connected, and set up in the Ring app.






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