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Ring Doorbell stuck in black and white?

When the Night Vision feature on your Ring Doorbell is turned on, it creates a black and white image. You won’t be able to tell what color car a burglar drove away in if they leave in a red car. This feature should only be activated if the lighting is poor. It’s possible that your home has a low-hanging porch that prevents the doorbell from receiving enough light to change the color of the incoming intruder’s vehicle.

There have been other reports of Ring customers experiencing the same issue, and Ring has yet to release a firmware update to address the issue.

So, can you fix this black-and-white problem on your own?

How To Fix the Black and White Issue?

The black and white screen in Ring Video Doorbell can be fixed in one of four ways. All of these tasks are simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Reboot Your Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell can reboot without exerting any effort. Also, make sure the doorbell is unplugged if it is hardwired. The steps to take are outlined in the following section.

Step 1: On the back of your Ring doorbell, look for the orange button. So, please press the corresponding button.

Step 2: Continue to press and hold the reset button for another 20 seconds.

Step 3: Next, look over the front of your Ring Doorbell to make sure it’s in good working order. The light on the doorbell will now flash, indicating that it is being reset.

Step 4: Finally, It will take at least 5 minutes to complete the reset process.

Adjust the Infrared Settings

If the options listed above don’t work, try changing the Ring app’s settings from normal to automate. The steps for changing your Ring doorbell’s infrared settings are outlined below.

    1. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of your app to launch it.
    2. Then, go to your device’s settings and tap the Gear icon.
    3. You should now see a night vision option under the video settings tab.
    4. After that, go to the Night Vision menu and select Auto.
    5. Your Ring Doorbell device may be stuck in night mode due to infrared lights.

It’s possible that it’s kept in the shade and thus doesn’t get enough sunlight to turn off the black and white mode.

Change the Doorbell Environment

If there is not enough light coming into your front porch for the infrared lights to turn on, you may need to move your Ring Doorbell or the items around it. The ring has been claiming for some time that they’ve increased the amount of light that your Ring Doorbell needs to start beeping.

Remove your Ring Doorbell from its hinges if it is not hardwired and place it in a bright location if your porch has an overhead light or shrubs and plants that could potentially obstruct the light. During this phase of testing, use the Live View feature on your smartphone to see if the color has returned.

If the color does not return after you move it, you should contact Ring Technical Support or investigate other options. If the color of the video feed from the doorbell has returned to normal, you may want to consider changing the surrounding environment.

Contact the Ring Technical Support Team for Assistance

If your Ring Doorbell is still stuck in black and white after trying all of the methods listed above, you’ll need to contact Ring’s technical support team. So, basic troubleshooting actions can improve the brightness and exposure of your Ring Doorbell.

Anyone experiencing this problem is encouraged to contact a Ring support specialist by dialing the Ring support number. The exposure and brightness of the Ring Doorbell can be improved by the company’s technical support team.

They’ll even make you a brand new Ring Doorbell at no cost if it doesn’t work.

In-Ring Doorbell,

There are four options for resolving the black and white screen. You may need to reposition your Ring Doorbell or the items around it if there is insufficient light coming into your front porch for the infrared lights to turn on. Throughout this phase of testing, check the Live View function on your smartphone to see if the color has returned.

Contact the Ring Technical Support Team for assistance. And, if your Ring Doorbell is still stuck in black and white after trying all of the above methods, you’ll need to contact Ring’s technical support team.

How do you fix a stuck doorbell button?

A physical blockage, such as a clog from airborne dirt or spider nests, can sometimes prevent the doorbell button from working. To see if the button moves, press it hard; if it doesn’t, clean it thoroughly with a clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol or spray it with WD-40 to remove any debris.



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