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Smart Locks for Windows: Your Key to Safety

Smart locks for windows are a proper solution that improves the safety and convenience of your home. As a homeowner, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the importance of windows in your living space. They usher in natural light, offer a means for fresh air to circulate, and significantly contribute to the overall aesthetics of your home. Nevertheless, the security of your home is equally important. This is why you need smart locks for your windows to bridge the gap between these essential aspects of home living.

In the following article, we will dive into different types of windows and smart locks. Moreover, these innovative locks will upgrade your security and simplify the daily use of your windows. Throughout this article, we will explore the significance of smart locks for windows, discussing the unique advantages they offer in maintaining a safe and convenient living environment. 

Common Window Types

Windows come in various types, each with its particular features and purposes. Single-hung, double-hung, casement, awning, and sliding windows are common window types found in homes. Now, let’s explore the different kinds of windows. 

Smart locks for Sliding Windows 

Sliding windows are designed with one fixed panel and one that slides horizontally along a track. They are ideal for areas where outward or vertical openings could be more practical. Smart locks for sliding windows often feature sensors that detect unauthorized attempts at opening. They can be remotely controlled, and some models may integrate with your home’s security system, allowing you to monitor their status. 

Smart locks for Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side, swinging outward like a door. Furthermore, they’re known for their tight seal while shut, enhancing energy efficiency. Also, smart locks for casement windows have robust locking systems that provide added security. These locks may incorporate keyless entry systems, remote control, and integration with your home automation system. So, you can manage and monitor your windows from your device. 

Smart locks for Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have two vertically sliding sashes, so they provide flexibility for ventilation. Moreover, smart locks for double-hung windows often include sensors that detect when the window is open so that you will be alerted to its status. Furthermore, you can control them remotely and connect them to other security devices in your home, such as alarms and cameras. 

Smart locks for Awning Windows

Awning windows are hung at the top and open outward from the bottom. They’re ideal for providing ventilation while keeping out rain. Also, smart locks for awning windows are designed to maintain the proper use of the window. Additionally, they often feature advanced locking mechanisms, remote control options, and compatibility with your home automation system for extra security. 

These smart lock systems can address the specific security challenges presented by each window type and provide technical features so you can get the most use out of them. 

Smart Lock Solutions for Each Window Type

When you improve your home security, remember that one size doesn’t fit all. So, different window types require different types of smart locks. Let’s explore how smart locks are customized to secure various window styles and provide you with the safety of your home. 

1. Yale Smart Living Window Locks

These locks offer keyless access, and you can control it remotely a through a smartphone app
Amazon.com: These locks offer keyless access, and you can control it remotely a through a smartphone app


Yale has some smart window locks that can be part of their smart home setup. So, you can use a mobile app to watch and control your windows from a distance. Moreover, they recently developed the SenseCheck Door and Window range, which will help homeowners monitor their windows using their smart gadgets and phones. 

Additionally, these Yale SensCheck locks work well with standard Yale window locks such as Rapide and Yale Shootbolt, and they also work with Lockmaster door locks. Soon, they’re planning to provide even more choices, like auto-locking door systems for composite doors, locks for patios, special locks for bi-fold doors, and hardware for windows that tilt and turn. Therefore, you’ll have many options to make your home safer and more convenient with Yale SensCheck. 

Pros  Cons 
You can monitor doors and windows remotely  The setup is tricky for non-tech-savvy users 
It has voice control integration  It requires a compatible smart home system 
The smart lock has been certified as safe by BSI Kitemark   
The device comes with an alarm system   


Key Features and Benefits of Yale Smart Locks

Let’s dive into the features of Yale Smart Locks for your windows.

  • Real-time Monitoring

With Yale SensChec, you’ll receive real-time updates on the status of your doors and windows on your smartphone. Moreover, it will tell you whether they are open or closed, locked or unlocked, and even if your windows are in the night vent position. 

  • Voice Control

The smart locks are compatible with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can ask these devices about the status of your doors and windows using voice commands. Hence, it’s a convenient way to stay informed. 

  • Chime Alerts

You can set up the smart lock to produce a chime sound when a door or window opens. Also, this feature is like a notification that will help you become aware of any activity, whether it’s someone entering your home or simply checking if a window is open. 

  • Certified Safety

Yale SensChec sensors have the BSI Kitemark for the Internet of Things (IoT). So, they have undergone rigorous testing to meet high standards for safety, security, and proper function within a connected product ecosystem. Simply put, it’s a seal of approval for their reliability and quality. 

  • Integrated Alarm System

If you use Yale’s Sync Smart Home Alarm and CCTV systems, SensChec will work seamlessly with them. So, if there’s a break-in, it will trigger a loud 94dB internal siren through the Yale Sync Hub. 

  • Geofencing Alerts

Geofencing is a nifty feature that lets you set up notifications when you leave your home or a specific area. So, for example, if you forget to close a door or window, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. 

  • Easy Setup and Expansion

The smart locks are user-friendly and easy to install. Additionally, you can expand your security system and add more devices that work with SensChec, such as those compatible with Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Google Assistant, or Yale Sync Smart Home alarms. 

For more information visit their official website here.

2. August Smart Locks


August smart locks make your regular deadbolt smarter and more secure by installing on the inside of your door
Amazon.com: August smart locks make your regular deadbolt smarter and more secure by installing on the inside of your door


August smart locks are a popular choice because they’re easy to install without changing your existing deadbolt. They also work seamlessly with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa. Moreover, the August Smart Lock Pro, initially designed for doors, can also be effectively repurposed as a smart window lock.  

Pros  Cons 
You can issue as many virtual keys as you need  The Google Assistant support may not work 
The smart locks have auto-lock and auto-unlock features  The Smart Keypad struggles with fast security codes input 
It supports Z-Wave Plus wireless technology   
You can remotely control it from anywhere when it’s paired with a Connect Wi-Fi Bridge   


Features of August Smart Locks

Let’s explore the various features of this smart lock to see how it fits in your windows.

  • Remote Access

With August Smart Locks for windows, you can control your windows from anywhere using a mobile app. If you’re away from home and want to open or close a window, you can do it with a simple tap on your phone. 

  • Smart Features

These smart locks have some features that make your window experience even better. Auto-lock is one such feature; it can automatically lock your window after it’s been closed. Furthermore, virtual keys will grant you access to others without physical keys, and it’s all done digitally.

  • Easy Installation

The smart lock works with various windows, so installing them is easy. Hence, you can have your smart lock up and running in just a few minutes. 

  • Keypad Bundle

There is an option to upgrade to a Keypad Bundle. So, you can create custom keycodes to open your windows instead of using a physical key. 

  • Wide Compatibility

These smart locks play are compatible with major smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit, AlexaGoogle Assistant, and Z-Wave. So, you can seamlessly integrate it with your existing smart home system.

  • DoorSense

This is a small sensor that you can attach to your window frame. It’s a clever addition because it communicates with the lock to let it know if the window is closed correctly. 

  • Smart Alerts

You can receive notifications on your phone whenever someone locks or unlocks the window or if the window is left open. So, the alerts will keep you informed about the status of your windows. 

  • Auto-Unlock

This feature uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to detect when you leave your home and when you return. So, when you’re a few feet away, it automatically unlocks the window for you, switching between Home and Away modes.

  • Guest Access

Through the August app, you can create temporary or recurring “keys” for family, friends, or anyone who needs access to your windows. Also, you can set when these keys work, either during specific hours or for a limited time. 

For more information visit their official website here.

3. Kisi Proximity Reader

Amazon.com: You can unlock your doors and windows with Kisi's hands-free entry, without using your smartphone
Amazon.com: You can unlock your doors and windows with Kisi’s hands-free entry, without using your smartphone


Although Kisi mainly focuses on smart access control for businesses, their devices can be adapted for window locks, providing centralized control and monitoring. So, you can manage Kisi for windows through their user-friendly web-based software and grant or remove permissions for each user or window. 

Pros  Cons 
Kisi has remote control for improved window security  The first-time setup can be tricky, especially in complex spaces 
It works for homes and offices, handling multiple windows   
The device can integrate with existing systems and improve overall security.   


Features of Kisi Reader

Let’s dive into the different features of the Kisi Proximity Reader.

  • Remote Window Management 

With Kisi, you can manage your windows through a user-friendly mobile app or web interface. Furthermore, you can lock or unlock your windows from anywhere.  

  • Personalized Window Access 

You can customize who has permission to open or close your windows. So, whether it’s specific individuals or groups, this will guarantee a controlled and safe environment.  

  • Flexible for Any Space 

The device can work in a small home and a large office building. Hence, it’s designed for managing multiple windows and provides efficient control, regardless of the size of your space.  

  • Integration 

The proximity reader can integrate with different systems, including security cameras and visitor management tools. So, it focuses on security and function by providing valuable insights into window access.  

  • Simple & Secure Access 

You can choose from various card readers, including indoor and outdoor models. While a Pro Controller is required, there’s no need for a local server as Kisi operates through the cloud, with all data fully encrypted.  

  • Intuitive Control

You can easily manage the device through its web-based software. Also, you can grant or revoke permissions for users or specific windows with the simple push of a button.  

  • Credential Options 

Kisi provides various credential options. The default is the Black Kisi Pass with 128-bit AES encryption. On the other hand, the White Kisi Pass has custom printing, while the Kisi Fob fits on your keychain. For maximum mobility, there’s the Kisi Mobile Credential, which replaces access cards with smartphone credentials and is supported on iOS and Android devices.  

  • Versatility in Access Control 

It integrates with Cisco Meraki cameras to record images and videos, so you have access to control data for verification and auditing. Furthermore, it works with Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP) and provides a lockdown feature for emergencies.  

For more information visit their official website here.

4. Kwikset Convert

Kwikset Convert is a smart lock conversion kit that can be used with some window locks, providing smart functionality and remote control.
Amazon.com: Kwikset Convert is a smart lock conversion kit that can be used with some window locks, providing smart functionality and remote control


Kwikset Convert is like giving your regular lock a smart upgrade. It was initially designed to make doors more secure by connecting them to a smartphone via Bluetooth. However, you can also use it to enhance the security of your windows. So, if you want to ensure your windows are locked and secure, Kwikset Convert can help with that, too. It’s all about adding a layer of smart protection to your windows, just like for doors. 

Pros  Cons 
Installation process is easy, and you’ll find comprehensive instructions to guide you  It has limited features 
The app is user-friendly  You’ll need a $100 gateway add-on for remote features and smart device integration 
You can grant guest access to family and friends   


Features of Kwikset Convert

Let’s dive into the features of this smart lock and see how it enhances your home security.

  • Wireless Home Connect Technology

Kwikset Convert has advanced technology to connect wirelessly with your smart home system or security setup. So, you can control your window from a distance without needing physical keys. 

  • Mobile Device Control

With this feature, you can use your smartphone to lock and unlock your window’s deadbolt. Moreover, it’ll add convenience to your daily routine and allow you to monitor the security of your windows remotely. 

  • Auto-Locking Feature

The lock includes a clever function that automatically locks your window’s deadbolt after 30 seconds of being unlocked. So, it’ll ensure your window is always secure. 

  • Easy Installation

Installing Kwikset Convert is a straightforward process. So, you won’t need any complex tools – just a screwdriver.  

  • Home Automation Integration

Kwikset Convert is compatible with popular home automation systems like Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. Hence, it can become a part of your existing smart security setup, providing you with more control and insights. 

  • Battery-Powered Operation

The lock operates using four AA batteries. So, they’re reliable, and you can replace them when needed. This ensures that your lock keeps working without any significant disruptions. 

  • Military-Grade Encryption

The lock employs military-grade PKI encryption. So, it’ll have multiple layers of advanced security to ensure your window remains safe from unauthorized access. 

  • Compatible with Various Brands

The device works with most Kwikset, Weiser, Baldwin, and Schlage standard deadbolts, so it can likely integrate with your existing window hardware. 

For more information visit their official website here.

5. Ring Alarm Contact Sensors


Ring offers contact sensors that can be placed on windows to monitor their status and provide alerts through the Ring app.
Amazon.com: Ring offers contact sensors that can be placed on windows to monitor their status and provide alerts through the Ring app

The Ring Alarm is great for setting up a smart home, but it may not be the best choice if you already have a substantial smart home setup. When it comes to enhancing window security, it’s a smart choice to consider.

Pros  Cons 
You can set it up without professional help  You need the Ring Protect subscription for advanced features 
It comes with a Tamper Alert feature   
The device works with the Ring Alarm system   


Features of Ring Alarm Sensor

The device provides essential features for securing your windows. Let’s explore them in detail.

  • DIY Installation

Contact Sensors come with easy installation so that you can do it yourself without needing professional assistance. So, the process of setting up window security becomes easy for homeowners.  

  • Tamper Alerts

Contact Sensors offer an additional layer of security for your windows. If someone tries to tamper with these sensors, they immediately trigger an alarm. This means that any unauthorized attempts to interfere with your windows will be met with a loud alert, enhancing the protection of your windows. 

  • Integration with Ring Alarm

This device can connect to the Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro Base Station. Furthermore, this integration is essential for your window security because it ensures that your windows are part of your smart home security system. So, you can monitor your windows in real time and take action if there are any issues. 

  • Mobile Alerts

When you subscribe to Ring Protect, you’ll receive mobile alerts through the Ring App. Moreover, these alerts will notify you whenever doors or windows equipped with Contact Sensors are opened.  

  • Customizable Home Protection

The kit includes Contact Sensors that are suitable for both windows and doors. This means that you have the flexibility to expand your window security as needed. So, whether you want to secure a single window or multiple ones, this kit can accommodate your requirements. 

  • Fast and Secure Internet

The Alarm Pro provides a reliable Wi-Fi connection with fast speeds. So you can maintain a secure and stable network, which is essential for your window security system

  • Level-Up Your Protection

You can add compatible devices like Alarm Glass Break Sensors and Alarm Flood and freeze Sensors. These will provide extra protection for your windows and ensure they’re secure in different conditions. 

For more information visit their official website here.

Comparison and Recommendations

When selecting a smart lock solution for windows, it is essential to consider both the unique features of each lock type and the general advantages of employing smart locks for windows. 

  • Enhanced Security

Smart locks take security up a notch by providing features like remote monitoring, real-time alerts, and tamper detection. Additionally, they have smart tricks like anti-lift technology and auto-locking mechanisms, which reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your windows.  

  • Convenience and Control

With smart locks, you can lock or unlock your windows remotely, right from your smartphone or through your smart home system. Moreover, this is handy, especially when you’re away, so you don’t have to rush back to ensure everything is secure. Also, they work with voice control, so you can tell them what to do. It’s like having your windows obey your every command. 

  • Integration with Smart Home Ecosystems

Smart locks work better with other smart devices in your home. They can team up with your home security system, your climate control, and other gadgets to create a seamless smart home. For example, your windows can communicate with your security cameras, and they can all work together to keep your home safe and comfortable.  

So, when choosing a smart lock for your windows, remember that you’re not just getting a lock. You’re getting a new level of security, convenience, and smart living. Hence, it’s like upgrading your windows to be super-smart and super-safe. 

Comparison of Smart Lock Solutions for Windows

Window Type Recommended Smart Lock Type Key Features Integration
Sliding Windows Sensor-based locks – Anti-lift technology – Remote locking/unlocking – Intrusion detection – Compatible with major smart home platforms for seamless control
Casement Windows Motorized locks – Tamper detection – Auto-locking – Real-time monitoring – Easily integrates with smart home systems – Voice control for added convenience
Double-Hung Windows Sash locks with infrared motion sensors – Dual-locking mechanisms – Motion sensors – Integration with security devices – Integrates with home security systems – Complements other security devices
Awning Windows Motorized locks with wind and rain sensors – Wind and rain sensors – Remote control via app – Interoperability with climate control systems – Integration with smart thermostats



So, when it comes to picking the right smart lock for your windows, there are a few things to consider. First, you should consider the type of window you have, such as sliding or casement windows. Each type might work better with a specific kind of smart lock. 

Next, think about what matters most to you. Are you looking to make your windows more secure? Do you want to make your life more convenient by being able to control your windows from your phone or with your voice? You may wish to use your smart lock to fit in with all the other smart devices you already have at home. 

The best thing is that each type of smart lock has its features and advantages. So you can choose the one that best matches your needs. It’s all about making sure your windows are not just safe and sound but also super convenient and smart. It’s like customizing your window security to fit your lifestyle. 




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