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What Do You Know About Suitable Smart Bulbs for Google Home?

Years earlier, in a light bulb, you merely would screw and flip a switch. We are experiencing a much more dynamic time when light bulbs connect to the Internet, and smart light bulb technology costs have decreased considerably. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled lamps are gaining in popularity, making it harder to stand out from the crowd. Others need hubs, some function on Bluetooth, others connect to your Wi-Fi directly, and some connect immediately to Google’s smart speakers. It isn’t easy to understand! We have done this before, but not with all of this. Here are our suggestions for the best smart bulbs for Google Home and Assistant-enabled smart homes.

Many compatible items are featured on this site; Google Home, one of the most famous home assistant platforms, is among them. Your next concern should be determining how many you need and how much you are ready to spend as a consumer.

Smart bulbs for Google home and smart bulb for Google mini

Full-feature smart light bulbs

Use LEDs that allow you to customize the whole spectrum to receive the best LEDs have to offer. Since these bulbs are a lot more costly than any light bulb you possibly bought in your lifetime, you would like to find a brand that will suit all your smart lighting requirements.

1. Philips Hue Color Smart Bulb Starter Kit – One of the best smart bulbs for Google Home

For many good reasons, Philips is the leader in the production of smart wireless LED bulbs. Philips Hue bulbs may be set up with bespoke voice controls and perform like magic. The three-pack of multicolor bulbs in the 3rd generation is an appropriate starting point. The box includes a Philips Hue Bridge, which connects bulbs to the network of your home but also allows local connections to Bluetooth. You need a Hue bridge to control all your Hue bridges, so you won’t need a new one once you have bought the beginning kit.

2. Philips WiZ Connected Color

Bulbs (2-pack)

The second brand of Philips, WiZ Connected, was recently acquired by Signify’s owners and is, shockingly, totally distinct from the Hue ecosystem. These bulbs require no hub whatsoever but connect directly to the Wi-Fi network in your home. They are also ideal for pairing with any smart homes service and not only Google Home and keeping the quality of the Philips brand at a low price.

3. LIFX Wi-Fi Smart LED mini-bulb (4-pack)-  Another brand of popular smart bulbs for Google Home

The newest light bulbs of LiFX are substantially smaller than the prior variants and contain 800 lumens of brightness. Each bulb may tailor its areas with 16 million hues and 1,000 shades of warm to cold whites. No other gear is needed to have a Google Assistant setup because every bulb may be connected to your Wi-Fi network.

4. Sengled Element Classic Smart LED bulbs

Consumers who think about the budget and want to invest in smart lights will benefit from Sengled’s price, but they will require a hub that connects all the devices to use the smart lights. The good news is that once the hub has been installed, you may add 64 bulbs to your network, and Sengled gives the lowest bulb rates.

5. Philips Hue Econic

Philips Hue Econic is an excellent technique to bring clever lighting to your portal without much effort or cost if you intend to invest in or plan to do Philips Hue Econic. This appealing lighting device sports an integrated LED array that immediately links to the Philips Hue hub, enabling you to operate all the routines and connections that Philips Hue supports. Econic offers any color that you may expect to make holidays easier, and you can choose an essential dimmable white spectrum of hues for any other time of year.

Dimmable white smart bulbs

smart bulbs for google home

Not every smart bulb in your home has 16 million colors to cycle. You only have to dim and respond to your voice commands. For the most ordinary regions of your home, such as corridors and bathrooms, you can save money by buying a white LED smart bulb and save fancy color bulbs to the locations you entertain your guests. There are dimmable white smart bulbs for every smart hub ecosystem, and many solutions require simply Wi-Fi access.

1. Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit

You can add smart bulbs to every room in your house regardless of whether you currently own a Philips Hue Bridge. With this four-pack of dimmable white bulbs, you can program and automate your lighting to match your daily demands or let it look that your home lives in and out of the night by planning lights in different rooms.

2. Philips WiZ Connected Dimmable White Bulbs (3-pack)

Philips WiZ Connected is the other brand of the parent business of Philips, Signify, and functions precisely like the Philips Hue line does with Google Home. The main distinction is that these bulbs connect directly to the Wi-Fi network of your house rather than needing a hub such as Hue. That means that configuration is more manageable, and you’ve got no one failure point. The entry fee is much, far lower. 

3. LIFX Mini A19 Smart LED Bulb

LIFX lights do not need a hub. They only need a solid Wi-Fi connection. Comparable to a 60W bulb, this bulb is ideal for smaller lamps or lighting devices. The white variety gives the best value for money, while the day and dusk bulbs modify the hue and warmth of the light according to the daytime. These are offered separately and are excellent for bedside table lighting.

4. Sengled Element Classic Smart LED bulbs (8-pack)

You may add eight bulbs to the network for the most excellent pricing per bulb if you already have a Sengled hub – or even a SmartThings or Wink hub. This is an amazing price if you want to substitute each bulb with a voice-controlled smart bulb without paying hundreds of dollars. This is a great alternative.

5. Kasa Vintage Edison Style LED Bulb

These sophisticated Kasa Edison bulbs provide the retro appearance of an Edison bulb with all the comforts of a smart light linked. The bulbs may be controlled using regular A19 bulbs via the phone or Google Assistant and can be easily slackened and set to timers. They are connected to Wi-Fi directly and do not need a hub of any sort. Consequently, these smart bulbs become pretty convenient.

How to connect two smart light bulbs to Google Home?

philip hue connect with google home

You may set up your bulbs from scratch using the Google Home app if you want to use them with Made for Google lights. You’re not going to require a bridge or hub or an app from the bulb maker. 

Working with the Google Assistant lights is Google Assistant compatible but is not Google-made. To work with the smart light bulbs Google Home, you need both the Google Home app and the Bulb Maker application. It may also be necessary to have a hub or bridge from the bulb manufacturer. Explore the partner Google Assistant who is working with the Google light bulbs assistant.

Most smart home programs like Google Home or Amazon Alexa can build “groups” of smart lights. A group creates a single on/off switch in the app that allows several smart light bulbs to be controlled by pressing a button. When arranged in a group, all smart bulbs are synchronized.

Google Assistant groups that can play the same audio throughout your house, Smart Displays or Smart Clocks, can be synchronized. In groups, you can also include your Chromecast.

How to Group Lights in Google Home?

For New Devices

  • First, ensure that the light is configured in the manufacturer’s application.
  • Click the Add button on the Google Home, home screen.
  • Select “Set Up Device”
  • Choose “Have something already set up?” (Or select New Device if it’s a “Made for Google” device)
  • Add your service and link it (This is the name of the person who manufactures the bulb, commonly known as Philips, LIFX, etc.)
  • Discover and add devices to a room

For devices that are already linked

  • Scroll down from Google Home’s home screen to the device list.
  • Choose the device to be added to a room.
  • At the bottom of the screen, select “Add to room.”
  • Choose your house and then click “Next.”
  • Choose “Move device.”
  • Once you have chosen a new room for the light, click “Next.”

How to connect the smart bulb to Google mini?

  1. Have your Google Home device plugged in.
  2. Ensure that the Google Home app is downloaded and installed.
  3. To set up your Google Home device, use the Google Home app.
  4. When you have completed installing your C by GE light bulb, plug in your Google Home device in the same room.
  5. Switch on the light
  6. Open your mobile device with the Google Home app.
  7. Choose “Yes” when you’re asked in the Google Home app to set up your smart bulb.
  8. Choose or create a personalized “room” for your lighting.
  9. Give your smart bulb a distinctive name.
  10. Choose “Next.”

You are finished when the light bulb blinks! Google Home now has your light linked. You may manage your light using the Google Home app or your Google Assistant’s voice command. “How to use smart bulbs” this article will also be important to you. 


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