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Smart Camera Durability

We know that the 21 st century or this century is very advanced in terms of technology. Among the many technological tools, the smart camera has become the most popular and essential tool today. How wonderful it is that man can keep in his mind for a lifetime a photograph of the important events of his life.


And how valuable it is to be able to observe their home, little children’s, pets, and place of business from a distance, or to be aware of the safety of those things from a distance.

How do I use the smart camera app?
  • When today, there are so many kinds of smart camera apps are invented. Examples: 360 smart camera, Smart Camera, Samsung Smart Camera, BOSCH smart camera, YI lot, Etc.
  • Often the features of smart camera apps are similar and differ significantly.
  • However, commonly, these smart camera apps are user-friendly, straightforward to use for anyone.
  • I also use smart camera apps for snapped pictures, videos in my day-to-day life.
  • There are simple steps have to use the smart camera app,
  • First, I open the Smart Camera App icon on the phone, which Google Play Store downloads.
  • Then make sure it is connected to the camera.
  • After the Smart Camera App runs normally, the camera is connected to the phone through Wi-Fi for any camera function or file sharing.
How do I install the Smart Camera App?
  • Installing a smart camera app for my Android Phone is too simple a process.
  • As usual, I go to the google play store, choose a smart camera and check the features reviews mentioned by the early users on which smart camera app will install.
  • Then I have to put a touch on the install tab to Install the app; before install make sure the Wi-Fi is switched on.
  • After downloading, they asked for some massages to get access with my phone. After clicking ‘Allow,’ I can use my smart camera app.
What is Samsung Smart Camera App?
  • Samsung has developed a new smartphone app. It is named as Samsung Smart Camera App.
  • Use the Samsung smart camera app if you want the app to connect to your smartphone for convenience automatically. And many more time and effort-saving features you will receive with this.
  • The developer said that the Samsung Smart Camera App could only connect to Samsung cameras manufactured in 2013 or later.
  • And Another highlighted thing is this application can use on android phones with a resolution of WVGA or Android OS.
Best way to connect my IP camera to my phone?
  • Internet protocol camera (IP Camera) is a digital security camera that receives and sends video footage via an IP network.
  • The maximum connection distance of the Poe IP camera is 100 meters, Ten times than the Wi-Fi ones.
  • And the quality of images, covering area also more than CCTV cameras.
  • There are some steps I have to follow to connect my  IP camera to my phone.
  • First, I should open the internet browser of my smartphone.
  • Then I type the WAN address on the browser’s address bar, following with the assigned port separated by a colon.
  • The next step is typing “admin” on the username. The password will be “blank.”
  • Here I will see the IP camera web Client, with 3 options.
  • Select the web browser based on the available web browser installed on my smartphone.
  • Finally, After selection, click the icon “LIVE VIDEO” to view real-time images captured by the IP camera.
How can I view my camera on my Phone?
  • It is a great benefit when I am away from home. I can immediately log in to my cameras and ensure that nothing is wrong.
  • So let’s know how I can view my camera on my phone.
  • Firstly to view cameras with my phone, it must be connected to the camera.
  • Using a local Wi-Fi link, I can view the camera on my phone from the same location. If I am trying to connect remotely or there is no wireless link, my camera needs to be connected to an internet router.
Why does my camera not work on an Android phone?
  • Thus far, I have discussed the benefits and activity of the camera on my android phone.
  • Now I come to the other point that many Android users face issues regarding the camera not working.
  • When I am trying to open the camera app of my device, and I see any camera error, then maybe it’s because of any kind of software or hardware problem.
  • There are various reasons behind the problem of the camera not working on this Android.
  • Here I am going to mention a few,
  • Low device storage is one of the basic reasons that causes the camera app to function abnormally.
  • Low RAM, Camera incompatibility, any internal software or technical issues, sometimes 3rd party apps can cause a camera’s not working.
How to reinstall the camera app on this Android?
  • As unfortunately, sometimes, it may be uninstalled by the camera app on my Android.
  • On occasion, I must know how to reinstall my camera
  • It has a small procedure to reinstall the camera app on the phone,
  • First, open Setting
  • Tap Apps or Apps & notifications
  • Tap camera 
  • Scroll to and tap App Details
  • Tap uninstall
  • Tap OK on the popup screen
  • Finally, After uninstall completes, select Update at the same location as the previous uninstall button.


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