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Are Smart Door Locks safe? Things to know about these revolutionary devices

Smart door locks are the latest advancement in home security technology. These hands-free smart home devices are built for ease and security. Not only can you unlock the door with a personalized key code, but you are also out of trouble if you are forgetful and leave your keys at home. This is because smart locks are electrical and therefore do not require a key to work. Certain locks may even be operated by remotes, smartphones, or voice instructions from a smart speaker. Are smart door locks safe?

In a nutshell, we can say that smart locks are safe.

Smart Door Locks safe? – Can smart door locks be hacked?

When it comes to smart locks, you might get the question, “Can you trust smart locks?” Some may claim that another factor that contributes to the insecurity of smart locks is the risk of someone hacking into your doors. There are certain instances of hackers were able to hack these smart locks. 

At the 2016 DEF CON hacker convention, experts discussed the security of smart locks. Merculite Security representatives evaluated 16 smart locks that operated via Bluetooth technology. They discovered that 75% of these locks included weaknesses that rendered them easily hackable. Among these flaws were the following: Passwords in plain text, APK decompiling, Device spoofing, and replay attacks.

Some organizations identified Bluetooth issues and provided an additional protective layer with Wi-Fi. For instance, Lockitron can use Wi-Fi to remotely unlock and block a door or get a notification when the lock’s knock sensor is activated.

Look for these factors to ensure that your lock is protected against hackers.

128-bit encryption: 

The same encryption is used when you shop at the internet stores that keep your credit card details safe.

Two-factor authentication: 

If you’ve ever attempted to log into an account and received a text message with a verification code because your device was not recognized, this is an example of two-factor authentication. When a new device is discovered, it requires that any attempted logins to your account be validated.

Long passwords: 

If you have set a longer password, then, of course, it is pretty harder to hack. Brute force attempts (with a hacker running software to test all character combinations for passwords) merely cannot break a password that is long enough because of the computing time involved.

Z-Wave technology: 

This is a wireless technology that enables communication between smart devices and the smart hub. While it is similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Z-Wave is frequently safer due to its unique code and ability to apply robust encryption.

Are smart locks safer than regular locks?

Traditional locks offer significantly greater security than smart locks. Standard locks have been tried and proven throughout time, which helps homeowners lean toward lock brands they trust. This has enabled manufacturers to develop stronger and more durable locks impervious to everything a burglar could throw at them. Additionally, homeowners can strengthen their locks through changes and additions. For example, they can add security pins, lengthen the deadbolt, and install the lock with longer screws to make it more resistant to brutal force damage.

On the other hand, smart locks have been available for a relatively short time, and during that time, their shortcomings have significantly outweighed their benefits. This is not to imply that these locks are ineffective; they prioritize convenience, integration, and ease of use over security. They accomplish this by concentrating only on the secondary characteristics of a lock. Additionally, smart locks have introduced a new layer of risk that traditional locks have never seen, namely the cyber danger that smart locks confront. This implies that smart locks must fight security on two fronts: the physical and the cyber. As of now, they have not dealt with this well.

Are fingerprint smart door locks secure?

smart door locks

Compared to standard locks that require keys that can be stolen or lost, a fingerprint smart door lock significantly reduces the danger of break-ins. It’s a modern solution that’s easy to maintain and operates intuitively in any home. Your home cannot be left behind in this technological era. Rather than employing bump-and-crack locks, you can upgrade to a Wi-Fi fingerprint door lock that you can observe all day.

While key locks are more accessible and simpler, they do not offer the same level of protection you can receive from the door lock on a fingerprint. Lastly, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are equipped to check the attempts of access. Even if you are not home, you can create access codes for your family and friends. With a fingerprint door lock, forced entry is practically difficult. The door lock systems of fingerprint have an alert feature that informs of failed and forceful access. These fingerprint locks may store several records, as opposed to other smart locks. 

Additionally, fingerprint door locks are easier to maintain. No keys are required, and the company will assist you with any concerns or questions that may arise. Fingerprint door locks are impossible to pick. Attempting to damage, it will generate an alert, allowing you to prevent a burglary attempt.

Are keypad entry locks safe?

Keypad front door locks are picked and bump resistant. To bump a lock, someone simply inserts a specially cut key into it and bumps it with something else, such as a screwdriver, forcing the lock’s pins to align with the key and unlock the door. An alternative solution to each of these issues is a keyless entry system. Keypad locks can be an excellent tool for families with small kids. 

Whether you do not want your youngster to carry a key or have just lost a couple, it works together to get rid of the keys. You can create more technical locks, so your child has their own code to enter and set it up so that after entering that code, the door automatically locks. You do not need to worry about reminding them locking if they come home from school when there is no other way around.

The lack of continuous friction by regular insertion and turning of keys is another benefit of keypad locks. This makes the system lasts longer because you just have to press the code to open it. Some concerns tapping the code often can make it simpler to guess, as the buttons exhibit a certain amount of wear. To address this problem, certain locks use fingerprint-resistant displays. We can also routinely clean up the lock in order to get rid of this situation. 

Can smart locks fail when the power goes out?- Smart Door Locks safe

smart door locks

Many of them run on battery power so that the lock can continue for a specific amount of time, even if the electricity continues. You may be able to use your lock-in person, even when the power goes out. 

But you cannot use it remotely if it is connected to your home or office Internet. If your smart lock incorporates a keyhole, the dead batteries will not be a worry. Ensure that you have your key in this situation. But that only batteries can be replaced or their charge tested during a Bluetooth or a keypad connection. Some smart locks also feature terminals to receive a 9V battery charging. But when that is applicable for you, one can be stored in the glove box in your vehicle.


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