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Smart Locks Can Make Your Life Easier Than You Never Expected!

Smart locks are keyless entry systems that enable you to unlock your door without using a physical key. They may be remotely operated via a smartphone application. Numerous variants include an on-lock numeric keypad for typing a specific passcode. A smart lock links to your home’s Wi-Fi network, allowing it to be locked or unlocked via code or smartphone instruction.

Although some smart locks need to replace your entire lock system, others can fit easily over your current lock system or require only a few changes. If you have smart locks inside a fully smart house, you can combine them with other devices like a smart speaker or a safety system. However, they must be connected to a smart home hub that can function together on all devices.

Why would you want Smart Lock?

Your home key is responsible for locking and unlocking your front door. That is all. However, if you’re seeking more than basic functionality, a smart lock is the way to go. Several methods that smart locks simplify life (and make your home safer) include the following:

Regardless of where you are, smart locks always keep an eye on your front entrance.

A smart lock also allows you to use your smartphone as a key. It doesn’t matter whether you miss your guests or a delivery person; log into your app from wherever you are and unlock your front door.

Codes over keys

You’ll appreciate the keyless capability that enables you to unlock your door with the code – no key required when you ever were at your front door while searching through your backpack to find your keys.

No need to hide the keys

Smart locks eliminate the need to duplicate your key for each user. Additionally, this is far safer than having many duplicates of your house key wandering around, protecting your home from future robberies.

Notifications remind you to lock the doors.

You are familiar with a fearful feeling that comes with you when you have ever left your home in a rush to get to work or drop off your kids on the go. Many smart door locks will notify you by text message if you forget to lock your door, allowing you to secure it with the touch of a button immediately.

What are the benefits of smart locks?

smart door locks

Let’s be honest. Life is hectic daily. Managing children’s education, parents’ workloads, and several appointments leave little time to search for misplaced keys. If you’ve ever had to contact your partner at work to bring a spare key home, you’ve probably considered installing smart locks on your home. Smart locks offer numerous advantages to homeowners and business owners. Learn more about how an upgraded home security system might help you by reading on.

Enhance Accessibility While Maintaining Security

House keys frequently become misplaced. Consider smart locks with keypads to prevent chasing down keys or changing locks when tenants vacate. With devices such as the TL 115, you can unlock the door using Bluetooth technology and your smartphone. Additionally, you can provide individual passcodes to your children to monitor their arrival and exit.

Smart locks are accessible through smartphones.

Virtual keys enable guests, families, and elderly family members’ convenient access to holiday rentals. Smart locks are a significant addition to other gadgets you remotely operate. From smart lights and smart devices to your home entry system is the route to the future—stand ahead.

Lessen the burdens of home security

Smart keys allow you to access and track many persons that arrive and leave your home every day or night. With the installation of the app, you may remotely monitor and control your smart locks and assign new passcodes as required.

Strengthen Your Connectivity

Install the app to your home or mobile device by integrating your smart locks with your house safety system. If family and guests fail to lock the door, smart locking systems can be alerted! When you’re halfway to Starbucks, it’s a relief, and you worry if you forget to lock the front door – again! It can also help you stay with your partner out of the doghouse.

So many locking and unlocking options!

If you’ve got a guest, tenant, or home cleaner that’s not technologically comfortable, smart deadbolts with a classic locking mechanism can open up the lock and secure it. To refuse Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, select a smart keyboard lock that stores the code directly on the locking mechanism. The chances of someone guessing — or even hacking extreme strength— your code is almost impossible with a million different passcode capacities.

Variety of designs to pick from

You can choose from many styles regardless of whether you want a simple design, including a smart doorknob or a futuristic one—for example, a keyless smart locks inlet. Choose a model like a traditional deadbolt or anything else that is attractive for your aesthetic.

Ignore hiding the key

Are you still hiding the spare key beneath the front porch flower pot? You know, the first place everyone looks? Remove the hiding key and bring your home into the twenty-first century with smart keyless locks. The next time your son loses his key and cannot enter the house while you are out running errands, text him a passcode and continue on your way.

Remote security is excellent.

If you own rental homes or Airbnb houses or manage them on behalf of clients, here is your opportunity to reclaim your life. Install smart locks and bid farewell to the dreaded midnight phone call informing you that a guest has been locked out. When you’re on vacation, smart locks are the way to go. You do not wish to cope with an absent-minded guest at work while dining with family while running errands.

Manage your property from all across the country thanks to smart locks!

Smart locks provide you with the ability without being there to check your property. It facilitates guests’ and property managers’ check-in and check-out processes. You may check the history of locking, sharing, and revoking eKeys and more as long as you have a data connection.

smart locks

Do smart locks have cameras?

Smart locks are a relatively new concept in the world of technology. While we have yet to see this type of device improve, this does not imply there are not currently some excellent instances of this type of device.

What enables outdated locks to be so replaced?


These locks frequently include an integrated camera, which is a significant improvement in terms of security. Smart locks are a great use for technology with video camera integration. Get a video clip anytime your door has been opened or check who is at the door.

How do smart locks get power?

The main disadvantage of smart door locks is that they need an electricity supply and will not work without them. But if the smart lock has a standard key, the lock system itself can still be operated. Many smart locks use AAA or AA batteries, although some have rechargeable batteries. The device will notify you on your phone when the lock needs a battery change so that you won’t have a deadlock behind.

What happens if the Smart Lock battery dies?

Your Smart Lock will give low-battery warnings for several weeks before shutting off completely. However, if your Smart Lock completely shuts down before you can change the batteries, your key will continue to function. This is the same deadbolt key you’ve always used – the Smart Lock requires no additional keys.


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