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Do You Know About Smart Plug Installation And Its Setup? Here is How To Do It!

You may have an idea about smart plug install. And you may be eager to know its installation process. Yeah!  Smart plugs are a small device in your house, and it is an easy gadget that makes your home smarter. Did you know? Smart plug installation is a very easy task if you have a strong internet connection. Smart plugs can do a lot of things when they connect via the internet.  

A smart plug is a power plug that can fit between the wall socket and relevant appliances. Using a smart plug is the cheapest and easiest way to smarten up your traditional home. You can control smart plugs via your smartphone, smart home hub, or virtual assistant. You may realize that a smart plug is more valuable than its appearance.

Before smart plug installation, we have to know about wifi connection bandwidth. Almost every smart plugs use a 2.4 GHz Wifi bandwidth, and they do not need a hub. That facilities make them easy to install and quick to connect. Also, you can control your smart plugs without the internet. Some smart plugs can perform certain functions without the internet. It means you can press the physical button on the smart plug to turn it off and on. If the smart plug still connects to the internet, you can use smart features to control that. Otherwise, you can use that physical button.

Wifi is the main thing to continue smart plug install process. Let’s see how to connect the smart plug to wifi?

Wifi connectivity allows you to control devices remotely until your smartphone connects to the internet. Smart plugs install is not possible whether there is no Wifi. 

  • First of all, you have to download the relevant app and sign up. There are different apps to android versions and apple versions.
  • Then sign in using your email and password. Make a strong password.
  • After you see the plus sign on your front page, click on it.
  • You can add that specific smart plug by scanning its QR code. It is the easy way.
  • When you connect your smart plug with your smartphone, you can see a blinking red color LED bulb on its side.
  • Then you can connect your wifi connection and other necessary things.
  • After connecting, you can see that the red color LED bulb turns to green color.
  • Next, you will receive a window to change the appliance’s nickname, and you can change its icon also.
  • After doing it, click turn on.

This is the typical method to connect a smart plug to wifi. Furthermore, details you can use handbook relevant to it. Also, you can schedule your smart plug to turn it on and off. So there is no problem whether it is turned on or off. You will be able to turn appliances off and on at the arranged time on specific days.

While it is working, it suddenly may stop its responding. Why my smart plug is not responding? 

Not responding also an issue occur due to poor internet connection. That problem can correct simply by restarting your router or resetting your smart plug. The correct process of resetting the smart plug is different from model to model. But you might be able to restart your router by unplugging it, waiting a few seconds, and again plugging it back in.

The main disadvantage is going offline. Why do my smart plugs keep going offline?

smart plugs to wifi

If your device is showing offline mode, it means it has lost its network connection. Mainly there are few reasons for going offline. Smart plugs are going offline when they:

  • Have poor internet connection. 
  • Outdated software.
  • Insufficient bandwidth.

Above are the main reasons. In most cases, you can reconnect the connectivity by resetting it. Easily you can solve the problem.

Reconnecting, how do I reconnect the smart plug to wifi?

You can press the on-off button for five seconds until the light is flashing. Click on add device or plus sign to connect your smart plug with your smartphone. Select the device and input the WIFI password, and then you can confirm it.

Resetting is also a solution. How do you reset a smart plug?

To reset your smart plug, unplug the device connected to it. Then unplugged the smart plug from the socket. Wait at least ten seconds. Plug the smart plug and device separately. For smart plugs with lights, remember to release that button as soon as its LED bulb turns on. To reset the smart plug into its factory settings, you can press and hold the button on the side of the device for at least twelve seconds

By reconnecting or resetting, you can solve offline problems typically. It may be fantastic.

You may think that all troubles may solve by resetting the smart plug and restarting the router. But it is wrong. There are some other troubleshooting methods. Further troubleshooting involves updating the specific software, relocating the router, or sometimes your connected device may be configured in the wrong manner. Also, you have to check whether your network is stable. You can connect your

phone or tablet to the same 2.4 GHz network and put it next to the offline device to test your network stability. Then you can browse the web to evaluate network stability.

Remember to do relevant updates as manufactures update their software to protect their customers from security issues. So you have to do relevant updates at the correct time. If you forget about it, you can turn them to auto-update mode. Otherwise, you may expose to security issues also.

Sometimes you may see that the LED bulb in the smart plug is blinking in red color. What does it mean when my smart plug is blinking red?

There is a LED bulb on one side of the smart plug as an indicator. It can blink in red color and green or blue color. When you connect the smart plug with the socket, that LED bulb blinks in red color. After you connect it with your smartphone, it blinks in green or blue color. It means your smart plugs install process is a success. But after connecting, yet if it is in red, it means there are connection problems. 

So you have to check the router. Sometimes there may be installation problems also. So you have to check from A-Z. Then you can find the problem. If you are successful in installation, that bulb should blink in green or blue color. However, it is better to experience this innovative product.

smart plugs reset

In addition, if you have changed your wifi password recently, make sure the new password has been updated on all of your devices. Smart plugs and smart devices require an internet connection to be fully operational. Without it, they are practically useless. However, when they have access to a strong network connection, they perform well, and you can ensure your security.

Nevertheless, if you can not solve problems or have any installation issues, it is better to contact a professional electrician.

So if you want to convert your house into a smart house, you can start it with a smart plug. You can make your smart home dreams come true. Once you connect your smart plug, you can be controlled through a remote controller. You can turn it off or on by using your smartphone. You can install them easily. Not only that but they are low in cost. 

Wrapping up…

So they are an affordable option for you to begin turning your house into a smart place. You can take any ordinary electrical outlet you use in your home, and you can put a smart plug on it. Smart plugs allow you to make devices and appliances in your home automated more efficiently, more secure, and it made up according to your personal preferences. So your life may be easy and stress-free. Come on, experience this innovative product today itself. Hope you’ll get a good knowledge of smart plug install process and how to reset it.  


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