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DUKA Electronic Digital meter

DUKA Electronic Digital meter: Rechargeable Black Tape Ruler Rangefinder For Measuring Long Distance

Table of Content

  • About DUKA Electronic Digital meter
  • Who can use the digital meter?
  • All about the hardware
  • Further details about the DUKA Electronic Digital meter
  • How the package you’ll get looks like
  • The unboxing
  • What you’ll find inside our package
  • Build quality
  • All about the operation
  • Final verdict; Why you should buy the DUKA Electronic Digital meter
  • Where can you buy the DUKA Electronic Digital meter?

What is the DUKA Electronic Digital Meter?

This unique electric measuring tape is capable of measuring long distances on both curved and straight surfaces. The lightweight, compact and portable device has eight functions. The operation is made simple with just three keys. Due to the superior quality built, the DUKA Electronic Digital Meter is very durable. Consequently, you can use this device for a longer period.

To whom the DUKA Electronic Digital Meter is ideal? 

The tape is perfect for all designers and professionals in the carpentry field as they have to work with straight, curved, and irregular-shaped materials.

The digital tape is powered by a 200mAh 0.74wh battery. Its Lithium battery direct charge, 200 days long standby. The easy-to-use device can be charged using a Type-C cable. The compact, portable and lightweight device has a 1.8-inch VA LCD screen and weighs only 35g. The text on the screen appears in white on a black background, which makes it easy to read by anyone.

Further details about the DUKA Electronic Digital meter

The Duka digital meter is only 53mm in size with 15mm thickness, which makes it compact and easily portable. The shell consists of silicon and aluminum alloy. It is also polished well and covered by matte blasting.

Due to its small size and design, the electronic digital meter weighs about 35g only. The screen of the Duka electronic tape is 1.8 inches. The VA LCD screen is well protected by a 4H super hard plexiglass. The text on the screen appears in white on a black background, making it easy to read. The backlight time ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The DUKA Electronic Digital meter has a battery power of 200mAh 0.74wh.

You can charge this device pretty simply by using a type-C cable. You can turn on or off the buzzer according to your requirements. The approximate single measurement distance is up to 9.99 meters while the accumulated range: is up to 99.99 meters. When we consider the accuracy of the device, it is about ± 0.5%. It supports stepless adjustments.

This is the look of the package.

The unboxing

What you will find inside the package

Inside the purchased package you will have,

  • DUKA Electronic Digital meter-1 
  • Type-C Charging Cable-1

Build quality

The overall build of the DUKA Electronic Digital meter is impressive. The shell consists of aluminum alloy and silicon also features a metallic ring and a rear plastic enclosure. This ensures build quality and durability. It is impossible to bend or break this device easily.

All about the operation

The DUKA Electronic Digital meter is different from your standard traditional measuring tape. Instead of the usual metal strip, this digital meter uses a built-in rolling element wheel.

You just need to place the rolling element wheel on the surface of your material. The overall operation is pretty simple with just three keys. Press the middle key To measure the distance between two points in a straight line. Yeah, it is the power button, which also acts as a reset button. You can use the LED light marker to set it on the start point and roll it between the two points until a measurement is displayed in a straight-line scenario.

The history of previous readings is saved in the device’s memory. You can access the memory by browsing with the right/left arrow navigation buttons. Moreover, you can use the navigation buttons to switch measurement modes.

Final verdict; Why you should buy the DUKA Electronic Digital meter

The DUKA Electronic Measuring Tape is an excellent product. Of course, it is totally worth buying. On the other hand, it is relatively cheap when considering the excellent construction quality. Not to forget that the DUKA Electronic Measuring tape is both user-friendly and easily portable. That is why this device is ideal for all types of designers and carpenters and all professionals who need a measuring tape.

Where can you buy DUKA Electronic Digital meter?

You can purchase the DUKA Electronic Digital Meter via Urban Smart House.

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