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How to do smart thermostat install? 

Are you thinking of buying a smart temperature controller? It would be a great idea, and a professional can trust the installation at no extra cost. It would help if you had a basic idea of ​​the installation, but it is not difficult to install with the instruction guide. If you are afraid of wires and circuits, you may have those questions in your mind. “Is the smart temperature controller easy to install?” Or “Can I install a smart temperature controller?” Don’t overthink about it. This article will guide you to install an intelligent temperature controller without any fear.

How do I connect my smart thermostat?

  • Head screwdriver
  • A pencil
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Power drill

Check the existing heating and cooling system.

Before installing an ismart temperature controller, you should check whether the HVAC or heating and cooling systems are working correctly. If it is not inspected before installation, damage to the new heating system can result in a power outage.

Test the wiring to make sure the low-voltage thermostat system is functioning correctly.

The voltage of the thermal stabilization system should be 24 VAC. Please be sure not to install a heat sink in a high voltage system. If there’s a system with 18 gauge wires which are 2-9 thick and the cables are coming from the wall and connect to the thermostat’s circuit, it is a low voltage system.

Disconnect the heating and cooling systems.

You have the option to turn off the heating and cooling system by breaking the oven power control circuit or turning off the switch nearby. To check if there is no power, you can use a voltage detector. When changing the temperature controller, be sure to disable HVAC before making any adjustments permanently. By combining the C and R wires, you can explore a transformer or a fuse.

Take the thermostat cover off.

Do not disconnect the wire when you remove the heat sink cover. It will be easier to briefly describe how the wire is connected and use it later for labeling.

Then take the background of the old temperature controller.

Now you can remove the thermostat wire from the backplate. You may need a pen to draw small screws or push small tabs on the model to release the wire. Next, remove the nuts that hold the plate to the back of the wall with a screwdriver.

Assemble the new backplate as a sample

Mark the background of the new thermal center and wall using a pencil. Drill holes for the backplate screws. (If necessary, install wall anchors.) Before screwing the heat sink to the wall, be sure to pull the heat sink wire through the backsplash.

Reattach the wires

Before connecting the wires, they must be fastened to the new smart temperature end. Once the wire is fully inserted, gently pull to secure it. Take a photo to use later as a guide. Using this information, you can set the temperature controller.

Place the new faceplate.

Now that you have the wire, you should be able to attach the faceplate of your new thermal controller to the background. Forcing an item that does not need to be connected is dangerous because the wires can be interrupted. Before attempting to reassemble the face, be sure to put them back on the wall.

Connect the thermostat to the internet

After enabling your new smart temperature controller, it will most likely take you through a series of queries to connect to Wi-Fi and configure its associated smartphone app. And these process stages vary by production and model, so pay close attention to the questions. With your new intelligent temperature controller, you will start saving money.

smart thermostats cost

Install a Smart thermostat without a C wire??

The installation process of smart thermostats does not require a C wire and maintains constant thermal stability of 24 volts. However, if there is a C wire, it serves as a backup power supply for the battery. And if you do not have a C wire, you can use the Smart Thermal Stable only on batteries. Thermal stability here does not discharge the battery because it uses the power from the batteries to activate it. Depending on how often you use them, this battery should last for a year or more.

What operating system runs a smart thermostat?

You need iOS 10 or Android 5.0 to use the Smart Thermostat app.

How many wires does a smart thermostat need?

In addition to the C wire, you will need six wires to install the Smart thermostat. The wire, called the C-wire, is needed to ensure that your thermal controller receives a constant power supply. Then C-wire is essential if you want to program your air conditioner or heater to operate at a specific time or temperature. Although this c-wire is not required, some manufacturers, such as Nest, still recommend it for best results. The industry standard thermal stability wire color codes used in most systems are listed below

  • White – connects to the heat.
  • Yellow – connects to the compressor.
  • Green – connects to the fan.
  • Orange – connects to the heat pump (if suitable).
  • Red (C) – connects to the cooling system.
  • Red (H) – connects to the heating system. In some cases, people can read this wire without an “H.”
  • Blue – “C” wire.

How do I reset the thermostat remotely?

Your smart thermostat may be unresponsive, but you may restore regular operation by restarting or resetting it to the factory settings.

settings > reset > network > confirm to reset the thermostat.

To connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi, follow the on-screen instructions. This step then usually solves the problem. But for this, it takes some time.

How much does it cost to install a smart thermostat?

In the United States, a smart temperature controller costs $ 250 to $ 350 to install. In Australia, installation costs start at $ 189.

Do you need an electrician to install a thermostat?

If you’re even a little competent, hiring an electrician to help you install a new thermostat might sound ridiculous.   A new “smart” thermostat that needs a constant power supply and you don’t already have a C-wire may require the assistance of a professional to be installed appropriately.

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Is it worth installing a smart thermostat?

If you are the right person to use a smart temperature controller, it is worth investing in. Smart thermostats help save electricity as well as your money. If you have a smart temperature controller, you can control your temperature remotely and customize the temperature. But for some, this may not be helpful. There are many factors: which smart controller you will choose, how the temperature control features will be beneficial to you, etc.


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