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We are Urban Smart House accessible at https://urbansmarthouse.com
Standard terms and conditions of Urban Smart House are written to manage the user actions, and accessibility to the website. The terms are applied to monitor the user behavior on the website. By using Urban Smart House, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of Urban Smart House. You are not allowed to use the website Urban Smart House, if you do not agree with the terms and conditions written here.

Rights over Urban Smart House:

Under the terms and conditions, all the intellectual property rights and resources included in this website owns by the team Urban Smart House and its licensors. For any content contribution to the site, you have rights under the statement.
For the purpose of viewing content and material published on Urban Smart House, you are given limited authorization.

Restrictions apply:

We apply certain restrictions on Urban Smart House accessibility in order to manage its standards and prevent possible fraud.
• Publish any of the Urban Smart House website content in any other place
• Selling, sublicense or commercialize any content on Urban Smart House
• Use Urban Smart House website illegally to bring harm to the website identification
• Use the website with impacts on the user access
• Going conflict with the laws and regulations applied
• Cause harm to the website, or use for any person or business objective
• Data mining, data collecting, extracting or any other similar activity on the website Urban Smart House
• Engage in any unauthorized advertising or marketing using the website

Website contains some areas with restrictions to block user access for security purpose. Urban Smart House may further limit the access to any particular areas of the website, with absolute rights at any time.
The users are provided with individual IDs and passwords with high privacy and please do maintain confidentiality from your side as well.

Your content rights:

Your content in terms and conditions of Urban Smart House means any video, audio, written content, images or any that you decided to display on this website.
With the material you display on the website, you are agreeing with a non-exclusive, irreversible, sub-licensable authorization. With that, we can use your content on this website, replicate, modify, distribute, translate and publish it in any media as we prefer.
The content by you must be 100% own by you and must not be occupying any third-party’s privileges. We have total rights to remove any of your content on the site that are violating the statement at any time without early notice.

Privacy of the user:

The privacy policy of the Urban Smart House contains all details about how we uses and protects all data we collect from the user when they use this website. We collect only limited information from the user and 100% committed to ensure the safety.
Urban Smart House is responsible towards using the data for internal records, improve products and services, market researches or promotional purposes accordingly the privacy statement.

The unauthorized access or expose is prevented with the right physical, automated and administrative measures we use.
Please read the complete privacy policy of Urban Smart House for complete comprehension.

No contracts:

The website, Urban Smart House is on condition that “as is,” with all responsibilities and the website states no depictions or contracts, of any kind connections to this website or with the content it takes. Additionally, nothing kept in check on this website shall be interpreted as directing you.

Liability limits:

Urban Smart House holds no liability related to your use of this website. And in the same way, its officers, managements and workforces will not be liable for any secondary, substantial or special liability related to your use of the website.

Assignment of rights:

Urban Smart House can assign, transmit, and contract out its rights and responsibilities under the mentioned terms and conditions without any early or later notifications. But, it is totally prohibited for you to assign, transmit, or subcontract any of your rights and responsibilities under these terms.

The complete agreement:

These Terms and conditions of the Urban Smart House are established the complete agreement between the website and you with regard to your usage of this website. And also count on the all prior contracts and identifications.