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The Best Vacuum for Your Airbnb or Vacation Rental in 2023

Finding the best vacuum for your Airbnb is crucial if you want to manage your rental property properly. Moreover, it’s not just about doing a routine cleaning; vacuuming regularly is essential to keep your Airbnb clean for the guests. As a result, it’ll boost your chances of getting positive reviews for your rental property.

When your guests walk into the Airbnb, they should find a clean and dust-free space that sets a positive tone for their stay. So, their first impression must be a good one. Additionally, a properly maintained rental property will make them want to return and bring in new guests. 

Choosing the best vacuum for your Airbnb can be daunting because there are so many options in the market. There are upright vacuums for deep carpet cleaning, canister vacuums for cleaning on different surfaces, robot vacuums for automated cleaning, stick vacuums for swift clean-ups, and handheld vacuums for dealing with small messes. Therefore, you need to select the one that matches your rental property.

In this article, we’ll explore the best vacuum for your Airbnb or vacation rental and their features So you can make a smart decision to make your property and guests happy.

What are the Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Vacuum for Your Airbnb?

Before buying a vacuum for your Airbnb, you must consider factors such as durability, ease of use, and noise level. Furthermore, consider its compatibility with various floor types, cord lengths, weight, and filtration systems. By considering these factors, you can decide to keep your Airbnb top-notch. Now, let’s dive into the factors that matter most.

  • Vacuum User for Your Airbnb

When you choose a vacuum for your rental property, think about who will use it. So, if you or your cleaners handle it, focus on its power and robustness. But if your guests will use it, get a simple, easy-to-operate vacuum cleaner. Hence, choosing straightforward models for a pleasant guest experience would be best.

  • Best Vacuum Type for your Airbnb

There are different types of vacuums that provide different uses. Let’s look at the standard vacuum types.

  • Upright Vacuum

Upright vacuums are famous for their powerful suction and effective carpet cleaning. They stand upright and are pushed forward while cleaning. Moreover, their design typically has a motorized brush roll that lifts dirt from carpets. However, they’re heavy, so moving them around is difficult. Also, they need help to reach under the furniture appropriately. But uprights are suitable for homes with carpeting as they’re made for deep cleaning.

  • Cylinder Vacuum

On the other hand, cylinder vacuums, also known as canister vacuums, come with a separate body connected to a hose and cleaning wand. These vacuums are highly versatile and very useful on hard floors. Furthermore, their design makes it easier to move them, especially in tight spaces. However, they don’t have the deep cleaning ability of an upright vacuum because some don’t have a motorized brush roll. Consequently, cylinder vacuums are ideal for homes with hard floors and carpets.

  • Cordless Vacuum

Recently, cordless vacuums have become popular because of their convenience. These vacuums run on rechargeable batteries so that you can clean them without cord restriction. Although they are less potent than corded vacuums, they still have features that make them suitable for most cleaning tasks. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to move, which is ideal for small rental properties. However, you must charge them regularly since they have limited running time.

  • Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are compact, portable devices for quick cleaning and reaching hard-to-reach areas. They are primarily battery-powered and easy to carry with one hand. However, because of its limited capacity, you can’t clean your entire Airbnb rental with this device. But they’re excellent for cleaning car interiors, upholstery, stairs, and minor spills. 

  • Robot Vacuum

Lastly, robot vacuums are autonomous cleaning devices with sensors and navigation features. Moreover, they can move around your rental property independently and clean as they go. These vacuums are best for light maintenance and daily touch-ups since they don’t have the same suction power as other vacuums. Also, advanced robot vacuums can be programmed, self-empty themselves, and learn to avoid obstacles.

  • Surface Compatibility of the Best Vacuum for Your Airbnb

Before you buy a vacuum, you need to think about your Airbnb’s flooring. If you have high-pile carpets, you must get powerful upright vacuums. They’ll clean those carpets thoroughly. On the other hand, you need cylinder vacuums for hardwood and tile floors. So, you must ensure your choice matches your property’s flooring for effective cleaning.

  • Attachments of the Best Vacuum for Your Airbnb

Attachments are additional tools that improve a vacuum’s function and provide a better way of cleaning surfaces. Here’s an in-depth look at some standard attachments:

  • Crevice Tool

This long, slender attachment can reach tight and awkward spaces, such as gaps between furniture, skirting boards, and car interiors.

  • Mini Motorized Brush/Pet Tool

This brush is suitable for getting pet hair and dirt. Moreover, it has a rotating brush that shakes and removes stubborn debris. So, this is useful for upholstery and stairs.

  • Mattress Tool/Upholstery Tool

These attachments have small, flat heads that clean mattresses, cushions, and upholstery.

  • Dusting Brush

This includes soft bristles over a small nozzle that gently removes dust from delicate surfaces like lampshades, blinds, and electronics.

  • Ease of Maneuvering for the Best Vacuum for Your Airbnb

You need to consider how easy it is to move the vacuum. For example, upright vacuums are powerful but heavy and awkward in tight spaces. On the other hand, cylinder vacuums are flexible, especially around furniture. Moreover, cordless vacuums are lightweight and easy to move but need frequent charging. Therefore, you need to choose a vacuum that suits your Airbnb for proper cleaning.

Best Vacuums for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals in 2023

In 2023, the Airbnb and vacation rental industry is thriving, so equipping your property with a top-notch vacuum cleaner is essential. Here, we’ll explore the best vacuums to keep your Airbnb spotless and impress your guests. So you’ll be able to make an informed decision by the end.

1. Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum

Smart Vaccume
Amazon.com: The corded vacuum cleaner has a suction-release valve control on the handle

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 isn’t the latest model on the market, but its popularity makes it an excellent option for your Airbnb rental. So, the thing that makes it stand out is its dual function – it can be used as both an upright and canister vacuum.

Pros Cons
It has excellent features at an affordable price The brush roll is unremovable,
The vacuum has a swivel head that is easy to maneuver It is cumbersome
You can decrease suction power for delicate items

Features of Shark NV352 Upright Vacuum

Let’s explore the qualities of this vacuum cleaner and see how it fits into your Airbnb rental. 

  • Lift-Away Functionality

This vacuum has a detachable pod with which you can clean above-floor spaces. Moreover, the lift-away feature is for cleaning stairs, furniture, and challenging areas to reach so your Airbnb can be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

This device comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. So, combined with the HEPA filter, it can trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum. Moreover, the HEPA filter can capture 99.9% of dust, so your guests will have a clean and healthy environment to stay in. 

  •  Powerful Suction

This upright vacuum cleaner has powerful suction, quickly cleaning heavy carpets and bare floors. Hence, the robust motor can capture all the dirt and dust from your property.

  • Brushroll Shutoff

This has a brush-roll shutoff feature with which you can switch between deep carpet cleaning and gentle bare floor cleaning. So, it doesn’t matter if one part of your Airbnb is carpeted and another is bare because this vacuum will adapt to your property’s needs. 

  • Swivel Steering

The swivel steering will get you in and out of tight spaces, especially when you’re cleaning around the furniture and corners. Hence, it’s a time-saver for hosts managing larger properties. 

  • Pet Hair Pickup Attachments

The wide upholstery tool is valuable if you allow pets in your rental property. It can easily pick up pet hair from furniture and upholstery and keep your Airbnb clean for the guests.

  • Crevice Tool

The crevice tool can also clean corners, baseboards, tight spaces, and ceilings. So, it’ll ensure that every area of your property is clean.

  • Technical Specifications

Special Features: Lightweight, HEPA Filter, Hypoallergenic, Portable with Wheels

Filter Type: Foam

Included Components: Upholstery tool, Crevice tool

Cordless: No

Capacity: 1.1 Quarts

Wattage: 1200 watts

Form Factor: Upright

Product Dimensions: 15″L x 11.4″W x 45.5″H

Noise Level: 80 dB

Amperage: 3.6 Amps

Cleaning Path Width: 11 Inches

Portable: Yes

Warranty Description: SharkNinja offers a five-year limited warranty


This upright vacuum costs $179.99. So, it’s affordable and has some great features to keep your Airbnb rental clean for your guests.

2. Miele C3 Calima Canister Vacuum

The C3 Complete Calima Vacuum is ideal for allergies with HEPA filtration and tight seals.
Amazon.com: The C3 Complete Calima Vacuum is ideal for allergies with HEPA filtration and tight seals.

The Miele C3 Complete Calima is a significant improvement from older canister vacuums. All the attachments are stored on the vacuum, and the nozzle securely locks onto the canister. So, there won’t be any vacuum hose mishaps. The telescopic nozzle tube also easily cleans dusty ceiling fans in your Airbnb space.

Pros Cons
It is ideal for wooden floors Very expensive
The vacuum is suitable for people with allergies It takes up more space than upright vacuums.
You can secure the attachments onboard the vacuum.

Features of Miele C3 Canister Vacuum

Let’s take a closer look at the features of the canister vacuum.

  • Suction Power

This canister vacuum has a powerful 1200.0-watt motor. So, it can easily clean dust and debris on different surfaces in your Airbnb property, from carpets to hard floors.

  • Adjustable Suction

One of the standout features is the 6-stage Rotary Dial. With this, you can fine-tune the suction power. Consequently, this feature is vital for your Airbnb because you can easily switch between floor types if you have different ones. 

  • TurboTeQ Floorhead

The TurboTeQ floorhead can clean low to medium-pile carpets. Furthermore, it operates solely on airflow by picking up dirt and pet hair. So, your property will remain clean even amid pets. 

  • SBB Parquet-3 Floorhead

The SBB Parquet-3 floorhead comes with natural bristles. So, you can gently clean the sensitive hard floors of your rental property. This is particularly helpful because it’ll maintain the aesthetics of your hard floors and minimize the risk of scratches or damage.

  • Low Noise Operation 

Your guests won’t be disturbed by the sound of this vacuum because of its low noise feature. Hence, it can maintain powerful suction while functioning at a lower noise level.

  • Technical Specifications

Filter Type: HEPA Filter

Included Components: Crevice Nozzle, Dusting Brush, Protection Filters, Hepa Filter, Dustbags, Upholstery Nozzle

Cordless: No

Capacity: 4.5 Liters

Wattage: 1200 watts

Cable Length: 22 Feet

Recommended Uses: Designed for bare floors with minimal or no carpet; not suitable for wall-to-wall carpet or heavy pet fur.

Product Dimensions: 20″L x 12″W x 12″H

Noise Level: 81 dB

Warranty Description: Covered by a 3-year limited warranty.


At $748.70, the Miele Canister Vacuum is quite expensive. For an Airbnb property, it might stretch the budget. However, its performance and features are worth the investment.

3. Kenmore Upright Bagged Vacuum

 bagged vacuum for air bnb
Amazon.com: With its lengthy 35-foot cord, this bagged vacuum is perfect for Airbnb properties with limited electrical outlets

The Kenmore Elite 31150 is a good choice for managing an Airbnb property. The vacuum may look traditional, but it has modern features, such as a HEPA filtration system and a telescopic wand. 

Pros  Cons
It works well on carpets  The device is quite heavy 
The vacuum has a long 35-ft cord  Its hose is a bit short
It comes with three different attachments


Features of Kenmore Upright Vacuum

Let’s dive into the key features of this vacuum cleaner and see if it’s a valuable addition to your Airbnb rental.

  • Bagged Upright Vacuum

The vacuum has a bagged design to contain dust and debris. So, it’ll prevent dust and allergens from releasing into the air when you dispose of it. Hence, keeping a clean and healthy environment for your guests becomes easier. 

  • Triple HEPA Filter System

This vacuum’s triple HEPA filter system is a standout feature for controlling allergies. It can capture 99.97% of debris trap dander, dust particles, odors, pollen, and more. Therefore, this filtration system is crucial for making the air in your Airbnb cleaner and better for your guests who might be allergic to dust. 

  • 3D Inducer Motor

The 3D Inducer Motor combines the strength of three motors and provides 20% more air power than a typical vacuum. Moreover, you can thoroughly clean and deep suction on high-pile carpets with this extra power range. Hence, hosts can keep the floors pristine and spotless between guest turnovers.

  • 5-Level Height Adjustment

The 5-level height adjustment is helpful if your rental property has different types of floors. It can perform well on various surfaces.

  • Pet Handimate

The Pet Handimate’s air-driven turbine spins the roller brush at high RPM and removes pet hair and stubborn debris from upholstery, stairs, and car seats. So, this is useful if you have a pet-friendly rental property and want to decrease allergens for your guests.

  • Above Floor Cleaning

The telescoping wand extends up to 7 feet, so you can easily reach high or hard-to-reach areas. You can keep the ceilings and corners of your Airbnb property clean and dust-free.  

  • LED Dirt Sensor + Headlight

The LED dirt sensor will alert you to dirt that isn’t visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, a built-in headlight will light up dark corners and underneath the furniture so you can clean your property more precisely.   

  • Technical Specifications

Special Feature: Corded

Filter Type: HEPA Filter

Included Components: Extension Wand, Pet Handimate, Combo Brush/Dusting Tool, Crevice Tool

Cordless: No

Capacity: 1.5 Liters

Wattage: 120 watts

Cable Length: 35 Feet

Form Factor: Upright

Product Dimensions: 14.25 inches Length x 13.75 inches Width x 45.75 inches Height

Noise Level: 70 dB

Item Weight: 20 pounds

Warranty Description: Covered by a 1-year warranty


The price for the Kenmore Upright Bagged Vacuum is $319.99. While it’s a bit costly, it’s worth it for the performance and features it provides to keep your Airbnb property clean and allergen-free.

4. iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum
Amazon: Self Emptying Robot Vacuum

If you’re managing an Airbnb, the iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum is worth considering because it can map and recall multiple rooms and is spot-clean to save you time. Furthermore, unlike bristle brushes, it has dual rubber roller brushes that won’t get clogged with pet hair.

Pros  Cons
The vacuum has an attractive, premium design It’s better on hard floors than carpets.
It has a quick setup process  You’ll need to purchase replacement disposal bags
The app has easy-to-use mapping controls


Features of iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum

For Airbnb hosts who hate vacuuming, the robot vacuum has many versatile features to keep your property pristine and clean. Let’s dive into the details.

  • Deep Cleaning Power

The smart vacuum has a 3-stage Cleaning System that provides 40 times the suction power compared to the previous models. So, this vacuum can handle even the most stubborn dirt and pet hair, even from deep within the carpets. Furthermore, in your Airbnb rental, where guests leave behind various messes, this feature helps maintain a fresh and spotless look.

  • Perfect Edge Technology

The robot vacuum comes with PerfectEdge Technology. So, it uses advanced sensors and a Corner Brush to clean the hard-to-reach areas thoroughly. Hence, your Airbnb will have no dust or debris and bring in more guests. 

  • Smart Navigation

One of the standout features of this vacuum is its intelligent navigation. It uses vSLAM navigation to create a detailed map of your Airbnb property by capturing over 230,400 data points per second. Moreover, it provides efficient cleaning and helps avoid obstacles. This feature is a massive advantage in an Airbnb, where furniture arrangements change frequently.

  • Personalized Cleaning

The Roomba s9+ will learn your cleaning habits and then provide customized schedules. Moreover, it will suggest extra cleaning sessions for high pollen counts or during pet shedding seasons. For an Airbnb rental, this is useful because the cleaning needs will vary from one guest to the next.

  • Imprint Smart Mapping

This device will figure out the layout of your rental property through smart mapping. Also, it’ll know the difference between your kitchen and living room so you can decide where and when it should be cleaned. 

  • Customizable Keep-Out Zones

The vacuum will set up Keep Out Zones so you can mark the spots or areas it should avoid while cleaning. Consequently, this feature is helpful for rental properties since it’ll protect delicate or personal items of your guests.

  • Ideal for Homes with Pets

This device has 40% larger Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes that will not get tangled with pet hair. Additionally, it has a High-Efficiency Filter that can trap cat and dog allergens. Hence, your Airbnb rental will remain clean and comfortable for guests who have allergies.

  • Careful Drive Mode

The Careful Drive Mode uses 3D sensor technology to detect objects in its path, cleaning around them without jostling or nudging. This is particularly important in a rental property where guests may have personal belongings, ensuring nothing is disturbed.

  • Technical Specifications

Special Features: Ideal for Pet Hair, Powerful Suction, Thoroughly Cleans Corners & Edges, Wi-Fi Connected, Automatic Dirt Disposal (Empties Itself)

Product Dimensions: 12.25 inches Length x 12.25 inches Width x 3.5 inches Height

Included Components: Filter, Dusting brush, Dirt disposal bag, Charging station

Filter Type: Cartridge

Battery Life: Up to 120 minutes

Power Source: Battery Powered

Compatible Devices: Smartphones, Amazon Echo, Tablets, Google Home

Item Weight: 19.87 pounds

Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required (included)

Warranty Description: 1-year limited warranty


The price of this iRobot Roomba s9+ is $692.00. It is pricey, but the vacuum has advanced features and a premium cleaning experience. So, it’s the ideal device for your Airbnb rental property.

5. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Vacuum

Drive Cordless Handheld Portable Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon.com: This cordless vacuum captures 99.97% of tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns, so your Airbnb will remain clean

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum, runs for 60 minutes and has powerful suction because the 14 cyclones produce 185 airwatts in max mode. Moreover, with its advanced six-layer filtration, the vacuum’s cyclone technology will keep your Airbnb clean for the guests.

Pros Cons
The Dynamic Load Sensor automatically adjusts the suction It’s a bit heavy compared to other models
Its Brushroll can quickly switch between carpet and bare floor The vacuum doesn’t have a soft roller head
The device has an LCD screen for performance and maintenance


Features of Dyson V11 Vacuum 

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this cordless vacuum.

  • Suction Power 

The vacuum’s suction power is twice as powerful as other cordless vacuums. So, it can easily remove dust, dirt, and debris from all areas of your rental property. Hence, you don’t have to worry about incoming guests. 

  • Advanced Filtration 

 As an Airbnb host, you must be prepared to meet all guests. The device has advanced whole-machine filtration, which will remove allergens and bacteria from your property. Hence, your rental space will be clean and healthy, especially for those with allergies.

  • Extended Runtime for Larger Properties

If you have a large rental property, cleaning it can sometimes be challenging. The vacuum has a runtime of up to 60 minutes. So you can cover more ground and ensure the entire property is thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next guests.

  • Cleaning Modes 

There are different cleaning modes, such as Eco mode, Auto mode, and Boost mode. So, you’ll be able to cater to varying guests with their diverse preferences. Furthermore, whether you need a quick touch-up between guest stays or a deep clean after a long-term rental, these modes will help you do it quickly.

  • Docking Station for Quick Turnarounds

Airbnb properties require quick turnaround times between guest stays. The device has a docking station that can store and charge the vacuum while holding onto essential attachments. Moreover this feature ensures that your vacuum is always charged and ready to go. 

  • Cleaning Head for Flooring

You might have different types of floors in your Airbnb property, such as carpets or hard floors. The device’s cleaning head will automatically switch to these surfaces. Hence, it’ll be easy for you to clean without manually changing it. 

  • Technical Specifications

Special Feature: Adjustable Suction

Filter Type: Disk

Included Components: Combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, stiff bristle brush, mini soft dusting brush, wand storage clip

Cordless: Yes

Capacity: 0.2 Gallons

Wattage: 79 watts

Runtime: 1 hour

Charging Time: 270 minutes

Product Dimensions: 50.63″L x 9.84″W x 10.28″H

Noise Level: 80 dB

Amperage: 11 Amps

Controller Type: Push Button

Cleaning Path Width: 9.8 Inches

Item Weight: 6.68 pounds

Warranty Description: Comes with a 2-year warranty on all parts and labor.


The cordless vacuum costs $494.00. It has many advanced features, so it’s a worthwhile investment for your Airbnb rental property. Also, Dyson’s reputation for quality and innovation makes it more valuable.


1. How often should you clean your Airbnb rental property?

You need to clean your Airbnb rental property as often as necessary. If you notice dust and debris, it’s time to clean. A weekly cleaning routine is a good starting point, but consider cleaning it frequently.

2. Should you dust or vacuum first in your Airbnb rental? 

You have to dust before you vacuum. So, any airborne dust you miss during dusting will settle on the floor. Therefore, it’ll become easy to clean it with a vacuum.

3. What is the best vacuum cleaner for your Airbnb rental? 

Choosing the best vacuum or your Airbnb rental depends on factors like property size, flooring type, cleaning frequency, budget, and the level of dust and debris. For example, if you have a small Airbnb rental, you can get a cordless stick vacuum. 

4. How do robot vacuums operate in Airbnb rental properties? 

Robot vacuums operate by themselves. So, they can navigate the areas on wheels using their suction and brushes to pick up dirt. Moreover, they’ll return to their charging dock when they’re done or if their battery is low. 

5. How do robot vacuums avoid cleaning the same area multiple times in your Airbnb rental? 

Some robot vacuums have mapping capabilities. So, these devices use onboard cameras or laser reflections to create a 360-degree view of the room. Furthermore, this mapping feature helps the robot vacuum avoid going to the same area twice.


Airbnb rental properties need a strong vacuum cleaner since guests are constantly occupied. Furthermore, regularly cleaning the property will bring more guests and positive reviews. Hence, a reliable vacuum will help you eliminate dust and dirt. So, having the best vacuum for your Airbnb guarantees a comfortable and clean stay for your guests. 

You can pick from the top 5 vacuum cleaners we explored in this article. First, the Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum is a versatile option. It has HEPA filtration and anti-allergen technology, so your Airbnb will be allergen-free. On the other hand, for properties with different flooring, the Miele C3 Calima Canister Vacuum is ideal with its various attachments for proper cleaning. 

Furthermore, the Kenmore Floor Upright Bagged Vacuum is a good choice for pet-friendly properties because it can remove pet hair and reduce allergens with its triple HEPA filter system. Next, the iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum provides a hands-free cleaning solution with powerful suction and advanced mapping technology. Lastly, the Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has powerful suction, advanced filtration, and versatility for various cleaning tasks.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner for your Airbnb rental property, the choice is ultimately based on your specific cleaning needs, property size, and budget. Each recommended vacuum has its features and advantages, making them suitable for different situations. By carefully evaluating your requirements, you can make an informed decision to ensure your rental property remains clean and inviting for every guest.

Hence, before buying the best Airbnb vacuum, focus on your cleaning needs, property size, and budget. Moreover, different vacuums have different features, so choose what fits your situation. This way, your rental stays clean and inviting for all guests.


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