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The Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb.

BrightLightingg is how we, living in a competitive and tiring society, can reduce stress and have a healthy mind at home. So, anyone can experience an intelligent lighting background in your home,e like a luxury hotel.

When today interior with smart bulb is a general category of home automation and IoT products. Before, this lighting system was used only in luxury hotels like commercial applications. But when today,y it became for home interior design.

An intelligent bulb is an  LED bulb; it is internet capable e and allows controlled remotely, scheduled, and customized.

What issues is the smart bulb?

Hues can be defined as the shade of tint of color. For example, instant red, yellow, green, blue, magenta are the characteristics related to the lightning frequency that appears in color.

These are like regular light bulbs, and that there is a range of sizes and shops for screwing your bulb in. they can screw into any light fitting or lamp in your home.

Do Philips smart bulbs work with Hue?

With Philips Hue smart lighting,g anyone makes memorable moments and automates with lighting in your home. You can start your way with Philips’s Hue According to two unique practices.

  1. Philips Hue with Bluetooth

If you want to control lights within Bluetooth range and set the mood of a single room, you can use a Bluetooth- controlled system. For example, the Hue Bluetooth app can control up to 10 lights.

  1. Philips Hue with Bridge

If you add a Hue bridge, you can control your lights in a more advanced way. In addition, by adding a Hue bridge, you can unlock he full of innovative lighting features like adding up to 50 bulbs routines and more.

And the remarkable thing is even if you start with a Bluetooth-controlled system, also you can add a bridge.

With Philips Hue smart bulbs, you will get more features as follows,

  • Voice control
  • Installation-free dimming
  • Warm-to-cool light for better ambiance
  • Works with Hue Dimmer Switch
  • 16 million colors of lights
  • Set timers
  • Wake up and go to sleep routines
  • Away from home control
  • Sync lights with music and movies

What smart Bulbsworks with Hue Bridge?

Inner, Lidle, IKEA Tradifi, and linking are the best range of bulbs that work with Philips Hue available in the UK. To access most features via the Hue App,p should be connected to the Hue Bridge.

  1. Inner -This is a European company founded by an ex-Philips employee. Internal bulbs are available in a wide variety of formats.
  2. Lidle Livanro Lux – This is great for whites. The white bulbs are excellent than the Hue bulbs. Linking – These bulbs work seamlessly with your Hue Bridge as well. Linking bulbs veer to be brighter than other brands.
  3. IKEA Trandfri – These bulbs work directly with the Hue hub. The color bulbs are not is as bright as Hue color bulbs. When IKEA bulbs connect o Hue, you will need to turn the bulbs on and off six times to allow the hub to find them.

How do you use the smart bulb in Hue?

You can quickly get experience with smart bulbs in Hue for your home by using even two ways of controlled systems. Let’s get to know about these two easy control systems,

  1. With Bluetooth

How to  set up a Bluetooth -controlled system

Following some simple steps, you can easily set up your Hue smart bulbs with Bluetooth,

1 step – Install your Hue Bluetooth – compatible lights

2 step – download the Hue Bluetooth app

  1. With Hue Bridge

How to  set up a Bridge -controlled system

Following some simple steps, you can easily set up your Hue smart bulbs with  Hue bridge- the controlled system also,

1 step – Install your Hue lights

2 step – Connect a Hue bridge

3 step – Download the Hue app

Features                              Philips hue with Bluetooth      Philips Hue with bridge

Max .number of lights                          10                                                      50

Range                                                1 room                                        Full home

Are Hue lights worth it?

Hue bulbs use about 85% less power compared to traditional bulbs. So, Hue lights save money. In addition, they have lifetimes of 15,000 hours compared to incandescent bulbs. So, Hue lights help that cutting the electricity bills.

The features of Hue ha result in more savings,

Dimmers – his feature helps Hue light save up to 25% of energy when there is nobody in the room to assist in cutting down on the energy cost because Hue intelligent lights come with sensors that enable them to dim.

App control – When you are not around the house, you can use the app to turn off all lights in the room.

Setting Schedule – This is a method of a money-saving feature that comes with Hue bulbs by scheduling for your Hue bulbs to switch them off, o,n or at particular times of the day reduce their brightness to help save on electricity bills. 

How do I add a bulb to my Hue?

At this moment,t I get Philipsinnovativet lightning system as an example.

  1. Install lights, first lessee, about installing of Hue lights. First,t unboxing the bulbs, and you should get a Hub Bridge, power adapter, an Ethernet cable,e and two, three light bulbs.

Before screwing your new bulb, make sure the light fixtures you will be using are powered off for safety reasons.

The Philips Hue light bulb screw into the light fixture that you want to control wirelessly. When the bulb is physically installed, turn it on automatically,y and you can get to know that they are both working correctly and can be paired to the hue bridge.

  1. Pair Light
  1. You should make sure the light is turned on.
  2. Then screw, or plug in your new Hue light.
  3. Switch on the power back
  4. Open the Philips Hue App on your phone.
  5. Tap setting to the light set up.
  6. Add a new light by tapping the plus icon in the bottom-right corner.
  7. To search for  your new light, tap
  8. It will appear in the list at the top.
  9. To give it a name, tap the arrow o the right of your new light.
  10. By tapping the roomset up at the top, select the room your light is in.
  11. Now your light is automatically included in any time or scenes you have set up. 

How long do Hue bulbs last?

One of the essential points that we all care about the smart bulb is the lifetime. While looking through the different data provided by other intelligent bulb manufacturers, the average lifetime for the intelligent bulb is almost 15000 hours, while they can stay for 22 years if used for 3 hours per day. This is because hue bulbs are built to work last long without burning out.

I have plotted a table below based on the found information about the lifetime of some types of smart bulbs.

Type of bulb Lifespan in Hours Continues 6 Hours a Day
PHILIPS HUE A19 Smart Bulb 15000Six 6 and half years
LIFX Smart Bulb 25000 11 years
IKEA TRADFRI Smart Bulb 15000Six 6 and half years
Ring A19 Smart Bulb 25000 11 years
Yeelight Smart Bulb 25000 11 years



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