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Tradfri Remote for Smart Bulbs Is Perfect for Controlling Smart Bulbs Pretty Easily!

Many people prefer to lighten their homes using smart bulbs. It is easy to control your smart lighting system using a remote control. Tradfri remote control offers the chance to control the smart lighting bulbs conveniently. Therefore, now you can effortlessly turn on and off lights and easily choose the best light according to your moods. Tradfri remote control has special features to make your life easy. For example, the users can add or remove any devices from their remote control by handling the remote control functions. You will find it more comfortable to use a Tradfri remote for smart bulbs without difficulty.

How to connect the Tradfri remote for smart bulbs?

First of all, you need to pair the Tradfri remote with the smart bulbs of your lighting system. After removing the battery covers, you can screw in your bulbs to the light fixture. After that, to pair the Tradfri smart bulbs, you have to press and hold the pairing button for about 10 seconds. Short presses of the switch can help you to dim the lights up and down. Likewise, after pairing the Tradfri remote with smart bulbs, you can easily manage the settings of your smart bulbs.

Most of the time, you can buy lights with the remote control. But, if the users buy the remote control separately, they have to pair it with the light source manually. Light sources that are sold together with remote control have paired earlier. If you find it challenging to pair the Tradfri remote with the smart bulbs, you can follow these steps.

First, you need to install the light source and ensure that your main power switch is on. Then you can hold and press the remote control within 5cm distance to the bulbs. To pair it with the remote control, you can press and hold the pairing button of the remote. Once you have successfully installed it, it will show a red light shining on your remote control.

Pros and Cons of Tradfri remote for smart bulbs

tradfri remote with smart bulbs

Tradfri remote control can control up to 10 LED bulbs. Therefore, Tradfri remote control can help you to control your lighting system effectively. Most Tradfri smart bulb users say they are happy to use Tradfri remote for their smart bulbs. But people experience some common issues while using these Tradfri remotes to function their smart bulbs.

Using the remote control, users can on/off and dim their smart bulbs quickly. Other than that, they can select and switch the most suitable bulb that best suits their mood. Because of these unique features, many users like to choose the Tradfri remote control.

However, there are some drawbacks when using these Tradfri remotes to function your smart bulbs. One of the main drawbacks of these Tradfri remotes is it is not pairing to the smart bulbs. There are many steps that you can follow to get rid of these issues. If you follow specific guidelines to fix the problem, you will get your system working. So do not worry, we will bring the essential facts you should know to resolve these issues. By following these guidelines, you can fix this pairing issue by yourself.

Why is the Tradfri remote not pairing to the smart bulb?

A Tradfri remote is needed to do the pairing process as you cannot complete the pairing using your mobile app. Accordingly, users have to use a Tradfri remote to operate their smart bulbs. After setting up the smart light system, some users experience issues with pairing the devices in the system. First, it needs to identify why these issues arise.

In the first place, these pairing issues can occur due to communication errors between the remote and the Tradfri gateway. Most of the time, this can be a simple issue with updating your system firmware. After following the necessary pairing steps, there is another most common reason for not working the bulbs. In that case, you need to make sure that the remote pairs with Gateway before pairing with the smart bulbs. Other than that, it is good to make sure that you have updated the system’s firmware. After following these steps, try restarting the system. You will get rid of this issue, and the bulbs will respond to the remote.

Some users also report that their paired bulbs do not show in their app. This issue arises most of the time when trying to pair the remote from a long distance from the smart bulb. Therefore, it is essential to keep the remote within an inch distance from the bulb. If you follow this way while pairing the smart bulbs with the remote, you will resolve this issue successfully.

Additionally, when multiple bulbs are paired to the Gateway, some people find it difficult to turn on and off the bulbs. One good solution to fix this issue is activating all your smart bulbs at once. You can do that easily by pressing the dim-up button on the remote to resync all bulbs at one time. Other than that, if you can create groups to control the smart bulbs groupwise, you can also solve this issue. Likewise, it needs to remember that most of these system issues are easily manageable by yourself. You have to follow the correct instructions given and try to fix the problem.

Rather than that, we will focus on some actions you could take to solve these pairing issues in your system.

Actions to follow when Tradfri remote is not pairing with the smart bulbs.

Resetting your remote

Resetting your remote is a good option if it is not pairing with your smart bulbs. To do that, you can remove the remote from your app and push the rear button four times. You will notice a red light flashing four times.

Resetting all your lamps

You can do this by switching on and off your lights about six times. If it works, the smart bulbs will flicker the sixth time.

Removing the battery from the Gateway and pairing it again

If none of the above actions worked for you, removing the batteries and repairing them might help you. Tradfri Gateway is a kind of translator that allows the Tradfri system to communicate with smart home technology. You can also try to press the pair button on the Gateway while switching off your lights. When doing so, you have to remove the lid first. After that, switch on the bulb while pressing the pairing button.

Tradfri smart bulbs

Check for any connection issues.

Even though you have followed all these guidelines, you should check your connection if it is still not working. Sometimes the Tradfri remote is not paired with the bulbs because of connectivity issues. You can reset the Tradfri Gateway and check whether the problem is still there. Even after that, if you find these issues, you can reset the Gateway’s router.

Updating to a new software version

It is also essential to ensure that you have updated to a new software version when pairing the bulbs. Sometimes these pairing issues might also occur with older versions of the software.

Try for different Tradfri bulbs.

If you are so sure that you have already taken the necessary actions but nothing helps, you should change the bulbs. Perhaps the error might occur as a result of malfunctioning bulbs. Therefore, you should change your Tradfri bulbs and try again once you have tried all of these options and still are not working,

After following these guidelines, if you still experience Tradfri remote pairing issues, do not worry. Many visual guides could help you to resolve your issue. If it is difficult for you to figure it out, you can contact someone for Tech support. There is always a solution to fix pairing issues with your smart bulbs. Therefore, no need to worry. You will be able to set your pairing issues and enjoy your smart lighting bulbs at your premises. Hope you will get a good idea about Tradfri remote for smart bulbs.

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