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The Ultraloq Latch 5 F is notable for seamlessly integrating technical capabilities such as built-in WiFi and keyless entry, setting it apart as a distinctive choice among smart door locks. This product is characterized by its sturdy build and a wide range of features, all offered at a budget-friendly price. This article takes a user-focused approach to delve into the technical aspects of the Ultraloq Latch 5 series. We will explore its inner workings, connectivity choices, and innovative functions, providing an informative overview.

 Features of ultraloq latch 5 series

  •  Al-powered Finger Recognition

The Ultraloq latch 5has provided its users the ability to access their homes with just the touch of their fingertips with ease. The large and fast responsive fingerprint ID also has adaptive AI algorithms that gets better after every entry made. The fingerprint reader reads your impression in under 0.3 seconds and it also auto locks you after a specific time after the door is unlocked which can be adjusted as per the preference of the user.

  • High security

The anti peep keypad option works perfectly fine, if you feel insecure about the person who is next to you at the moment you unlock the door. As they won’t be able to pick up the security code just fine.  

The users can unlock the door by also using a mechanical key which is provided with lock when purchased, for extra security. Or insert a security password which   has the feature of the anti peep keypad option  which allows the user to insert random digits before or after entering the original security key. ex: xxxxx 235458 xxxxx.

  • Full Access to your door at Your Fingertips

The u-tec app built for the smart door lock, allows its users to use wifi technology to control the door lock from anywhere with 2.4GHZ of the built in wifi. Using the app the users are also able to share E-CODES for temporary or permanent  use, to close friends or family.

You can also record all details of logs and disable E-Codes given to certain users if you don’t want them entering your premises any more. All of the confidential details of fingerprints and access details are stored in safe US based local servers which have minimum risk of theft compared to other servers based in foreign countries.

  • Smart Door Lock with excellent built quality

The smart door lock is built using a special sturdy Zinc alloy which can mostly handle almost any weather condition or household use. The Door lock is weather proof therefore there is nothing to worry about the damage caused by bad weather conditions.

  •  Easy installation of ultraloq latch 5 F

Yes, One of the most attractive features of ultraloq’s smart door locks are that they could be easily installed in most cases using the installation manual that is provided with the product. There is no wiring drilling to be dealt with, a screwdriver is also provided with the product. The product is provided with a lifetime mechanical warranty as well.

  • Vast Connectivity

The Ultraloq latch 5 can be successfully paired with almost any homekit device that is prominently known in the market. Those devices can be used as a controller to control the functionality of the smart door lock. Alexa, Google assistant, Smart things and IFTTT are some of the homekit devices that can be paired with the smart door lock.

Not only that the Door Lock is also compatible with Apple smart watches which adds up to the convenience of the users even more.

Pros and Cons of the Ultraloq latch 5 series

Pros Cons
Advanced Technology: ULTRALOQ Latch 5 is a cutting-edge smart lock with built-in WiFi, offering keyless entry through fingerprint and keypad options. Battery Dependency: Since the lock relies on batteries, you need to keep track of battery levels and replace them when needed.
Advanced Technology: ULTRALOQ Latch 5 is a cutting-edge smart lock with built-in WiFi, offering keyless entry through fingerprint and keypad options. Connectivity Reliance: The remote access and control depend on WiFi connectivity, which may cause delays or issues if there are network problems.
Modern Design: The lock’s stylish design adds a contemporary touch to your door’s aesthetics.
Easy Installation: Installing the smart lock is hassle-free and straightforward.
Battery-Powered: The lock operates on 4 AA batteries, making it convenient and avoiding complicated wiring.
Durable Material: Made of zinc, the lock is likely to be durable and withstand regular use.
Warranty: The device comes with a plus lifetime mechanical warranty and an 18-month electronic warranty, ensuring peace of mind

Possible drawbacks to be considerate when purchasing an ultraloq latch 5 F

The ultraloq’s smart door lock doesn’t have any drawbacks in specific except for the drawbacks that there will be in every smart door lock available in the market. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Smart door locks mostly rely on Wifi or Bluetooth technologies for connectivity. Therefore connectivity issues on your mobile device or the door lock can cause inconveniences.
  2. The use of smart door locks exposes them to cybersecurity risks, as they can be susceptible to hacking or unauthorized entry if not adequately secured. Weak passwords or software vulnerabilities may potentially compromise the lock’s overall security. Etc..

 Product variations of Ultraloq latch 5 series

Key Features:

Real Keyless access – Multiple convenient methods for unlocking the door without a physical key.

Fingerprint Unlock – Allows users to unlock the door using their fingerprints for quick and secure access.

Smartphone App – Control and monitor the lock remotely using a smartphone app.

Numeric Code – Option to set a numerical code for entry, adding flexibility in access methods.

Traditional Key – Offers the traditional key option as a backup for manual access.

Built-in WiFi – Enables remote control and monitoring without requiring an additional hub or device.


Convenience – Multiple access methods make it easy for authorized users to unlock the door.

Security – Fingerprint recognition and numeric codes add an extra layer of security.

Remote Access – Built-in WiFi capability allows users to control and monitor access from a distance.

Versatility – Provides a wide range of access options to suit individual preferences.

Usage: Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Key Features:

Real Keyless access – Multiple methods for unlocking the door without a physical key.

NFC Technology – Unlock using NFC on Android smartphones or a compatible key fob for convenient access.

Passcode – Option to set a passcode for entry, providing an alternative access method.

Physical Key – Offers the traditional key option as a backup for manual access.

Smartphone App – Control and manage the lock remotely using a dedicated smartphone app.

Built-in WiFi – Enables remote access and monitoring without requiring an additional hub or device.


Convenience – Various access methods offer flexibility and ease of use for authorized users.

Secure – Advanced technology like NFC and passcodes enhances the lock’s security.

Remote Access – Built-in WiFi capability allows users to control and monitor access from anywhere.

Versatile – Suitable for both residential and commercial access control needs.

Usage: Ideal for home or business applications.

 Alternatives available for Ultraloq latch 5 series

When selecting a smart door lock, you’ll find a wide range of prices, encompassing both affordable and high-end options. The less expensive models generally offer basic smart features, while the pricier ones come with additional conveniences, advanced security features, and superior compatibility with smart home systems. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your budget and specific requirements carefully to find the perfect smart door lock that aligns with your needs.

The starting price of Ultraloq latch 5 F is around $190, the costs could differ based on factors like the product’s color and material variations. 

You’ll find a range of options out there, some more budget-friendly while others lean towards the higher end. It really comes down to what you’re seeking. There are choices available that cater to the fundamental needs within the market. 

These are some information regarding Alternative options

1. Yale assure lock 2 This smart door lock from Yale offers versatile key-free access methods, including keypad, voice assistant, Auto-Unlock, and smartphone control. Keep track of comings and goings through the app’s activity feed or notifications, even remotely. Battery-powered for continuous access, it works during power outages and offers a 9V backup option. Designed for standard US and Canada entry doors, it accommodates various sizes with an adaptor included. This smart lock has pretty much the same features as the Ultraloq latch 5 F but you can get the yale assure lock 2 with a physical touch keypad specification if you prefer

2. Aqara smart lock 100 plus  , Integrate the U100 plus  smart door lock seamlessly into your Apple Home ecosystem, allowing effortless unlocking through Apple home keys using an iPhone or Apple Watch, even when devices are low on power. Manage and share door access for guests within Apple Home. Unlock through various methods, including fingerprint recognition for up to 50 fingerprints, remotely configurable passwords via the Aqara Home app (requires Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub), one-time local passwords, and a mechanical key for emergencies. The one time passwords will work if there is no internet unlike other smart locks. 

The U100 collaborates with Aqara and third-party devices, including Google Home, Alexa, and IFTTT, creating diverse smart home setups and automations. Connect the Aqara Video Doorbell G4 to Apple HomeKit Secure Video for secure data management. Local AI-powered face recognition, automations, and compatibility with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT are supported. This doorbell seamlessly connects with Aara’s G4 doorbell and when someone rings the doorbell you will know whether to unlock the door or not. In case you prefer this convenience you can opt for this Smart Door lock.

3. August wifi smart lock  Connect via Wi-Fi and control with voice commands. The August app enables convenient access sharing without key duplication. Installation is straightforward, fitting most single cylinder deadbolts seamlessly. Benefit from Auto-Unlock upon arrival, and Auto-Lock and DoorSense for automatic security. These locks harmonize with popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. August locks have been acclaimed with awards such as CNET Editor’s Choice, Good Housekeeping, and Tom’s Guide. Experience the smart upgrade without altering your door’s exterior, maintaining both functionality and curb appeal. For a price of around 230$.

4. Wyze lock boltSecure and convenient access for your home. Fingerprint unlock,       numbered keypad, and Auto-Lock feature. Easy installation, paired with Wyze Doorbell       Pro providing remote access.   Wyze Lock Bolt at cost of 130$

Here are some FAQ regarding the Ultraloq latch 5 series

  • What happens if the batteries die out in the lock?

The lock uses 4 AA batteries which should last for at least a period of 1 year for 8000  access times. But in case the batteries run out you will be able to get through using the mechanical key that is provided.

  • What happens if the lock doesn’t work after purchase?

You can follow the troubleshooting steps and see if the product functions properly and if not  or you can use plus lifetime mechanical warranty and 18 electronic warranty to get a new product if it suits the terms and conditions.

  • Who  makes ultraloq smart door locks?

Ultraloq is made by an American company based in Silicon Valley, USA. The name of the company is U TEC.

  • Will I be able to connect the Ultraloq latch 5 to smart Home Kits?

Yes, Ultraloq latch 5 can be functional with almost every smart home kit available in the market.


The Ultraloq Latch 5 F  is an impressive smart lock  that has truly transformed my home access experience. offering multiple ways to unlock the door, including fingerprint recognition, smartphone app, code, and traditional key options. I love not carrying physical keys anymore.

The built-in WiFi capability is a game-changer. Being able to control and monitor the lock remotely through the smartphone app is incredibly convenient, especially when I need to let someone in while I’m away. The peace of mind it provides regarding security is good.

The lock’s construction with zinc material feels solid and durable, and the modern design adds a touch of elegance to my front door. The lifetime mechanical warranty and electronic warranty are a significant plus, offering confidence for its long-term performance.

However, the lock’s battery reliance has me a bit concerned. Although the included batteries lasted a reasonable time, I need to keep an eye on their levels to avoid any unexpected issues. Also, there have been a couple of instances where the lock experienced connectivity problems due to WiFi hiccups, but overall, it hasn’t been a major drawback.

In conclusion, the Ultraloq Latch 5 Series has significantly enhanced my home security and convenience. Its array of features and ease of use have made me a fan, despite the minor concerns. If you’re in the market for a reliable and versatile smart lock, I recommend considering the Ultraloq Latch 5 series


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