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Imagine having four different ways to unlock your door. Meet the Ultraloq Lever – a key to effortless entry control. You can remotely manage your door for convenient guest access. I’ll explain each feature and its real-life functionality ahead. So, let’s dive right in.

Features of the Ultraloq Lever Smart Lock

The Ultraloq Lever offers rapid 2nd Gen fingerprint ID, diverse unlocking methods, and compatibility with Apple Watch and voice assistants.

  • Remote control

Remote door control is highly convenient, especially for guests. However, when the connection is unstable it might cause delays.

  • Voice control and IFTTT

While the voice control is handy, there are instances of misunderstood commands. In contrast, IFTTT integration automates tasks seamlessly.

  • Fingerprint Identification

The 2nd Gen fingerprint sensor stands out for its lightning-fast recognition in under 0.3 seconds. However, damp fingers can sometimes pose a struggle.

  • Multiple ways to unlock the Ultraloq Lever

There are different ways to unlock the Ultraloq Lever. However, keeping track of separate codes for different people can be confusing.

  • Apple Watch compatibility

I’m an Apple Watch user, and this feature is a game-changer. I can leave my phone behind and still unlock the door with a simple tap on my wrist.

  • U-tec App features 

The U-tec App is more than just a remote control. It’s a command center for my door. You can share temporary access codes with family and friends. The app logs their entries. However, you might face occasional glitches.

Compatibility of the Ultraloq Lever with Smart Home Kits

Let’s take a closer look at how the Ultraloq Lever connects with smart home kits. You’ll find great benefits but keep the practical aspects in mind too.  

  • Amazon Alexa

Using Alexa for your door is cool. You talk, the door listens – very convenient. But sometimes Alexa doesn’t catch you on the first try, so repeat the commands.

  • Google Assistant

Unlocking your door with Google Assistant is a nifty trick. You can use your voice to make it happen, which is super convenient.

  • IFTTT (If this then that)

You can make your home feel futuristic by crafting custom automation with IFTTT. But remember, setting these up might need some technical skills.

  • SmartThings

Integrating the Ultraloq Lever with SmartThings routine is a smart move. Your door can adjust to your routine, but sometimes syncing hiccups might occur. 

Note that these features require the separate Bridge purchase.

The Ultraloq Lever works with Smart Home Kits                         

Security of the Ultraloq Lever

  1. Emergency power with Micro-USB

Even if your regular batteries die, you can still use an external one to activate your lock. It’s a backup plan for unbreakable security.

2. Smart Lock with data protection

Your security matters and the Ultraloq Lever gets that. It comes with dual data encryption for extra safety. Two-layer protection exists: 128-bit AES security and a Dynamic Key for your safety.

But, remember to keep your external battery ready. Though data encryption is strong, every system has flaws.

DIY installation of the Ultraloq Lever

Installing the Ultraloq Lever is easy for standard US doors. With one-hole prep, no drilling or wiring is needed. It’s a quick process, even for beginners. However, component alignment might need patience sometimes.

The Ultraloq Lever can fit into any US standard door

A step-by-step guide to installing the Ultraloq Lever

Step 1: Preparing your door

Begin by checking your door’s dimensions: 15/16″ to 2″ (33 mm-50 mm) thickness, a hole of 2 1/8″ (53 mm) diameter, and a backset of 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ (60 mm or 70 mm). Also, measure the door edge hole to be 1” (25 mm). If you had a previous lock, remove the strike and latch.

Step 2: Installing the Latch and Strike

Attach the latch to the door with the angle towards the door jamb. Fix the strike on the frame, aligning it with the latch.

Step 3: Putting together the exterior assembly 

Set up the exterior assembly correctly. The handle should face away from the door edge; adjust it if needed. Ensure the triangle is upward. Align the spindle with the latch slot and slide it in. Route the cable through the hole above the latch.

Step 4: Setting Up the Interior mounting plate 

Thread the cable through the rectangular hole. Insert the spindle into the circular hole. Install the interior plate with screws B, ensuring the screw holes are on top.

Step 5: Getting the interior assembly ready 

Align the interior handle like the exterior one, pointing away from the door’s edge. Next, attach cable to the interior assembly’s connector, aligning notches with slots. Press connector securely. Insert spindle, secure interior assembly with screws C.

Step 6: Powering up with batteries 

Get ready to power up your Ultraloq Lever. Pop in 3 AA alkaline batteries and slide the battery cover back on.

Ultraloq Lever pricing

The Ultraloq Lever comes at a higher price compared to traditional locks. But weighing its convenience, security, and more advanced features are essential. Remember, choosing it means boosting your home’s access control and security.

What are the other options besides Ultraloq Lever

  • August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro has smartphone control, voice commands, and works with existing deadbolts. Its brushed finish offers a unique style.

  • Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

For top security, consider the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt. It offers WiFi control, voice assistant compatibility, and an alarm for safety. Keep in mind, a strong WiFi connection is crucial. Choose what suits your needs best.


  • Convenient keyless entry options.
  • Seamless integration with smart home systems.
  • Battery backup system


  • Bridge requirement for remote access
  • Higher price point


  • What if the batteries run out of power?

If the batteries run low, you can recharge via USB-C or use the included mechanical key to override the Ultraloq Lever.

  • Can I connect the Ultraloq Lever to smart home kits? 

Yes, the Ultraloq Lever is compatible with many smart home kits available.

  • What if the lock doesn’t function as expected after purchase? 

If issues arise, follow troubleshooting steps. However, if they persist, use the lifetime mechanical and 18-month electronic warranty for replacements, per terms and conditions.


The Ultraloq Lever has greatly improved my home security. I can control access from afar with the Ultraloq Bridge. And if needed, the backup key is useful for emergencies,

The smart lock is a solid, user-friendly smart lock for modern homes. It’s a good fit considering its features and your preferences.


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