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What does the Wyze Gateway do?

Wyze Lock Gateway is Wyze Lock’s communication hub, and it’s necessary for it to talk with your network. If you have any troubles with the setup process outlined on this page, check Gateway setup troubleshooting for assistance. The Wyze lock is a great invention for securing your gateway. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that no one gets unauthorized access to your home. But how many Wyze locks are there on a Wyze gateway?

A Wyze Gateway can support up to 10 smart Smart Wyze locks. The Gateway is what connects the Smart Wyze locks to the internet network of the home they are protecting. So, these 10 Wyze locks connected can all be controlled on the same WIFI network.

This article will discuss Wyze locks and the Wyze Gateway. Keep reading to answer your questions about Smart Wyze locks and the Wyze Gateway.

What does the Wyze Gateway do?

The Wyze Gateway connects your Smart Wyze locks to your home internet network. The Wyze Gateway is a small device that simply plugs into your smart home network.

The Gateway is included with your purchase of a Smart Wyze lock. Basically, the Wyze Gateway is a small Zigbee hub that connects the smart lock to your smart home’s WiFi.

How Does the Wyze Lock Work?

The Wyze lock connects to your home’s wifi network and is powered by four AA batteries. With average use, Wyze estimates that the batteries will last about 6 months. When you get close enough to your lock, it will sense your approach and unlock itself, allowing you to enter your home quickly without having to fumble around for keys. Wyze locks come with a key fob that allows those who don’t have access to a smartphone or a lock to gain entrance to your home. This is also a nice feature if the batteries die or power goes out with your Smart Wyze lock.

Why do I need the Gateway?

The Gateway connects your Smart Wyze Lock to the internet.

The Wyze Lock is connected to your network via the Gateway. You won’t be able to see or control your Wyze Lock without it. A Zigbee connection is used to communicate between the Gateway and the Wyze Lock. With this in mind, they recommend plugging the Gateway into a standard 110-240V outlet near where you plan to install your Wyze Lock.

What Locks Does the Wyze Lock Work With?

The Wyze Lock is compatible with single cylinder deadbolts in your home. The Wyze Lock replaces your current deadbolt and requires only a screwdriver to install. You won’t have to change your locks because the Wyze Lock is compatible with most standard door locks.

The single-cylinder deadbolt has a keyhole on only one side of the door. And the Smart Wyze locks will work with the following brands of deadbolts:

    • Arrow
    • Ashley Norton
    • Baldwin (not compatible with low-profile versions)
    • Callan
    • Defiant (with additional adapter)
    • Delaney
    • Emtek
    • EZ Set
    • Faultless
    • Gatehouse
    • Global Door Controls
    • Grandeur
    • Hager
    • Kwikset (not compatible with low-profile versions)
    • Max Grade
    • Omnia Industries
    • Schlage
    • Stanley
    • Toledo Fine Locks
    • Weiser (not compatible with low-profile versions)
    • Weslock
    • Yale

How Many Smart Wyze Locks Can Connect to the Wyze Gateway?

There are many reasons why you would want to connect more than one lock to the Wyze Gateway. But how many smart locks can you connect to the Wyze Gateway?

The Wyze Gateway can connect up to ten Wyze locks. The Wyze Gateway is the device that links the Wyze locks to your home’s wifi network. That means you can connect ten Wyze locks to the same Wi-Fi connection and control them all from your smartphone or tablet.

How Do You Share a Wyze Lock?

It’s simple to share a Wyze Lock with others. You can give anyone you want access to your Wyze Lock. You can either open your Wyze app to share a lock or go under “Sharing” on the Account tab.

A Smart Wyze lock can be shared with anyone, but it is especially helpful to share with the following people:
    • Family members
    • House sitters
    • Friends
    • Relatives
The following steps will allow you to share your Smart Wyze lock with others:
    • Open the app.
    • Tap the lock you want to share.
    • Select that lock’s settings.
    • Click share.
    • Enter the proper email address.

Those with who the lock was shared will be prompted to create an access code if the Smart Wyze lock you shared is associated with a keypad.


Can Alexa Unlock Wyze Lock?

The Wyze Lock can be unlocked using Alexa, but you must first enable the command for it to work on Alexa. The unlock feature on Smart Wyze locks via Amazon Alexa or Echo is disabled by default.

To set up the command “Unlock” with Alexa, you need to do the following:
    • Go to the Amazon Alexa App.
    • Now, Select Device Settings
    • Then, Select [Your Wyze Lock]
    • Select Settings
    • Enable the unlock function.
    • Confirm the change by logging into your Amazon account on your smart device.
    • And, Alexa will require you to set up a 4-digit code.
Then you can use prompts like the following for your Smart Wyze Lock:
    • “Alexa, unlock <door name>”
    • “Alexa, lock <door name>”

How Are Wyze Locks Powered?

If a smart lock is attached to a door, you might be wondering how it gets power. Well, the Wyze locks require batteries. And With normal use, the batteries should last about 6 months. Wyze has also included a feature that will notify you when the battery is running low, allowing you to replace it before it dies.

If the batteries are completely depleted, the Wyze lock will still unlock because of its built-in reserve power. But your door will always unlock with your keys because the exterior deadbolt lock is not replaced by Wyze.






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