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Why are My Smart Cameras Not Working Properly?

How do I troubleshoot an intelligent camera?

There are some basic steps to troubleshooting a smart camera. For that, you don’t need to stay nearby the camera. The camera should be in your hand for the most advanced troubleshooting steps.

Smart Camera
some basic steps to troubleshooting a smart camera
  1. You can check the camera app version and make sure it’s updated. Through the App Store or Google Play, you can update or reinstall the App. Always ensure that you are using the latest version of the App.
  2. Perhaps trouble due to the software issue of the camera. To ensure you are using the most updated software, check the camera’s information page. Even from the app, you can reach this page. Just tap the gear icon and check the Camera Software update position. If it’s indicated in the red, you have to download and install the new software version.
  3. You can go for a restart of your camera. Press and hold the power button to switch off the camera; as an indicator, the LED light will blink a few times. Turn the smart camera switched on and check whether the problem solve.
  4. Your smart camera has a tiny hole right next to its power connector. By inserting a paper clip into that hole, you can reset the camera. Although the Wi-Fi setting is deleted through this, the saved clips and software of the camera won’t be affected.
  5. None of the above steps works even after the advanced troubleshooting steps are followed; you need support from the Customer Care team. Through the Contact Us page of the website or the app menu, you can connect with them.

How do I reset my Smart cam?

If your smart camera is malfunctioning or functions are not responding, you need to reset it. This resetting process varies with the brands

Why won’t my smart security camera connect to my Wi-Fi?

  1. There are a few reasons that your camera is not connecting to your Wi-Fi. It is due to your internet connection. You can check this by connecting any smart devices like mobile phones or tablets to the same Wi-Fi connection your camera has connected. While testing, make sure to turn off cellular data on your phone.
  2. Ensure that your router is compatible with your smart cam.
  3. Recheck the Wi-Fi password and try to reconnect with the camera.

The camera won’t pair with the Ooma Smart Camera app.

  1. Check whether your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection is on. For about five seconds, press the power button of the camera. If you are using an Android device, make sure the GPS is turning on.
  2. Plug your camera to power using the given adaptor.
  3. Power cycle your camera by turning it off and on. Camera verification is indicating by the LED blinking green three times.
  4. The camera LED should display steady blue light about 30 seconds after it is turning on. Blue LED indicates it enabled paring mode.
  5. You should make sure your router, smart camera and smartphone are close.
  6. As the final step, relaunch the Ooma Smart camera app, then click “Add a Camera”. Follow other actions on your screen.
Smart Camera
Plug your camera into power

Smart Camera is offline

Your camera may be offline for many reasons, including a used-up battery, usage of high bandwidth, wireless obstructions, and updated Wi-Fi router settings.

Crucial to remember

Physical access is more critical before beginning the troubleshooting. Most of the advanced troubleshooting steps can not do remotely. Also, you don’t have a remote or restart option due to the compromising issues on camera security.

Used up Battery

The battery might use up while you are using the camera on battery power. Recharge the camera by using a power adaptor and cable. The camera will turn on instantly when the power cable is connected. If it is not working, let the battery charge enough (at least ten minutes). Turn on your smart camera while it’s plugged.

Wi-Fi and Internet

There are a few reasons that your camera is not connected to your Wi-Fi. It is due to your internet connection. You can check this by connecting any smart devices like mobile phones or tablets to the same Wi-Fi connection your camera has connected. While testing, make sure to turn off cellular data on your phone.

Beamforming feature

You can refer to the router manual to turn off the beamforming feature. This effect can cause the problem of connectivity between router and camera.

Low bandwidth

Low bandwidth leads your camera to go offline. You can turn off other devices which connected to the same Wi-Fi. Sometimes Internet Service Provider (ISP) limits the bandwidth after a particular usage threshold is reached. You can sort out this problem by checking with your ISP. High network traffic also leads to connection issues with the camera. To avoid that reduce the devices which have high bandwidth connection to the same Wi-Fi with the camera.

Do you have any other problems related to your smart camera? Please share with us.


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