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Why is my Ring Doorbell flashing red?

Why is my Ring Doorbell flashing red? [3 Red Lights on Ring Doorbell Pro]

The Ring Doorbell adds another layer of security to your smart home by allowing for advanced video surveillance. If you notice a series of flashing red lights after setting up your Ring Doorbell and want to learn more about what they mean, keep reading this article.

What’s the deal with your Ring Doorbell flashing red? Light cues are used by the Ring Doorbell system to indicate potential issues or to communicate a message. When your device’s red light flashes, it’s time to charge it.

If your Ring Doorbell’s red lights are bothering you, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the problem.

3 Red Lights on Ring Doorbell Pro
3 Red Lights on Ring Doorbell Pro

Why is my Ring Doorbell flashing red?

The ring doorbells, like any other electronic device, are powered by a rechargeable or replaceable battery. The doorbell’s ring is flashing red, indicating that the battery is running low.

Wait for the light to turn shiny green after plugging in the charger that came with the product. With regular use, the doorbell will run for months once fully charged. Here’s how to charge the smart doorbell step by step.

How to charge the ring video doorbell step by step:

    • Loosen the screw at the device’s base to lift the faceplate of the doorbell.
    • Now it’s time to get the battery out of the device. Detach the battery from the slot by pressing the release button.
    • Use the battery’s charging port to connect a micro-USB charger.
    • When the light on the doorbell starts flashing green, you know it’s fully charged. Replacing the battery in the device is now possible.
    • Return the faceplate to its original position on the doorbell and secure it with the screw after a few seconds.
    • The doorbell on your ring doorbell is ready to ring!

The battery indicator is the red circular ring, not the three red dots on the device.


Ring Doorbell with 3 Red Dots

There’s no need to be concerned. When the device is in Night Vision mode, three red dots appear on the doorbell. When these red lights turn on, it means the doorbell is using infrared waves, and the camera begins recording in low light once it detects movement in the area.




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