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Wyze Lock with Power Outage

What Happens If the Power Goes Out with the Wyze Lock?

If you experience a power outage, there are a few kinds of things that you can do to stay safe. The first step is to make sure that your smart lock’s batteries are still functional and replace them if they do not work.

Next, double-check the door on which you have installed the Smart Wyze Lock for any signs of damage or corrosion due to water or moisture. If there is anything wrong with this area of the door your smart lock may not work properly.

If the power goes out, your Smart Wyze lock will not stop working. Furthermore, Your batteries that power the lock are still functional during a power outage. Additionally, the locking mechanism, because the smart lock still can use your normal house keys and will unlock just fine if you need it to do so.

You should be safe to use your Wyze lock even in a power outage. During the power outage, the lock will act like a normal functioning lock with no special functions.

As an example, you will not be able to unlock the door with the access keypad or lock the door with the keypad. This is because the keypad and lock are connecting to the WIFI, and with an outage, WIFI will not work.

Wyze Lock Work With Google Home

Make sure that any smart security devices you add to your home are compatible with the rest of your smart home ecosystem. When it comes to adding a smart lock on your door, compatibility not only makes life easier, but it might also save your life! The Wyze Lock works with a number of smart home assistants, but does it support Google Home?

Without having to use your hands, the Wyze Lock can be used with Google Home to lock and unlock the smartphone as well as check the lock’s status. To protect your home security, you must follow strict integration requirements while setting up your Wyze Lock and pairing it with Google Home.

What locks are compatible with Google Home?

Smart locks are a must-have for today’s home, and the best Google Home smart locks make adding convenient controls and security easier than ever. Smart locks not only provide instant notifications when your door unlocks and work with smart speakers, but they also make it simple to allow access to family members, friends, or guests.

Google Nest x Yale Lock

You may have already heard of Yale. Yale is a manufacturer of smart home locking and security solutions. They offer various products like smart safes and boxes, and even keyless locks. They are well-known for their high-quality and reliable products.

What better place to look for the best smart lock for Google Home (Google Nest) than Google itself?

Google and Yale locks are joining forces to create one of the best smart locks market.

This smart lock will provide you the much-needed security. You will be alerted in real-time if anything happens to it. You’ll be alerted right away if someone tries to tamper with it or if the batteries are running low. Of course, as expected, this smart lock is fully compatible with the Google Home / Nest app. using the app, you can:

    • Easily grant access to friends and family members.
    • Quickly lock or unlock the door if and when needed.
    • Get detailed alerts and notifications when someone locks or unlocks the door.
    • Have the door automatically lock behind you as you leave your home.

But what happens if you just happen to not have your smartphone or device with you, or there is no electricity? Worry not. If there is no electricity, you can change your lock with a 9V battery to unlock it.  You can also use the touchpad to enter your passcode if you don’t have your phone with you.

This is the best lock on the list because it works with your other Google Home and Nest devices. Unlike other smart locks that require various types of hubs or Wi-Fi bridges to work with Google Assistant, it has been designed for seamless integration and use.

August Smart Lock + Connect

August smart locks are one of the most popular smart locks on the market, and they have all of the bells and whistles. You will, however, need the Wi-Fi bridge to use it with Google Assistant (which is included in this bundle).

Almost everything is possible with the August app. You can lock and unlock your door, provide access to those you trust, and keep track of who enters and exits your home. Depending on when these people need to enter your home, you can allow access to them on a given date or for a specific time period.

And The Door Sense feature, on the other hand, will keep you updated on the status of your door. Has the door been locked? Has it been shut properly? You will have the answer to these questions at your fingertips, and you will not have to worry about such things anymore.

The lock can also automatically unlock and lock as you come and go.

After pairing it with Google Assistant, you’ll be able to manage the lock using voice commands. (Using your voice, you’ll be able to lock, unlock, and monitor the status of the lock.)

This smart lock is very user-friendly and easy to install. It only takes a few minutes and easily attaches to your existing deadbolt. (A keypad is sold separately and is useful if you want to make sure you have another way to get into your home.)

Schlage Encode Smart Lock

Schlage is another very popular brand of smart lock solutions.

This Schlage Encode smart lock does not require you to purchase any Wi-Fi bridges or hubs. The necessary functions and capabilities are built-in. It can be controlled using your voice when paired with a smart speaker.

You can set up up to 100 different access codes. This allows you to customize and manage who and when enters your home. The important thing about this lock is that it can be done remotely by using the Schlage Home app.

If somebody tries to tinker with the lock, it will automatically sense intruders and alarm you.

Yale Assure Lever Lock

When it comes to smart locks, most of them are intended to replace or attach directly to your deadbolt, as you’ve seen. If your door doesn’t have a deadbolt, though, you won’t be able to use any of these smart locks.

But worry not, for there are smart locks that can replace your door lever or knob. The good news is that they are more versatile while also being easier to install.

One such lock is the Yale Assure lever smart lock. This lock has a built-in keypad, so even if you do not have your phone with you, you will still be able to enter your home.

It can easily pair with Google Assistant, allowing you to control the lock with just your voice.

This lock also works with the August app, allowing you to lock, unlock, and monitor the lock’s activities from anywhere at any time. You may also control who has access to your home and when.

Overall, this is a very simple to install a smart lock that works with Google Home and fits on the vast majority of doors.

August Home Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The August Home Smart Lock Pro + Connect is a step above the standard August Smart Lock that have reviewed in this article.

It does not require any additional purchases as it comes with the Wi-Fi module.

All of the bells and whistles are included with this lock. The app allows you to keep track of who enters and leaves your home at any time of day. You’ll be able to lock and unlock the door whenever you choose, as well as give access to those you trust.

Definitely, using Google Assistant, the integration with which works great, you can easily unlock and lock it.

There’s also no need to remove your deadbolt because this smart lock attaches to it directly. The installation is as simple as it gets, and it just takes a few minutes.

When you leave your home, the lock will automatically lock. However, this is the only area that August can definitely improve, as it is not uncommon for it to automatically unlock as you approach your door from inside.


Ultraloq U-Bolt Smart Deadbolt

Ultraloq may be a relatively unknown name, but that does not mean they do not produce high-quality equipment.

So what do we have here?

Ultraloq is a smart lock that works with Google Assistant and is extremely versatile. You get all of the best features and capabilities of other smart locks for a fraction of the cost. When you don’t have access to your phone, the lock has a keypad that you can use to open your door.

Furthermore, you can type as many digits as you want, and the door will unlock as long as the right password is typed in the right succession. Even if someone is watching the numbers you type, they will have a hard time figuring out which ones are right.

The lock comes with many different features like, including the ability to automatically lock and unlock depending on your proximity to it.

You can use the app to lock and unlock it, monitor, who enters and leaves, and even unlock it by shaking your phone when you’re nearby. You may, of course, manage and set up different types of access for different people.

The signal between the smart lock and the outside world is encrypted with a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is paired with dynamic key encryption for added security.

This smart lock is super easy to install and fits most standard deadbolt designs.


This was our list of smart locks that can control using Google Home. All of these smart locks are tested thoroughly so you can assure the quality you get for your money.

Does WYZE work better with Google or Alexa?

The sensors work with Alexa, but not Google Assistant.

Alexa is compatible with Wyze Sense v2 sensors, including entry and motion sensors. In the Amazon Alexa app, create routines that run when your sensor is left open or closed.

Setting Up A Wyze Lock

You must first set up your Wyze Lock by connecting it to the gateway and pairing it with the Wyze app before you can use it with your Google Home. This part comprises step-by-step instructions for each step of the process.

Gateway Setup

The Wyze Gateway acts as a communication hub between the Lock and the Wyze app, and it must be set up after you’ve created your account but before you link the Lock with the app. This is because the Wyze Lock connects with your device over Bluetooth.

If you haven’t already done so, set up the Wyze Gateway before connecting the Lock to the Wyze app and connecting to your home wifi network. During the pairing process, if you already have an active Gateway close, you will connect to it.

Connecting to The Wyze App

To pair your Wyze Lock with the Google Home app, you must first create an account on the Wyze app. Before you begin, double-check that you’re in contact with the Lock location and that you’ve completed the Wyze Lock installation process.

To set up your Lock in the Wyze app, follow the steps provided below:

    1. Sign in to the Wyze app
    2. Turn your device’s Bluetooth on
    3. Now, Select Home
    4. Then, select the + sign in the top left corner
    5. After, Select Add Device
    6. Again, Select Home
    7. Select Wyze Lock
    8. Select the Wyze Gateway
    9. Remove the Wyze Lock battery cover
    10. Now, Press and hold the pairing button at the top of the device until the Lock beeps
    11. After the light on the smart Lock begins to flash, select Next in the app. The indicator light will stop flashing and the app will notify you when the setup is already complete.
    12. Follow the in-app instructions to finish setting up and calibrating your smart Lock.

Integrating WYZE lock With Google Home

You can now use Google Home to control Wyze Lock. Hands-free lock, unlock, and status checks on its status hands-free.

Using the Google Home PIN* created in the Wyze Lock settings, anyone speaking to a Google Home device will be able to unlock the Wyze Lock by voice.  This is a required confirmation PIN to safeguard against unintended locking or unlocking.

To set up Google Home for Smart Wyze Lock:

Create a PIN

Creating a PIN for Google Home can be done at any time through your Smart Wyze Lock settings in the app.

To create a PIN:

    1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Smart Wyze Lock.
    2. Tap the Settings
    3. Tap Third-Party IntegrationReset PIN.
    4. So, On the Google Home PIN screen, create a 4-digit PIN for Google Home authorization.
      • Your PIN will save to Google Home and will not be visible in the app after this point. You will always be able to reset your PIN (step 3) if you forget it.
Pair with Google Home

The next step to integrating your Smart Wyze Lock with Google Home is to open the Google Home app and pair your device.

    1. Open the Google Home app.
    2. Tap the “+” icon in the top left corner of the home page.
    3. Tap Set up device > New devices > Search or scroll down to Wyze Home.
    4. Sign in to your Wyze account.
    5. The “Choose device” tab will appear, and your Wyze Lock icon and name will display. Tap on your lock, and you are good to go!

If you do not see your Smart Wyze Lock under “Choose device”, try these steps/Guidelines to troubleshoot:

    1. Make sure you have set the Google Home PIN in your Wyze app under the Smart Wyze Lock settings.
    2. Delete the Google Home app.
    3. Reset your Google Home speaker.
    4. Then, Set up your Google Home app and speaker again.
    5. Repeat the steps to Pair above.

Please contact our support team if you are still having trouble setting up the Google Home integration for Wyze Lock.

Additional Note:

  • In the Wyze Lock’s settings, you must create a Google Home PIN for each Wyze Lock you own. You can use the same PIN for all of them or make each one unique.

Will Wyze Lock Work Without WIFI?

Yes, Your Smart Wyze lock will work even if your Wi-Fi stops working. However, you will not be able to use the Wyze app on your tablet or smartphone to lock and unlock it remotely.

Additionally, you would not be able to use Amazon’s Alexa or Echo to close or open the lock either.

At this point, the lock becomes more like a standard lock and not like a smart lock. You would need to use the key to unlock it. For this reason, it is best to always carry your smart home keys just in case you may need them.

The important news is that if you have a power outage, your Smart Wyze lock will continue to work since you have batteries installed. If for some reason your lock batteries die and there is a power outage on the same day the backup battery install will kick in.

The backup battery should last long enough for you to get a smart home and replace the batteries. And the lock can always enter using your normal keys!

Does The Wyze Have Batteries?

The Wyze lock does use four AA batteries. The Important news is that the battery life should last up to 6 months to one year with normal use before you need to change out your batteries!

You will even get a low battery alert about the battery life of the lock in the Wyze app. And, if the smart Wyze lock’s batteries die while you are away, you can still use your key to open it.

Can you still use a key with Wyze Lock?

Smart Wyze Lock uses your existing deadbolt making it easy to install on most single cylinder deadbolts. The Smart Wyze Lock doesn’t alter the exterior of the door meaning you can still use your existing keys to get in the smart home.

How Do You Change the Batteries On Your Smart Wyze Lock?

You can change the batteries in your WYZE lock in minutes by following this quick guide.

You will need to do the following these steps/gudelines:

    • First, you need to remove the battery cover located on the front of the Wyze lock.
    • Remove the dead batteries.
    • Replace the old batteries with new batteries and you are good to go!

As you can see from these three steps, replacing your Wyze lock’s batteries is simple. You should change the batteries as soon as you get the low battery alert through the Wyze app. Plan to install new batteries about every six months to ensure your lock is always operational.




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